The 13.1 ‘Do-Over’…virtual #rundate style!

So what have I had up my sleeve? Well, an idea, of course!

I’m calling it the 13.1 ‘Do-Over’ with a twist…a virtual #rundate twist!

You see, I feel ripped off by my performance in the half marathon on Sunday and I want a do-over. I want to run all 13.1 miles again, but on my own terms, my own turf, and my own time. And as part of that, I want YOU to join me!

That’s the #rundate part, if you weren’t following along πŸ˜‰

You see, there are quite a few of the runner type that read my blog or follow along on Twitter and I’m all for what I like to call ‘virtual #rundates’ where we agree on a day/time and say what our planned mileage is. Then, we report back later with our run, how it went, if we saw bunnies (okay, just some of us count bunnies!) and other fun stats.

So, I challenge you…to join me on my 13.1 ‘do-over’ virtual #rundate style! Who’s with me??

I am thinking about doing this on Labor Day weekend. I have not decided which day yet, but I know M, my sister and Scott and maybe Steph (?!) who all ran the half marathon will join me and we’ll trot along 13.1 all over again. Together. And this time, I hope to cross the finish line together with my sister, or at least close(r) than before. Running proud, strong and happy.

No time, no ‘race mentality,’ nothing but the 13.1 miles of scenery.

I would LOVE for you to join me on this do-over and will update you when I pick the date (and you can always pick a different date that weekend and report back!), but I want to stress that you do NOT have to run 13.1 miles to join my do-over. You can run 1, 4, 7, ,12, or 26.2 miles if you want.Β  Just join me. It’ll be fun. We’ll hashtag it, spread the word, and the #13.1rundate will be born.

Just run.

40 thoughts on “The 13.1 ‘Do-Over’…virtual #rundate style!

  1. I’m in! I’ll be away on vacation but I just threw my running shoes in my suitcase so I’m all set! Does this do-over mean you’re running the race course, the full 13.1???

  2. YES! I will do this with you. Not Labor Day weekend, but the weekend after – I’m doing my half on 9/11. How fun!!!

  3. this is a brilliant idea!! I’d love to join you! I can’t run much these days (more on that story later) but I will happily aqua jog with you! Deal?! This saturday i’m devoting my aqua jogging to you. hehe.

  4. I’ll play! I have no idea what our distance is that weekend, but regardless, just keep me posted on the date it’ll happen!
    Yay, do over (aka mulligan)!

  5. You’d have to let me know when labor (by which I presume you mean labour – bloody Americanisms) day is first!

    1. You don’t have to ‘be a runner!’ You can walk, or do yoga or do whatever makes your heart happy. Just tweet about it πŸ™‚

  6. Hands down, absolutely 100% WITH YOU that weekend! You pick the day, I’m there for you. Obviously I won’t be doing the 13.1, because I’m not there yet, but I will run at least a 5K!

    And I’m SO proud of you for taking this on…on your own terms. That’s how it should be, always.

    1. Yay! how fun πŸ™‚ I am glad you will join as well, I think it will be so fun. And I agree, doing this on my own terms will feel a bit vindicating.

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