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On being unplanned (aka best. weekend. ever.).

I’ve been trying SO hard to plan less on weekends, particularly less OVERplanning on weekends and leaving things more loose.

This is hard for me, because I love summer, and love to make plans, to enjoy the outdoors, cookouts, beach, pool, lake, you name it, I wanna do it.

But this weekend, I did my best to NOT plan much else except one thing: Restaurant Week in Boston and a night at the Liberty Hotel (also? I love scoring hot deals at hotels like this one!!). And what unfolded was just the most incredible, perfect weekend. One that made me realize that I really need to stick to this rule of thumb: Simplify. Plan one thing, leave the rest open.

What unfolded? I’m gonna keep it simple and share my unplanned weekend in pictures.

Pre-dinner drinks at the Liberty with my sherpa ❤
Ready for our night out, one that would turn epic, quite quickly 😉
Theme of the night? “That third bottle of champagne…was it *really* necessary?”
Sisters having *far* too much fun enjoying aforementioned champagne, and a late night, 12:30 am! #whoarewe
Fast forward to Saturday, waking up with oh, a titch of a hangover (that lasted me almost all day, damn!), and finally working up the nerve to have a glass of wine (#hairofthedog!) after an afternoon shopping on Newbury, just flitting around, no schedule. The best!
Impromptu trip to the beach, you say? Sure, why not! Nothing else planned! And a perfect top 10 beach day, and only my second (!) trip to the beach this year. Perfection.
…capped with a surprise run-in with my sister Jen, my mom (Isabel’s ‘mimi!’ She is absolutely in LOVE with my mom these days, love!) at the beach, playing, watching her ‘clean’ up the beach of seaweed (she loves to clean, just like her aunties!)

The weekend concluded with dinner with M’s parents, last minute, again, unplanned. We finished the night on the couch, tv in the background, just being. Utterly perfect. And completely unplanned, save for Friday night, with the rest falling into place as the weekend went on. And ya know what? It felt like the longest weekend in awhile…funny how that happens, isn’t it? I’ll close with M’s response to my saying just that, on Sunday morning (over oatmeal on the patio! yummy!).

“Happiness makes time slow down”


A twist on the summer bucket list.

On the very first day of summer, I thought it would be fitting to think about the good ‘ole summer bucket list. I tend to do these every year but this time, I thought I’d do a twist on my summer bucket list (from last year; and here is the ‘how I did’ post) with my fun date bucket list and see where I stand on both, for the summer already (since summer, to me, officially started back in May hehe).

Drawing from my date bucket list and ideas for my summer bucket list, here’s what I’m thinkin’

  1. Make every weekend (and some weeknights too!) Sunday Funday: Summer means longer days and longer nights, open windows, and energy, energy, energy. Rather than relegate Sunday Funday to ‘just’ one day, or to the weekend, I have been digging making it a weekly occurrence. At least once a week, I vow to make dinner a little extra special, a glass of wine or sparkling water in a wine glass, the patio, and some tunes. Nothing better.
  2. Spend a weekend on the Cape. Another item that was on my summer bucket list last year, but we never went. We are eyeing late July…hopefully we can make it happen this year!! or bust!
  3. Run with *just* a sports bra and shorts on. This one scares me. I know my sis has this on her list too…because we vowed to do this together! And I cannot wait. As scary as it feels, I think it will feel freeing and triumphant! (I also think a run through a sprinkler is warranted…#justsayin)
  4. Read more books. I have several that I am wanting to finish and/or read, but have been reading magazines that are piling up, instead. But there is nothing better than a book by the lake/pool/beach.
  5. Build a sandcastle. At the beach, I always painstakingly avoid getting sandy. So type A and silly. Let’s get sandy, yo!
  6. Watch fireworks. For some reason, I always say I’ll go watch fireworks for the Fourth of July, but never do. But then wish I did. So I must do this, this year!
  7. Take every opportunity possible to go to the beach, lake, or pool. Enough said.
  8. Go to a strip club. Yep, I’m serious. <–This is from my date night list. Done. Yep. Already did this one this summer! (but may need a redo…ahem, sis)
  9. Go to a Red Sox game this summer. This MUST happen. There is nothing more SUMMER than going to a game.
  10. barre n9ne for one…on the dock in Maine. Just me, the lake glistening, and silence. Perfection.
  11. Fly a kite. M looked at me funny when I suggested this. But I think it would be fun. <–this is from my date bucket list – it would TOTALLY be fun to do while picnic-ing, no??
  12. Go on a picnic! Wine, cheese, fruit. Yes, please.  <–Also from my date bucket list – did this one too! but want to do this one as much as possible this summer!
  13. Go to the zoo! Seriously, the zoo in the summer? How fun?
  14. Pick berries. Any and all. Strawberries, blueberries, and (not a berry…) apples!
  15. Catch a concert on the Esplanade. And hopefully on a boat 😉
  16. Find a field, lay in the grass and watch the stars. *bliss*

I could probably go on for hours with ideas, but I’ll leave it at this list. There is just nothing better than summer, I am convinced. And in part because summer is so short here in New England, comparatively, that while I am trying to simplify, it’s hard not to want to cram as much as possible into every waking moment!

Cheers to summer…and a whole lot of sundrenched days and starlit nights ❤

(almost) wordless (almost) Wednesday: Maine blogger summit, in pics!

Okay, so I KEEP thinking it is Wednesday, and it is not. So, I thought I’d do an (almost) wordless Wednesday post with some pics from this weekend’s epic Maine blogger summit for ya’ll <–throwback to T and GJ’s accents (wink)

Bond. James Bond. Night one begins…somehow lots and LOTS of wine (etc) was consumed on night one!
See? Night one. Wine. Lots and lots. 😉
The Canadians (eh?) brought some delish selections from the North Country. Promptly consumed!
I legit have AT LEAST 5 of these from CBG on my camera…what you get when you ask him to take a pic 😉
Noon too early for a drink on the dock? Um, no. Cheers!
LOVE this picture…some happy campers, fo sho 😉
Taking T on a jetski ride! I was thrilled with how perfect the weather turned out!
Lobster rolls! We got these twice because they were that.damn.good.
What happens when adults play Twister. My face is PRICELESS. My face and abs hurt from laughing so damn hard all weekend!
M as the ‘little man’ at the table, sitting on a lower stool than the rest of us ‘looking up’ at me. Hysterical.

There you have it, folks, just a taste of the pictures from the weekend. There were just SO MANY (and some videos I have yet to see…that may not be suitable for this here blog…!) and we had so much fun. One of those weekends where you almost need a weekend to recover from the weekend. Utterly impossible to put into words, but as wordlessly as possible (not quite so wordless, eh?), I wanted to share some pictures that captured at least parts of it 🙂

Friday Fun: This is how our (sisterly!) minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition

See? awesome #rundate pic! I'm on the right, FYI (lol)

A few weeks ago, during a fabulous sisterly run, we gabbed about the ‘rules’ we tend to create for each other and about each other…and some of them are pretty funny, I must say. So, we thought we’d throw them into a blog post that we are both posting today (see hers here) for a little Friday Fun. Please note, most of these are completely ridiculous and as opposite of serious as possible. Enjoy and happy weekend!!

This is how our minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition:

A ‘triple’ is only allowed on the first Monday of every month (just kidding…kinda)…and only if the other one is also doing a triple. Otherwise, it is completely fair to bitch the other one out for doing a triple. (caveat – if we ever DO complete a triple workout, we promise, we’re fully fueled before/after, the workouts are spaced out, and we don’t make a habit of it, we promise. We’re not here to advocate over-exercising!)

Rest days must be ‘complete’ rest days and must be taken in the same week. None of this ‘I’ll use Sunday as my rest day’ when the other knows that her last rest day was the PREVIOUS Tuesday (in other words, more than a full week between rest days? No bueno.)

There is no such thing as ‘only‘ running XX number of miles for an allotted run. A run is a run, plain and simple. Could be 3 miles, could be 12. It all ‘counts.’ It all matters. It all rocks.

It’s completely normal to discuss the week ahead’s workouts and how you can strategically plan run, barre, sister dinner dates into the mix.  <—OATT alert!! At least one of the three must happen each week. (and every other ‘date’ should include sushi. Or oatmeal. It’s a rule).

Throwback ‘rule’ – you can only trade three skittles (at minimum and none of this only yellow and green, there must be at least one ‘money color’, i.e. pink, purple, or one red. MUST.) forone starburst (again, said starburst must be a ‘money color’ or else the 3 skittle-minimum no longer applies. You can give her none in return as far as I’m concerned. In fairness, of course, to the flavor law.)

(does anyone else now suddenly have a random craving to go buy a pack of starburst now? yeah…er…me neither.)

There is absolutely no truth to the phrase: I’m not in the mood for wine tonight (if sister says this, there is something seriously wrong….or she’s pregnant. Justkidding.Justkidding.Justkidding.)

A couple of chocolate chips is totally an acceptable yogurt topping. ‘nuf said.

There is always a way to fit in ‘Jess and Scott’ pizza and two glasses of wine and still be within ‘your number’ (i.e. food log ‘number’) and not starve yourself all day. It’s been done. And it was worth every last cheesy filled calorie.  TRUTH.

If you’re gonna eat a cookie, eat the damn cookie. A real one. Homebaked. With real sugar. Real butter. Real chocolate chips. No going halfway and stopping. Commit to the cookie. And enjoy it, dammit.

You can work peanut butter into any recipe. Savory. Sweet. Doesn’t matter. It ALWAYS WORKS.

And finally, you are fully within your rights to block your sister’s Facebook and Twitter updates while traveling to avoid oatmeal envy. It’s sheer torture otherwise. Trust me (us) on this one.

(do you have any sibling ‘rules’ or random rules for yourself that when you write them down, are just funny and borderline ridiculous!? do share!!)


For some reason, it’s been a wicked long week (and I’m not even the one traveling this week!) filled with some anxiety, hecticness and overall grumpiness. So I am crawling towards today. Feeling burnt. Feeling drained.

Work has been insanely busy for the past few weeks, and I had a lot of meetings to drive to all over the state. Then we got a shitton of snow (shitton for March, that is!!), which made that even more hectic. I’ve been living, breathing, drinking all things barre n9ne training, training, song downloading, and trying to push away the anxiety and focus instead on the excitement that my first class is on Tuesday! And I’ve just felt like I’ve been running around and overscheduled and just generally anxious about it all. Leading to grumpiness. So anyway.

Soooo I am clearly thrilled that the week is (almost) over and it could always, ALWAYS be worse.  (most of what I am talking about here is all goodness, of course, but how I cope with stress is getting anxious and grumpy…poor M. Boyfriend of the year. Nothing ruffles the man, I swear!).

So I thought I’d end the week with a fun little post of how I’m winning today (but most of these…I’m really not. You’ll see. And laugh.)

Winning this week:

Sushi date with the fabulous Meaghan. Love this girl, swear we just ‘get’ each other. ❤

Three solid runs for the run challenge so far this week, one more tomorrow (even if today’s was a wee bit ‘off’ – refer to the below ‘not’ winning!).

Getting my haircut. Something about a little pampering always makes me happy.

Thisclose to booking a few days in December to Bahamas as M has a conference to go to. Free room, just pay flight? *twist my arm*

Making this super delish crockpot recipe last night (by googling the random stuff left in my fridge!).

Scoring a giveaway in the mail today from the beautiful Heather – tons of great freebies that I confess not to know how to use…tips??

Lots and lots of oatmeal. Duh. That’s just a given. ❤

Winning (NOT!) this week (and today, in particular!): 

Snow. Enough said.

Accidentally farting in my sleep. Yes, this is TMI…however. We all know how much I rail against ever letting bodily functions go in front of M. EVER. *mortified*

…followed closely by, clogging the toilet. Again (a couple weeks ago I did it, didn’t realize it, and M found it. *shudder*). Another TMI.

Wearing my running crops backwards for my run today. Um, awkwardness. And so uncomfortable.

how I felt with those pants on backwards - the second picture ;-P

(and yes, ladies and gents, all three of these happened just today! Winning on Friday…for sure.)

Snow. That deserves being said again. I mean really. It’s frickin March now peoples.


I am almost speechless how glad I am that Friday is here. I’m thinking this may be the common consensus this week, folks.

So tell me…what is making this a WINNING Friday for you? Or a WINNING (not!) Friday for you?? Hope you got a giggle…and enjoy your weekends, friends! Cheers!