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On reminiscing, milestones, and gratitude.

As we head into Thanksgiving, I love reading friends’ blogs, Facebook, and instagram posts about giving thanks, and gratitude and pending excitement over the kick off to the holiday season, but I tend not to write posts during this time of year about what I am thankful for…partially in line with a post Lindsay wrote once, about being thankful daily, not just once a year (so true!).

But as I looked through some past posts I  had written about the holidays, I realized something. Thanksgiving has been a hugely symbolic part of my journey, starting five years ago, to today.

Five years ago was my first Thanksgiving alone. It was a very raw and emotional time as my separation was just weeks prior, and as hard as it was, having my sister Jen by my side that day made all the difference in the world, and was probably one of the most selfless things she could have done for me that day, and to this day, those memories sit in my heart warmly and is a time I will never forget.

Four years ago was my first Thanksgiving (and set of holidays) that I truly and 100% looked forward to. I adored being able to take these holidays as MINE and to go whereever I wanted, spend time with family that cared about me, and not have to split my time with an in-law side that, well, didn’t like me. They lived two states away, which meant entirely splitting up holidays every other year, and not being able to see my family on Thanksgiving or Christmas, every year. So, to have a blank slate and be able to spend the holidays my way felt like a rare treat.

Three years ago, I was welcomed into M’s family, for the first time. I spent Thanksgiving evening with his family, meeting many of them for the first time. And it was then that I realized my relationship with M was special. If only I know where we’d be three years later…

Two years ago, we spent Thanksgiving together, with my family and M’s family, for the first time. We were living together, and it was our first year to celebrate the holidays in our own place, starting new traditions, and sharing in every moment together.

This year? Wow. We own our first house together. We are married (! I still love saying that, and calling him my husband, and can’t believe it’s only been 5 months!). And we will host our families together, for the very first time. I plan to soak in every minute, amid the chaos and hustle and bustle of hosting a big crowd for Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t be more thankful or more happy at where my life – our lives – are now. As our story continues.

Cheers, and to those that celebrate, happy Thanksgiving!

Where our story continues…celebrating ‘at home’

Wow, I really don’t mean for my posts lately to be so far apart 😉

But, this delay came with good reason. I wanted to share the next in my little mini-series on celebrating our marriage and our new home, with family and friends, this past weekend.

You see, several months back, I sent out a ‘save the date’ housewarming invitation via Facebook to our closest friends and family to make sure the people I cared about most could come and celebrate with us for our wedding reception thinly veiled as a housewarming party. While yes, it was indeed a party for both, we truly envisioned this day being the day we would celebrate with those that were not with us in wine country on our wedding day, and share in the joy of the next stage of our story.

And this weekend, that very celebration commenced. While not all of those I hold dear to me were able to make it (life happens…), we had such an amazing turnout of family, friends, coworkers and barre n9ne ‘family’ – it was just incredible. From family all uniting together, and even my aunt from Minnesota flew in to celebrate with us (meant the WORLD to me), spending the afternoon talking and laughing and showing everyone around the house, to playing with my niece as she ran like the wind through the yard, playing, and ‘showing off’ as she carefully walked across our stone fence holding auntie’s hand ever so slightly as she went, to the feeling of pride spread across our faces as we showed our family our home, some of which were seeing it for the very first time.

On to wave two of the party, the friend ‘part’ and we had that moment of….crickets…are as many people going to come as said they would?! As we looked around at the 18 bottles of wine, countless cases of beer, mounds of appetizers, catered BBQ and two ginormous cakes. And then suddenly, in a wave, a flurry of people came, and celebrated, and it was just the most fun and blur of an evening all wrapped into one (now I totally get how a) people say their wedding reception was a blur…this in itself was a blur and I felt like I barely saw M all night and b) how tiring throwing big parties really is!!).

As we wrapped up the evening after about 10 hours of nonstop activity, we opened some of the gifts our families and friends brought us and were just blown away by the thoughtfulness. From the stone my sister Jen gave us with our last name engraved on it for the yard to the wine box holder to store wine for our first, third and fifth wedding anniversaries (with a special bottle tucked away in the fifth ‘holder’) from Jess, to the carefully selected bottles of wine, to personalized wall plaques and pictures, we just felt so happy, loved and honored.

Collapsing into bed, I don’t think I have ever smiled more. In the home we have now ‘christened’ with family and friends, in our first big party, everything just felt more right than it has ever been. Our story…where it continues, feels complete. In every way. ❤



“Believe in yourself and all that you are…Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

…even when you have doubts.
…even during moments of self image weakness.
….even when it scares you.
believe in yourself. always.

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others…let others get inspired by how you handle your imperfections

…perfection isn’t realistic.
…perfection isn’t happy.
…inspiration comes from happiness, overcoming, and perseverance.
…quietly inspire someone today, or BE inspired today.

“If it scares you..it might be a good thing to try.”

…unseat comfort zones (this means me, too!).
…stick your neck out, you’ll never be dissapointed that you did.
…do LIFE differently.

“You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to BE around.”

…CHOOSE your friends.
…step away from those don’t meet you halfway.
…draw a line in the sand, because there’s no sense spreading yourself so thin you don’t enjoy living.

“Someone is thankful for less than YOU have”

…hi, humbleness.
…house? it’ll come.
…able bodied? check.
…imperfections? We all have ’em.
…live blessed, happy, gracious lives.

“I have no time for your negative bullshit.”

…no words needed. universal.truth.

Just some thoughts swirling today…these happen to be my universal truths walking around as affirmations I need to hear more often than I sometimes want to admit. But at the core of it? This life is meant to be a challenge, so choose it, it is meant to be lived, so shrug off the negativity, it is meant to be learned from, so stare straight at it and grasp what it’s telling you. 

Cheers friends!


Sometimes, you prioritize.

Sometimes, you prioritize.

…when you sleep in slightly before teaching (nursing a sick M back to health with extra cuddles? sign me up) rather than squeezing in some much-missed running. Because, sometimes you priorize, and a sick love is more important than an extra 30 mins of cardio any day.

…when you schedule a barre ‘fitdate’ (with this girl!), sign up to (finally) take a class ‘as homework,’ or simply need a ‘me’ hour at the barre and *again* nix running, you prioritize. Because sometimes you remind yourself – again – that quality trumps quantity and one rushed run won’t be any better (or any good at all!) than one, strong ‘comeback’ run another day instead.

I am continually a student in this quest for balance between my own workouts, the workouts I teach at the studio, and making sure I create the right mix for myself that is smarter, not harder and not doing something ‘just’ to do it, or because I planned to do it. I vow to prioritize, learn to embrace flexibility and that one less run, workout, etc, won’t be a dealbreaker. Prioritize. 


…when you choose to answer that phone call from your sister even if your hands are in the middle of making dinner, because if it’s a call, it’s usually important. To then be greeted by a FaceTime chat with the most beautiful niece in the world? The right priority, at the right time. Especially when you say ‘I love you!’ and she says’ wuv ooo!’ and you melt into a trillion pieces. ❤

…when you choose to clear the decks of and all weekday plans (even if that means also midweek date night in) for sister dinner, because sisters sometimes trump *even* that midweek bit of ‘us’ time I love so much, because my sisters are my soul, and sometimes the need to be together is even stronger, and right now is one of those times. Sisters unite. Forever. ❤

…when you (sadly) realize how much less you prioritized sisterhood for a good portion of 2012, and never want to feel that regret again.

It’s hard to admit when you don’t prioritize something you actually really do feel is one of the most important things *to* prioritize. But I did for a bit. Life got so busy and something had to give, and it ended up being sisters, and well, the wrong thing to ‘let’ give. Not going to happen again. I promise, sisters.


I never realized how rigid I can actually be sometimes when it comes to my schedule and my routine. I thought I had squashed the rigidity when it comes to my routine (I have, to an extent) but in letting that go a little bit and taking a step back to prioritize, it’s already feeling like a wonderful, empowering, and happy change. In my quest to BE this year, which also includes being balanced, prioritizing has, and will continue to be, a huge way for me to BE the best I can be, for myself, my sisters my (future) husband, and all of those around me, from friends, to clients, to co-workers.

Because sometimes, you prioritize. And it’s always, ALWAYS worth it.


To 2013: the year of BE.


The year of BE.

When Lindsay first told me she thought my year would revolve around ‘BE,’ I didn’t quite ‘get’ how that could apply to this new year we face. But as I have thought more about it, it is so clear. It is the year of BE.

In 2013…I vow to:

BE still. 

I’ve embarked on a mission to do less, live more. Balance. Prioritize. Say no. Dont overplan. But the one piece missing is the ability to BE still. Just be. Don’t DO anything. Don’t HURRY through life. As I read this passage from Proverbes 31, I realized THIS is what I want: Eliminating hurry from my life took years of hard work. I had to choose to walk and talk slower. I had to eliminate responsibilities from my life, and plan ahead. Most importantly, I had to deal with the hidden issues that motivated me to hurry.

2013: the year I learn how to BE still.

BElieve in myself.

I need to keep this on my list as something I focus on in 2013, because I have clearly slid back here and there in being my own friend, and trusting my abilities, valuing my body and its strength, and seeing past what I may nitpick as my downfalls. This also goes for running. I vow this year will be the year I push past my comfort zone and fear of failure, fear of bad runs, and love/hate relationship with running that plagues me. I am hoping this girl can help me, but that ultimately, I can get out of my head and officially LOVE running through and through.

2013: the year I BElieve in myself.

BEcome a wife (and BE a good one!).

In 2013, M and I will marry, continuing our story, for the rest of our lives. I couldn’t feel more content, happy, and confident that this time…this time is far different. This time, I marry with intent, I love with intent and push complacency away, because truthfully, if I have learned anything, it’s that complacency is truly what unravels a marriage: There is a delicate nature to marriage. It’s so easy to forget that. It’s so easy to take it all for granted and stop being careful. Stop being mindful. Stop being protective.,

2013: I vow to M, to be a present, mindful, loving, intentful wife. As we blend our lives together, forever. 


I could take this notion of ‘be’ in so many directions, and the above sentiments are such universal truths in a sense. If you were to take this notion of ‘be’ – what would you vow to do in 2013? Really think about it….there are limitless possibilities.

I intentionally didn’t include any fitness or work goals in here, because I think those will come in time and naturally. I don’t need a fixed goal as my motivation…the above ‘goals’ are really what i feel what will keep me in check, motivated, and ultimately, a better friend, daughter, sister, aunt and (almost) wife. 


Cheers…to 2013 and the year of BE!