“Celebrate summer, sun-drenched days, starlit nights’ – of summer bucket lists.

While summer’s still alive and kickin’, as Labor Day has now come and gone, I find myself reflecting (again!) on summer and of course, my summer bucket list. How did I do? And what were my favorite moments? Things I still wished I’d done?

Well, let’s start with where I stand vs. my summer bucket list. Of course, there’s still time to do some of these things, right?

  1. Go to an outdoor concert. Sadly, I didn’t accomplish this. I haven’t found a concert in the area that I want to go to, but hey, there’s still time, maybe, right?!
  2. Maine, Maine and more Maine. Check, check, check, check, check and check (the last one also takes the cake as my most favorite moment of the summer)!
  3. Dine ‘al fresco’ as often as possible. I definitely did a lot of this over the summer. At my old place, at M’s old place and most recently, at our new digs. There’s just nothing better than eating a meal outside. I have no idea why, but it is utterly euphoric.
  4. Go to the Cape. Fail. This didn’t happen. Almost, but did not. On my list for 2012!
  5. Run a half marathon. Check, though not as happy with the result of the race, I absolutely LOVED half marathon training during the summer months. That summer run by the beach? Yeah, that will forever be in my memory. Getting lost? Bunnies? Yep, loved that too! And I am still planning that 13.1 redo, I just may need to change the timeframe a bit. Stay tuned on that, friends.
  6. Go to the beach…at least 15 times. I actually didn’t keep track. Fail on my part. I would say I probably hit the beach at least 10 times. So I will give myself a B+ on this one 😉 (hey, it’s my blog, my award system!)
  7. Stomp grapes. Fail. Did NOT do this. HOWEVER, wine country vacation? Snuck up on me…it’s less than three weeks away! 9/21 baby! So maybe I can stomp grapes in Healdsburg? My second love affair to show M? 😉
  8. Take a walk. A+!! I did this! Quite a bit actually, and I plan to keep at it. Walks have been awesome for me, especially this one.
  9. Go blueberry picking Fail. I was thisclose to picking a few weeks ago but the farm closed early in Maine due to a bad season this year. But I plan to apple pick AND I strawberry picked. That counts, right?
  10.  Roll down a hill. Without fear of spiders, tickets or, yes, getting dirty (this one courtesy of my sis, hehe). Oh, to be 12, again. <– fail,fail,fail. I’m a wuss. Spiders scare me. But I do have a lovely golf course I am staring out at as we speak that is screaming to be rolled down. Perhaps I’ll still do it 😉

So, as far as my summer bucket list went? I think I fared pretty well.

Things that I wished I had a chance to do?

Take a full week off to go to Maine. Schedule-wise and work-wise, it just didn’t happen this year. But I spent as much time as I could in Maine and would say that I went to Maine more often this summer than previous summers, but didn’t get to stay as long. I would also say that I appreciated the time I was able to spend there, with family, M, friends, realizing that not many get this kind of home-away-from-home. I do. And I appreciate it every single time.

As the summer wore on and M and I took the plunge into finding our new digs, I started to feel in limbo. Half packed, staying at my place, and then at M’s and just in this in-between, can’t-we-be-living-together-already feeling that I felt unorganized and anxious. It put a damper on my mood sometimes, but the move was worth it. Worth every frustration and meltdown. Worth IT!

I’ve lived a full summer. And while I am feeling a little down today as the weather shifts into fall-mode (rainy and chilly vs. hot and humid all weekend…what’s up with that?!), I am going to enjoy each and every summer day that’s left and carry that enjoy-the-season feeling into fall – and yes, winter too – as much as possible. Because it’s not what’s around you that’s important, it’s how you embrace it and live it.

How did you fare on your own summer bucket lists of sorts? Was it kick-ass?

21 thoughts on ““Celebrate summer, sun-drenched days, starlit nights’ – of summer bucket lists.

  1. That’s a great bucket list and you accomplished alot! I say save the hill rolling for a snowy winter day – no bugs then.

    Also, your Maine place sounds like my lake place and it is truly a special thing to have. Oh, I am getting all misty eyed missing summer now!

  2. In a not so surprising twist of irony, on the same day you wrote your PRO-summer, sad to see it go post, I said the exact opposite on my blog. LOL, apparently we both noticed that it was cold and rainy in New England today, albeit with opposite reactions. My walk today was so much more comfortable without that oppressive heat. 🙂

    1. That’s hilarious. kind of?? I know summer isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always loved it, no matter what. If it wasn’t raining profusely, I’d agree with you on the walk! foiled mine today!

  3. I think you’re being FAR too hard on yourself and this summertime bucket list of yours – as far as I’m concerned, you did an excellent job of living the shit out of this summer, if I do say so myself 😉

  4. I feel like I’m always much harder on myself during the summer than I am any other time of year. I also put together a summertime bucket list and RARELY tick anything off. I feel like I have to cram a years worth of activities into 3 months – it’s actually kind of stressful.

    But in a way it’s nice to have a non-plan plan- carefree days that are unplanned, but just fun in their simplicity. That’s something I need to get better at!

    1. I am too! I definitely try to do it all in the summer since I feel much less inclined in the winter months 😉 Non-planned days really are the best though aren’t they?!

  5. I love what you’ve done to your blog! I usually read your posts in my reader. I’ve actually been celebrating the cooler weather – I’m happy to feel cool again. After three months of 90+ heat, I thought I was never going to be cool again. I didn’t make a bucket list … maybe next year 🙂

  6. We didn’t go to the places we wanted to go to for the summer but I think we got a B- on our summer bucket list:) Way to go on yours! I’m holding onto summer kicking and screaming even with the cool weather that has ventured in. ugh.

  7. Um…my summer list was kind of a fail, but that was because I had unplanned successes…and unanticipated failures.

    Anyone want a mostly intact sailboat? Will sell CHEAP. 😉

    And then there was the wedding that took over the last month. And there was a remodel that took longer than anticipated, blew through our driveway budget, but was so worth it.

    And my freelancing opportunities are growing!

    We’ll get there.

  8. You did manage to pack a lot in! And, I’m glad that you cut yourself a little slack. You moved in with M. That’s a HUGE thing on so many levels. There will be time for the Cape and everything else next summer. Love al fresco dining. xoxo

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