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A day of silver linings.

Yesterday was full of silver linings and I would be remiss if I did not share them…in an effort to steer away from stealing my own joy, here is my attempt at capturing that joy *back* and seeing the big things disguised in the little things.

Silver linings…

…when you last minute have to go to NYC for all of oh, 12 hours, airport-to-airport, and a chance meeting with a ‘blend’ comes to fruition.

getting a chance to FINALLY meet Christine yesterday was amazing. I was so touched that she pretty much MADE our meeting happen, on short notice, and battling through quite the cold day to see me at the hotel I was at in midtown NYC.  In talking about life, her yoga training (yay!), barre n9ne, the holidays, work, and everything in between, it was just what I needed to get through a trying trip.

…when all else fails at getting you to get past the fact that this trip on principle was the stupidest idea ever, you actually have a better than expected trip to NYC.

and an EARLIER flight! That never happens! I was able to finagle my way on to a flight FOUR hours before my intended flight, getting me home basically at the time my other flight would have taken off.

…as much as you don’t want to admit that going on this trip might be a saving grace in the employment department, in a time where the future is uncertain, putting the effort in was – begrudgingly – worth it.

This meeting with the CEO was important, I just didn’t want to go, on sheer principle that it was for less than an HOUR. But it went well, it gave me a chance to talk to him more 1:1 and there are far worse – and farther – places I could have been sent. A 45 min flight is not the end of the world.

…and finally, when you get home, and there is a smiling face greeting you at the door, as M came home early that day, unexpectedly, dinner made, errands run (for me!).

It was all I needed and all I wanted after saying goodbye to him that morning at 5:30 am. That, and my head hitting the pillow at 8:45 pm. Yup, I went to bed *that* early and felt like a million bucks this morning, giddily off to teach my 6 am class that I so badly missed the morning prior 😉


Sometimes, an exercise in silver linings is all it takes to turn a situation around, turn a negative into a positive, and bottom line, shake the negative out of your brain and realize that really, life is not so bad, now is it? One long a$$ day to NYC will be long forgotten by the weekend, and in the name of experience and life opportunities, it was worth doing. And let’s be honest, I have a job, that is a huge silver lining in itself, now isn’t it? I am feeling sheepishly grateful today, and glad to put my negativity over yesterday behind me.

Your turn…think about a situation recently and how you turned it around, I bet you’ll find some silver linings that made it all worthwhile.


Show up to life, and then stay there.

As I continue finding my way, learning my definition of balance, priorities and imperfection, I am continually amazed at some of the words I’ve been reading by the creator of the “Slow Down Challenge,’ Jeff Goins, so much so, that I am definitely in need of reading his book, “The In-Between,” because just the snippets I am seeing so far have blown me away.  My beautiful blend Lindsay sent me this read today and it hit every single thing I have been working on, struggling with and in some cases, railing against.

I am sharing snippets here, with my thoughts in bold. And? Watch the video at the end, it’ll blow you away.

Only recently, I have learned how pointless the pursuit of perfection is. All these seemingly ordinary moments, the less-than-remarkable times and things, are all we have. How do embrace where we are, no matter where that is?

We must let go. There is great freedom in acknowledging we can’t control every detail. Because a mess-less life is no life at all.

A mess-less life is no life at all. Wow. And all these years, I’ve focused on perspective, and embracing what life has thrown at me, embracing divorce, and starting from ground zero on almost every aspect of my life, yet, I have somehow lost that, just a little bit, in my inability to let go of control and embrace ‘mess’ more, and perfection far, far less. 

We must learn to be present. It means showing up to life and staying there, even when it feels normal. I’ve realized that there are no big moments, no huge epiphanies. There is only now and what we choose do with it.

Show up to life and stay there. No matter what happens, that’s really what it’s about, isn’t it? Stay in the life you’re in now, embrace the busy, embrace change, embrace new, scary, hard, different. Don’t rail against it. Our lives are here, right now, so focus on that, not tomorrow, not next week, or even next year. Because when that’s all you do, you’re not living. You’re yearning.

In other words, this is as good as it gets. Right here, right now — in the middle of the mess. This is perfection, if we choose to see it that way.

This life IS as good as it gets, and despite the noise surrounding us, the doubts, the imperfections,  the challenges, the struggles, it’s how we handle it, embrace it, use it as a catalyst for change that matters Perfection…redefined.

On travels…and wow, this is really happening.

I came back from our whirlwind Northern and Southern California travels and kind of didn’t know which end was up!

From wine tastings, fabulous dinners and even a little sun, to a long-awaited epic meetup (with the beautiful Heather AND Dorry!), showing M around my work digs and well, working, it felt like quite the 7 day excursion!

A little taste of our week:

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Only to come home and realize…holy wow, this is really happening. In less than 30 days, we will move into our home that will become the next stage in our lives for as long as…who knows. The longevity and permanence, in a way, of this move is finally starting to sink in, and let me tell you, it just feels pretty incredible.

Every time I start to get overwhelmed with the thought of packing and moving, I take a step back and smile.

Every time I start to think of our future together as we continue planning  our marriage, I take a step back and smile (even bigger!).

Every time I start to think about my life and how firmly planted right where I am meant to be, I smile (the biggest).

This life has truly taught me so much over the last (almost) five years, I cannot even put into words. All I can do is continue to be grateful, continue to step back and continue to thank God for the life he has now put in front of me.

Cheers friends, have a fantastic weekend. ❤



There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years.

The other day, I was chatting with a few barre n9ne clients after class, about buying a house, and getting married, and mentioned that I had been a homeowner before, years ago, and had to short sell my house, but this is the first time M is going to be a homeowner. Oh and this is the second marriage for me, and for M. And oh, by the way, we are both *only* 33.

As I said those words, and they remarked that I didn’t *look* 33 (why thank you, lol), I thought to myself. Huh. We’ve done a lot in 33 years, the two of us, haven’t we? So many big ‘life events’ yet, we are *only* 33.

2d04c3725130d6be2dcfab65cde40d27I walked to my car and thought about it even more…and ya know what? There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years. 

And as I read this guest post that I wrote for Healthy Chicks, I thought about it even more…we’ve lived a lot in our years, haven’t we??
I’ve remarked on this before that while of course nobody *wants* to get divorced, or take a (huge) loss on a house they purchased, I actually feel pretty fortunate to have experienced those things. Marriage. Home buying. And even divorce and selling that house for basically pennies on the dollar for what we paid for it.
As M and I take one step closer each day towards marriage, and buying our first home together, I just feel as though my life, every single step of it, has been so ridiculously intentional, with so many lessons meant to be learned, that my heart feels as though it might burst with love, happiness, and gratitude. n’t regret those decisions. Fortunate because I am truly a better person, a stronger, happier, more confident person. And fortunate because so many in life may not have had the joy of marriage, or buying a home. And I never want to look at those experiences as negative or a black mark in my history book.

I just want to soak in every minute, even the stressful and chaotic ones, and think about my life the way it has been laid out for me to live. There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years…and so much *more* to be lived.

Embrace it.


Becoming a reality…

In the last week or so, we’ve started quietly lifting the covers on some of the details of how we plan to marry, and it’s starting to feel so much more real than it ever has before.

…on my drive to barre n9ne today, I had a vision of how it’ll appear, and I felt as though I was literally glowing from the inside out *just* at the image in my mind of how things will unfold…

…as I shared some details with family members this weekend, and their smiles and approvals and excitement made my heart happy. 

…as I stare into M’s eyes and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he will be the most amazing husband, and I will do my best to live up to all that *he* is to me.

…gazing at *a dress* that may be ‘it’…enough said. 

…choosing rings that will be ours forever.

…and imagining *this time* back when I really couldn’t imagine my life now, at a point where everything had crumbled around me. It truly takes my breath away.

My life – our lives together – is becoming a reality like I never dreamed it, and I couldn’t feel more blessed or alive.