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Could it really be?

Five years, (almost) since my journey truly began?

One that was born out of divorce, that brought me to the here and now?

As I thought about what  I wanted to post today for a barre n9ne studio instagram challenge we are doing (#b9thinkspring – 7 days of photos, from favorite pre-workout snack, to spring accessory, to someone that inspires you, to something you are thankful for), there was no question about it: I give thanks for my life, this life, the one I am living each and every day, the life I have lived  as true to self as I ever have, since that day in October 2008 where my (now) ex-husband told me he wanted a divorce.

Five years. Just about five years ago?

I have no words. Just this quote, which pretty much sums it up.


Happy weekend friends…I hope you are thankful too, for wherever you are in life, for wherever it has brought you, for who you are, as a result. Be inspired.


I am proud.

I am proud…

…that I didn’t cower and revert to shyness, and faced tables of people, sitting down and talking with coworkers and folks I don’t see on a regular basis.

…that I talked to those that can be pretty intimidating ..including executives, C-level, VP, directors, and held my own. Talked the talk, walked the walk, and even talked all things barre, running and teaching 😉

…that I chose wisely at every meal. Chose fueling options, like a salmon burger loaded with veggies and salad and no empty calorie bun that probably wouldn’t have tasted good anyway, or an apple with peanut butter vs. the oatmeal and chocolate cookies set out during coffee breaks. That I chose normally.

…that I didn’t duck out of cocktail hours and after-dinner socials, even though my boss (my security blanket, let’s face it!) left early. And stood my own. Chatted, laughed, got to know coworkers more. 

…that I got some fabulous runs in, and that my knee was strong and happy, and I didn’t push it, but ran happy and admittedly  relieved.

…that while I did need to shift my focus a bit, it wasn’t *that* hard to do, or as hard as I thought it would be.

I am proud of me…again, my third sales conference for my company, and probably my most social, outgoing, and confident experience. This is me saying it proud: go me. I think I deserved that 😉

This week has been proof positive that once again, stepping out of your comfort zone really does lead to change, growth, and confidence.

And now I shall rest up a little bit more on this much-needed break, and then head into my last dinner and social hour before I pack it up and head home tomorrow. One more workout, a much needed ‘me’ meal, alone, decompressing, needed, after several days of hundreds of people everywhere (quite the switch for me, my little work from home niche I love so much!). And then a flight home with Meaghan, my ‘kindred,’ how fabulous is that?

Cheers, friends, and thank you for always supporting and always believing in me. XO!


Happy things Friday

It’s yet another FEF up in here people. Finally Effing Friday, for those that are just tuning in 😉

Good GRIEF has it been a long long LONG week of travel. Let’s see, 4 planes this week, 3 planes last week, thousands of miles in between, and I am toast. While the first leg of two weeks of travel was for pleasure, this week was just.so.tiring. So I think I deserve to revel in the fact that I am home, I am in my own home, my own routine, my own FOOD.

So here are a few things that are making me happy – beyond the fact that I am home 😉

Getting a promotion!! I had my review while I was in the office this week in California and not only did I get a pretty sizable raise, I got a promotion! I was floored. I was hoping it would be coming soon, but had no idea my boss had been working on this for months.

Feeling like a hugely valued employee. Combine the aforementioned with the nicest, most heartfelt, most complimentary email I have ever ever received from ANYONE and I am a very happy employee. My boss’ boss (who becomes interim boss for me when she is on maternity leave – again – next summer) sent me not only a Christmas card with a gift card inside, he sent me an email that said – in effect, this: Perhaps the most special thing about you and many won’t realize, is that you are making people around  you better than they were before they met you.  I can guarantee you that in their next job they will take the things you have taught them and they will look much smarter and accomplished than they are…some will give you credit, some won’t, but I will know they are improved because they worked with you.

Um, wow. Speechless. Utterly.

(with such a tough travel week, and feeling challenged by the time change and inability to choose my own meals 90% of the time, the aforementioned, plus feeling like I ate so mindfully this week and so peacefully felt like a huge accomplishment!!)

68176_10151285028751170_1225021644_nMeeting the one and only Lindsay Cotter (AND her dog AND her husband!!) While on my cross-country ‘tour’ this week (first in California, and then in Austin), I was extremely fortunate to meet Lindsay Cotter. Finally. It’s been years of following her blog, and really becoming friends – aka blends! (blog friends!), so I was thrilled to finally meet her. We walked around the lake, we talked, we met up with James and her brother in law and their cute as hell pup at the dog park, and then I got a treat by seeing the Whole Foods HEADQUARTERS store, oh em gee. I could spend all day in there. It was a perfect afternoon and capper to one long ass week. Thank you Lindsay!! SO much! (AND for the Healthy Bites treats you gave me for my flight!!)

And a weekend ahead that is almost planLESS. Yep, you read that right. An almost planLESS weekend. I. Cannot. Wait.

Happy Friday, friends, make this weekend a goodie!


Tonight, I sit here proud.

Overwhelming proud.

Of M. For PASSING his dissertation defense.

(not that I had any shadow of a doubt that he wouldn’t).

Sitting 900 miles away, I wanted to be with him so badly, to help calm his nerves, hug him, put my hand on the back of his neck and tell him how much faith I have that he would rock his defense tonight. …but I couldn’t. So I did what I could by text, phone call, and Facebook status by way of: sending love, luck and ‘knock ’em dead’ vibes to a certain someone defending their presentation today. Incredibly proud <3. For those of you that know M, he isn’t a huge Facebook’er, but I think my support there, plus everyone else who weighed in (thank you!!), it helped motivate. Even just a little bit more.

As I sat in agony in the last sessions of the day at the conference I am at, I prayed. I channeled every bit of strength, courage and support that I could. And just hoped they somehow helped.

And I sat at dinner…by myself (!), with a glass of wine, sushi and the best bowl of citrus garden vegetable soup EVER, I experienced another kind of pride. Of myself. For finally conquering the dining out alone thang from my travel bucket list. I waited. And waited. For the call.

And when M called and I heard the elation in his voice, I knew. I don’t think I have ever heard him quite this happy. He passed. He’s DONE (save for a few last tweaks to his paper). And this Saturday when he walks through that door to a room full of family, friends and coworkers, I’ll sit there beaming. For pulling off an epic surprise. For gathering a group of people that genuinely care for M and the accomplishment he’s made.

Proud. To stand by a man that means so much to me, the world, truly…a man that has just reached a milestone he tried so hard to reach (and at the same time, tried to quit and run away from, because it was scary, out of his ‘zone, and just plain HARD…but he didn’t. He DID it.). A man that deserves every bit of joy and happiness over finally capturing a goal he’s had for years. 



This? Is the face of pride, elation, excitement, accomplishment.

Today, March 10, 2012, I am officially a barre n9ne certified instructor. 

Look! Me! Certified!!

The feeling? Amazing.

Next steps? Exciting.

Where I’m meant to be? Abso-frickin-lutely.

Meant. To. Be.

Cheers, friends!!

Expect many more pictures like this...fair-warning 😉