Some of my favorites

Here’s a list of some of my favorite posts and series. Enjoy!

Series: my 6-month run challenge:

Series: Stories that Define Me:

Series: Learning to Live Together (my ongoing series about learning to live with M, after moving in together in August 2011. Cue ‘the last night’)

Series: What it’s like to be a triplet:

Series: Throwbacks (throwbacks to posts from my old blog. Some of my favorites, particularly for sharing parts of my story that some weren’t aware of from only reading this blog!)


There are so many posts I love, but I’ll leave it at this, and keep updating as I go. I write a lot about running and my training leading up to my second half marathon, so those posts are also goodies and some of my favorites are recapping some of my summer training runs with M. Too many to list, but search here for those!

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