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On life and musings in bullets.

My mind is a jumble lately, bullets are what I could muster. Not one specific thing in mind, but I miss writing. I miss sharing. So here it is, for whoever may still be out there lurking 😉

  • I have no idea where my writing mojo has gone, but it has yet again left the building. And it again makes me wonder if I want to keep blogging. I *do* but sometimes I don’t have as much to say, and that has been happening far more than it used to. I’m boring, what can I say 😉
  • I’m getting LASIK!!!! GAH!! Finally! I am a little skeered, but I know it will be SO worth it. 24 years in the making, as I was all of 10 when I got my first pair of green-rimmed, speckled, huge-a$$ glasses. And they were, h-a-w-t, HAWT. (not. clearly).
  • In juuuust about a month, M and I are heading to Sonoma!! No, we aren’t doing a huge epic wine country mecca outing per our usual this year (insert sad face. but 2015 trip, THAT shall be epic, yes?). He has a conference out there to attend and I am fortunate enough to get to tag along. And since we won’t have our bigger trip there this summer, we (somewhat) last minute decided to extend our stay and are staying three more days in Healdsburg, about 45 mins from where we are staying for the conference. It is our mecca, it is where we got married, of course, and it is where our hearts lie, in so many ways. It’ll be a much-needed time for us to get away, flit about relatively unplanned, connect, and lose that burn-out feeling that life tends to hand us, especially during the brutal winter we’ve been having up in here of late!
  • Speaking of winter, I am ridiculously thrilled that spring may be FINALLY making an appearance around here, and spring running (among many other things) can finally commence. I’ve tried to keep up outdoor runs at least once  a week (with Jess, when we can together!) so I don’t feel as though I am starting over from ‘mill running all winter, and that has been hugely helpful.
  • I’ve been obsessed with roasting a sh*ton of veggies and feasting on them all week. And with experimenting with new flavors and textures – lentils, farro, and my latest – TOFU! Such a foodgasm of late, admittedly 😉
  • I continue to work on that relaxing and letting go thing, in all areas, including mental mind games, mindfulness when it comes to eating (vs stressing over what I eat! who has time for that? it’s silliness. I remind myself constantly), and reveling in living UNplanned. I’ve found that in some cases, I need to embrace plans now, vs. trying to NOT make them. Is that ironic, or what?
  • And, last but not least, yesterday marked 6 months since Nala’s passing. It was admittedly a rough day, with many more tears than I expected, starting with a #runforNala to the tune of 6 miles for 6 months. I have dreamed of her almost nightly lately, some are sad dreams, some are happy. She’s just so freshly with me and sometimes it surprises me to the point of tears. Anyway, with that in mind, I am lamenting a memorial run for the one year anniversary. 12 miles for 12 months for Nala and 1(.1!) for Kayla (who has been amazing lately, so cuddly, so loving, so NEEDED) to the tune of my ‘own‘ 13.1, the way I’ve loved to hit this number the last couple of years. Not a racer, but I do enjoy hitting that number each year at least once, just for fun 😉 More on that later. Just rambling now.

Okay, I think that’s about it, for what’s jumbled in my brain right now. Not a pretty post, not overly thoughtful or even very humorous, but it’s what I got 😉

Confessions: a perfectly-imperfect riff.

Recently, Christine (who I adore and am so glad I just met!!) wrote a fun post called ‘confessions‘ and I loved it and thought it would make for a great post myself. So, here goes, my riff on ‘confessions’ – perfectly-imperfect.

  1. For as much as I preach on about numbers not mattering and it’s all in how you feel, I confess that sometimes they do ‘count,’ especially when you see the number (on the scale, accidentally!) and are floored by how…good it is. And how proud you feel. And how much you want to hate how proud you felt at JUST A NUMBER. But float on cloud 9 all day as a result.
  2. …but that same number can still turn me into a tailspin of ‘what if’s’ – what if it wasn’t right, what if she read it wrong, what if, what if, what if. there I go, stealing my own joy again.
  3. As often as I crave veggies galore (and kabocha, specifically), I probably crave chocolate – and wine – equally as much, if not more.
  4. For as much as I love running, I hate running. Just a titch. (but I really do love it. No, really. LOL)
  5. I can’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Or anywhere, for that matter. Yet, I *can* leave a dishwasher full of clean dishes for 24 hours and wash every dish by hand because I hate emptying the dishwasher and was waiting for M to do it 😉
  6. As much as I love social media, I kinda hate it too. Is that weird? I’m rarely on Twitter (getting back to it a little bit), but am all over instagram and snapchat, like whoa.
  7. As hard as I’m working at squashing the comparison-itis bug, I still do it. More often than I’d like to admit, but I have gotten better, much better.
  8. I think I run faster than I did last winter, outside. I have no gauge to that, however, except how I feel, since I don’t, never have, and never will, run with a Garmin (see #1. numbers!).
  9. I am a terrible bullshit artist. If I am caught on a call with a question and it was that very moment I decided to zone out into Facebook-land, thinking my ‘part’ of the call was done, bam, question for moi. I don’t try to fake a real reason, because that’s far more obvious than owning up. Yes?
  10. I have zero attention span these days when it comes to TV. Unless it is Chopped or some other Food Network show, I can’t be bothered. I’d rather just sit on the couch, next to M, and zone out to whatever he’s watching. I used to be a DvR QUEEN and watch tons of shows. Now? notsomuch. Does that make me old? or weird? or both?
  11. bonus confession – for as much as I *think* I’m doing awesome in the ‘letting go’ and giving up control thing, I seriously suck at it. I can do it for, say, a day, but then I’m back to my type A, uber particular ways. Gosh, this is a hard one to break.

So, there ya have it, my perfectly-imperfect confessions. Care to share any? 😉


12 utterly useless facts about me Friday.

This is a blatant rip-off of Ali’s post today – it made me laugh so hard, I just had to write one myself 😉 Some random and utterly useless facts about me on this fine FEF!

I seriously KEEP watching this video and laugh hysterically EVERY time. I first saw it at the gym yesterday and laughed like a fool while on the ‘mill (speed walking, mind you, not running, even though I wanted to!!), then again with M, as I showed him after the gym, then re-laughed at it IMing portions of it back and forth with Jess, and then AGAIN laughed at it with M as we were drifting off to sleep.

On that note, ever start laughing at something completely ridiculous and not even that funny, yet you find it utterly hilarious and can’t even stop laughing to explain why you are laughing? Happens to me far too often. Bonus points if it happens with my sisters, and we each know what we are laughing at by our facial gestures and guffaw and arm motions, but can’t spit the words out. Sister intuition 😉

I HATE when the sheets aren’t tucked in on the bed. Don’t even get me started if the bottom of the sheets and comforter slide off the bed in any form or fashion. I will get up at 2 am and retuck the sheets. (before M and I moved in together, his bed was always a shitshow and I literally had to make his bed before I could sleep in it. LOL)

I hate when people whistle. M whistles and it is one thing that irritates me. Yet he’s actually a really good whistler. Nice and strong. LOL. But I still hate it.

I hate when I can’t type for sh*t. Like, every third word is mispelled because I am typing too fast, or the words are typed with random spaces, lik ethis. OMG it drives me batty, yet I can’t stop myself from typing slowe rso it doesn’t happe nagain. Gah! 😉

I LOVE using QTips. It feels so good. Yes, I’m weird. And yes I know I’m not supposed to clean my ears with them. But, pray tell, what ARE you supposed to use them for, then??

I also love rubbing my eyes. But can only do that when my contacts are out, and then, game on, I can rub my eyes for a solid 5 minutes and it feels *almost* as good as using QTips.

I can’t swim. But we kinda knew this already.

I have a cleaning ritual. I clean our apartment top to bottom once a week (with mini cleanings throughout the week, of course). I ALWAYS start and end the same way. I can’t start in the middle, and I can’t skip a step, except juuuust one. Wrapping the chord around the vacuum when I am done (I know I have mentioned this before!). I abhor it. Almost always time it so M is still home and he can do it for me, or else I do it begrudgingly. Because Lord knows I couldn’t LEAVE the vacuum out all day.

I hate when my work email has a scroll bar. I file my emails as soon as I am done with whatever task is in said email. When I have a scrollbar, I have FAR too many things to do, and my goal each week is to shut down my computer with *no* scrollbar in my email. Yes, this is extremely type A.

I HATE lingering food smells. As in, the failed attempt at crab bisque M made last night that stunk up our apartment and lingered all night and this morning until aforementioned cleaning ritual commenced. Drives me absolutely bonkers. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night and smell…crab? Gag. I legit tell M not to make fish when I am not home because he never turns the fan on to ventilate if I am not home 😉 #obsessmuch

I love house hunting…and it reminds me of the game the Sims. Just me? No? LOL. But truly, I do love looking at houses and dreaming up how it would look if I lived there. And – nice segue – M and I are looking at houses this weekend! I am sooooooo excited. We truly can’t move till at least June, with our lease, but it never hurts to start a smidge early, right?! 😉

So what about you…anything random you feel like sharing? I’m looking forward to a fantastic weekend, filled with house hunting, a night out with a hot man (it’s M, just so we’re clear – LOL), Sunday Funday AND teaching my very first barre n9ne intensive (1 hr 15 mins of pure sweatastic awesomeness!!!). Happy weekend friends!!

An update and tidbits.

Today’s an update and quasi random post kind of day.

An update on the knee. 

Well, it’s not much of a surprise to me, but after my first PT appointment today, it is indeed IT band syndrome that is affecting my knee when I run.   What was a surprise is that it is BOTH IT bands that are uber tight, yet, only my right knee is bothering me. The loose plan is for me to foam roll the crap out of my IT band (on both sides) between now and Friday’s appointment. At that appointment, she will have me run for a few minute and watch my gait (side note: I am ridiculousness excited to run, even if it is just for a few minutes!) and prescribe some strengthening exercises that we will work on for the next few weeks. I cannot run for at least a week, maybe two, and then she will have me slowly ramp up running again (yay!).

I actually feel really good about this and think, per today’s She Reads Truth, it all has a point. I am meant to learn from this – already, learning – I don’t stretch enough, nor foam roll (barely) at all, and I could only stay un-injured for so long, in my opinion. I am grateful to catch it early and fix it now. Now, to make this a habit, long term. I WILL. I MUST. It also tells me I need to continue to cross-train, keep my legs strong, spin, walk, work on stronger hamstrings (suggested exercises for the ole hammies welcomed!). 

Branching out, of the food variety.

It’s no secret that I have a love affair with oatmeal for breakfast. And wraps for lunch (of the Joseph’s, Flatout, and Fiber One variety!). Love, love, LOVE them. But lately, I have started to wonder if I need to branch out a little. Try some new options and intersperse them with my standbys. I will alternate lunches and do up some loaded salads (tuna, chicken salad, hard boiled eggs etc), but I always go back to wraps. And oatmeal for breakfast? Forget it, I never change this one. Hardly ever. Maybe eggs and toast for breakfast on a weekend day. But beyond that, not much.

I started a new board on Pinterest on all things Greek yogurt, because I want to play around with alternate breakfasts, like yogurt and fruit bowls, maybe a smoothie if I can find one that is fueling yet not uber caloric either. My mind is a little all over the place here. Because I like my go-to’s. I LOVE them. But I think change is good. So I look to you, friends, for your latest and greatest finds and suggestions! Please share 🙂

Travel upcoming.

It’s that time again. More work travel abounds! A week from Sunday, I am off to California for my company’s sales kick off. It’s my third year attending, and while I hate leaving on a Sunday, I am actually looking forward to it this year…in large part because this girl is ALSO going to California for her sales kick off and it’s a town away from MINE (WHAT are the odds?!), so what did we do? Booked our return flight home from LAX together! That’s right, 6 hours of straight up FUN flying home. Probably the first time I will ever look forward to a long flight. We may have too much fun of the let’s have a drink (or 8) variety, but I think it shall be epic 😉


In April, M and I are going to Napa!! No, it’s not Healdsburg, BUT it’s a close second. He has a conference in Napa and of course I am tagging along. OF COURSE. Who wouldn’t!? So off we go in late April to Napa for a few days and then…to Southern Cali so I can go to work for a few days and finally – finally – show him around where I work, meet co-workers etc. I am REALLY excited about both parts of this trip!!

So, there ya have it, some random updates and tidbits on this Tuesday-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Wednesday post 😉

(PS bet you are surprised I didn’t write anything about barre n9ne in this post. Me too. Hehe. More on that later this week, I am thinking!) Don’t forget to share your latest foodie finds with meeeee! 🙂



5 for Friday!

Raise your hand if you are incredibly glad it is a) Friday and b) a long weekend!! *raising hand so high, like that eager 5th grader, holding it so high, you have to hold it up with the *other* arm high, because you really want everyone to know your hand is raised wicked high*


I’m gonna keep it simple and do a little 5 for Friday action. Here you be:

  • 3 ‘fit’ things I did on my trip this week: I went on 3 strong runs, outside, by myself. And save for a few side cramps (I’m always less hydrated when I travel, just by nature of less readily accessible water. Probably my number #1 peeve when I travel!), they were good, strong runs. I wasn’t up in my head, I smiled, I looked around, my mind wandered, I smelled flowers, I heard birds, I breathed fresh air, and it was honestly the best way to kick start my day (especially yesterday, before my long trek home. Nothing worse than parking my a$$ on a plane all day and being inactive before it!). I took a barre class at a local studio I discovered on one of my visits last fall. Got a mini-barre fix but admittedly cannot wait to get back to taking and teaching classes today and this weekend!
  • 2 meals I ate: Well, let’s back up. I made good choices during all of my meals this week. Yep, all of them. People ask me how I still manage to stay on track with my ‘number’ when I travel and my answer? While I can’t be sure, most of the time, what the calories are in a particular meal (unless I can find it online and I am a pro at googling, myfitnesspal’ing and web site stalking to find it!), I can draw conclusions based on said googling or ‘like’ restaurants or meals and simply make a choice that will satisfy me – high protein, lottsa veggies, and as fresh as possible. For example, at lunch with my boss, I ordered a roasted chicken salad, which came with dates (YUM!), almonds, corn, chicken, shredded cabbage, greens and goat cheese. When it arrived, I evaluated the cheese serving – and it was perfect, just a few crumbles (given that could be a huge hidden calorie bust!) and I requested dressing on the side, and with all those yummies loaded in, I didn’t even need the dressing. Had some olives and white bean hummus that my boss ordered as an app and ya know what? I was completely satisfied all the way through that barre class I took, did not even need an afternoon snack. Go figure. My most favorite meal was the Jamba Juice apple cinnamon oatmeal I scored (thanks sis for highly recommending a la Naomi!), holy CRAP, it was so good, I honestly was blown away. SO EFFING GOOD. (Oh, and I always pack a few Dove promises as a little treat before bed (just like at home!)).
  • Coolest thing that happened while I was traveling: M bought a new car! I totally CALLED it last weekend when he just happened to mentioned being interested in a possible trade in for his SUV for a Mitsubishi Lancer and I said, ‘you’re going to pick me up at the airport in a new car, aren’t you?’ And yep, I called it. Brand new black Lancer…and he looks HOT in it, let me tell you 😉 Swoon!
  • Number 1 thing I am looking forward to this weekend: The official kick-off to summer, plain and simple. The weather is going to cooperate, and I have lots of outdoor things planned, including my sister’s bash for my brother-in-law’s birthday, the BEACH and perhaps even a day trip to Maine (game day decision!), or another picnic at the park. There’s something so euphoric about summer, isn’t there?
  • Best part about coming home from this work trip: That first hug and kiss from M. And the realization that after 3 work trips in 6 weeks, I am DONE *fingers crossed* for the time being, and my next trip…only for pleasure, at the end of June. I’ll share more details soon, but it may have to do with wine 😉

CHEERS friends, I hope you have a fabulous long weekend and spend as much time as humanly possible outside! I know I will be!!