Of getting lost, 3 bunnies and 1 turtle.

Let’s first cut to brass tacks shall we? <–incidentally, what does this phrase really mean? and where did it come from?

10 miles!!!

M and I ran 10 miles today in preparation for the half marathon that my sister aptly pointed out, is 16 days away.

And I feel more ready than ever for 13.1 come August 14. I can’t believe I am even saying that, considering just a couple of weeks ago, I was questioning whether I could do it at all, given panic attacks and such. But I have made such progress since then, I am blown away. 8 miles last week, 9 on Monday and now 10 today? I’m honestly floored.

Guess in a way, it is mind over matter, and the panic attacks were self-inflicted and hindering my performance. Because today’s run? Well, it felt like it should. Difficult, but manageable.

So, back to the run (and to the title of this post!).

We set out around 5:15 am, the sun was still coming up, the air was crisp and dry.

First bunny within minutes of starting. M saw him, called out ‘BUNNY!” and my head whipped around to see the cutie pie (why I love them so much, I don’t know. Maybe they just remind me of my cats? Furry and cute?)

We soldier on, me a little giddy from seeing said bunny. Got my bunny quota for the day, or so I thought! I made a new route that would take us on a longer loop before continuing on parts of other routes we’ve done near my house. In part to switch it up, and in part to extend the mileage.

Probably not the best idea to start a new route without being completely sure where we were going. Ah, that hindsight…

We bang a left where we usually go right and turn down this beautiful road. Not a car in sight. Gorgeous houses, sprawling lawns, sprinklers galore (I was so tempted to grab a drink from one but felt it might be too early in the run to do that. No idea why, what rule is that?!).


This time I saw him, right next to me on the grass. He sort of blended in and stood quite still but I saw him and I wanted to run over and pat him or squeeze him.

But I refrained.

We soldiered on. And on. And on. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘hmm, was it that right?…or that one?…or that one?” And we end up at the end of the road and we can either go left or right. I figure going right will get us where we want to be. We continue on. And on. And on. I have no freaking idea where we are and have never seen this part of my town before. But we continue until we get to a main road and I’m again faced with…right? or left? We go left. On, and on, and on.

“Look at that…a turtle!”

M randomly spotted a turtle in a swampy area by the road. I have no idea how he even saw that, it blended right in. I haven’t seen a turtle in years. Completely random, but there he was, in plain sight. We continue on, though, still no idea where we are. Then we see a sign…in the other direction, a welcome to [town]. Hmm. So now we are leaving my town and going to the next?? More north?

This is where we turn. And have a Powerade blox. I ask M to look at the mileage but not to tell me what it is. Part of not being sure where we are means I don’t have a good sense of how far we’ve gone. Good, but also bad, because it’s harder for me to pace myself appropriately.

We turn back and end up finding our route, back towards my house. My legs are tired, but I realize that my breathing has been absolutely fine the entire time and moving along doesn’t feel as much like lead as in some of my tougher runs before. I am pleasantly surprised. But as we near the turn back towards my house, M checks the mileage.


Just under 8 miles?! That’s it??

In my mind, I was *so* ready to glide along home and high-five at 10 miles done. But alas, I underestimated. By a long shot. I feel a bit shaken because I honestly don’t know if my legs will keep moving. We walk it off for a few minutes and M encourages me that we can do this, we are almost there. Just one more loop.


I see my third bunny and that gives me a little boost. I am feeling very thirsty, tired and drained.

M pushes me to keep going. We’re nearing the end and finally – FINALLY – make it.

In under two hours, no less! My run tracker indicated slightly under 10, but M’s indicated slightly over 10, so I figure, call it even. 10.

We did it.

Getting lost. 3 bunnies. 1 turtle.

Ass slap!


Happy weekend friends. I’m off to Maine for a girls weekend (boys will be there, but a few of my favorites are coming up for the first time – some of them – and it will be nothing short of epic!!). Cheers!



32 thoughts on “Of getting lost, 3 bunnies and 1 turtle.

  1. I am so proud of you sis – not just that you conquered 10, but the vast difference in your mood when it comes to running now vs. just a couple of weeks ago. It’s amazing. You are a runner, and always have been, but this testing period has totally proven that you are an amazing runner at that. No more panic attacks, no more freak-outs – because you KNOW you can do it now and that’s the key. Letting your body do the work that your mind is trying to tell you is not possible. So proud.

    1. Thank you sis. I gotta admit, writing this post, I felt like YOU, because these posts are similar to some of your happy running posts. It felt good to actually have enjoyed it for once!

  2. GREAT RUN! Getting out at 5 am is no easy task! You’re so lucky you get to see bunnies and turtles. I get to pray that I don’t run into skunks and racoons…trade? 🙂

    Have fun in Maine (I’m still jealous.)!

    1. Thank you! Yes, 5 am is tough, but in the summer, doable (though M looked really tired to start!!). Was embracing the nature this morning for sure 🙂

    1. No, you are right, now that I lift my head up and look around, I see stuff I never would before! And thank you for being proud, means a lot 🙂

  3. I think I’d fall over and die running 10 miles.

    ROCK the EFF on, girlfriend! I’m so proud of you! Woohoo! And let’s hope for lots of bunnies along the half marathon route! 😉

  4. Ass slap, friend!!! Haha! You and Jess, man…you’re my heroes!!! I’m so proud of you ladies, and I wish I could just come up there, hug you girls, and then thank those men of yours for being there to keep ya going. 🙂 Keep rockin’ chick! You’ll kick that half’s booty!!

  5. The only wildlife I ever see on my runs are stray cats and people out walking their dogs….so you’re lucky. 😉 And GOOD ON YOU for hitting the 10 mile mark. That’s no small feat! 😀 WooHoo!

  6. Congrats on 10 miles and pushing through after getting home thinking you had finished but still needing 2 more. I know I would have been SOOOOOO tempted to call it good and stop. You’re awesome for staying committed. You are going to rock this half! Can’t believe its already almost here.

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