A busy life is a good life?

Seriously, when did my life get so BUSY all of a sudden? 

I woke up today to some super exciting news: my schedule for the ‘soft launch’ opening week at barre n9ne’s SECOND location (which just so happens to be miraculously located 5 mins from where I live!) next week!!! And as I opened it up and saw that I am teaching three times next week (Woohoo!!), my mind started going into overdrive (a serious case of OATT, as my sister so geniously coined in her hilarious post the other day…seriously, we share the same brain, that is totally ME too!).

Here’s a little snippet of how my case of OATT went down:

OMG so exciting! Teaching three times next week *even though* I am traveling Tuesday-Thursday! That’s awesome.


OMG, I am teaching three times next week *even though* I am traveling Tuesday-Thursday! When will I fit in *my own* workouts here AND while traveling?! 

I then proceeded to think through the days I teach (and calling those quasi-workouts since technically, since I am teaching, I am far less DOING and doing far more demonstrating, fixing form etc), and where I can fit in my runs and what I can feasibly fit in while I am in Chicago (luckily, I already have plans with this girl to hit up Flywheel for a spinning class! Woohoo!).

And then the real case of OATT fell into place…what about *after* that? I am going to have to rejigger all of my workouts completely (as did Jess, and I knew this was coming, but change is scary for this girl, mmk? Bear with me!) around what I teach (since I am not sure yet what classes I’ll teach after the soft launch, perhaps more, perhaps different days). And the realization that a) I will have to accept that I will be TAKING less classes and TEACHING more…and that’s more than okay. That’s exciting! As will teaching and taking classes 5 mins away, rather than an hour roundtrip.

Case of OATT #1 ceases there. Because truly, a busy life right now, for me, is a good life. Because what is making it busy is GOOD. It’s CHANGE. It’s CHALLENGE. It’s what I have been working so hard for.

Then crept in case of OATT #2. 

All the other stuff crammed in over the next few months. Here’s a little glimpse:

This weekend: teaching on Saturday (woohoo!), blogger brunch with a few lovelies (like Samantha, my sis and many others) on Sunday, followed by barre n9ne at 5:30 and dinner with aforementioned Samantha and sis. Kinda crammed, but digging it (not to mention M’s LAST class on Sunday where he puts the finishing touches on his paper!)

Next week: Aforementioned teaching at barre n9ne (woohoo again!), Tues evening-Thurs evening – Chicago! (and M presents his dissertation on Wednesday to his panel…I’ll be there in spirit and have a few surprises up my sleeve for him, pun intended!). Friday becomes my day of insanity…teaching, work, cleaning and prep for the surprise party on Saturday and covert operation to grocery shop and store food at my sister’s house so M doesn’t see it. Saturday: barre n9ne Andover grand opening 11-2! Then covert operation to finish all the food and goodies for the surprise party! Then…surprise party commences (if I don’t keel over by that point!!).

(next week ought to be uh…quite the week huh?!)

Weeks upcoming:

April 28: A few parties and such…this oughtta be a goodie 😉

May 6: Jess and Scott and Samantha’s half marathon in RI. Spectate.

May 8-10: Travel to Atlanta for the Digital Summit AND meet Lee and hopefully Tina!!!

May 12: M graduates!!! And we celebrate. M has requested an evening in Boston, hotel included. I can definitely oblige to that 😉

May 19: My sister JEN graduates!! And we celebrate 🙂 (and my brother in law Scott officially re-graduates for teaching…woohoo!)

May 21-24: Travel to Costa Mesa for work. Oy vei, third work trip in 6 weeks!

May 27: Memorial Day weekend and my sister’s always-epic party for my brother in law’s birthday.

How’s that for a snapshot in BUSY?! But…at the same time? A busy life, for me, right now, is a good life. There is a shitton going on, personally, professionally, and physically. The next 6 weeks are going to be a blur. I am going to need to harness my patience. I am going to need M’s support (as much as he needs mine in the next week or so!). And I am going to have to choose my battles and cut myself some slack when I need it. <–someone remind me to do this last part, mmk?!

So yeah..this is precisely what is swirling in my head…a world of busy, like whoa, but at the same time? I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

(again, someone remind me of that in a few weeks when I start to really feel it!).

**I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into my case(s) of OATT today…sometimes you just gotta lay it out blog-style to feel a little less chaotic and a little less unsettled. Game face ON.**

30 thoughts on “A busy life is a good life?

  1. Wow…I can relate. Busy.All.The.Time. I have difficulty juggling all the stuff in my life right now, and I worry that it’s going to be even more challenging when CBG is here with me…though realistically that’s not likely the case. Um…yeah…another case of OATT going on here, too! Constantly! lol

    1. I know you can! You are always super busy too! OATT all up in here!! But with change, everything automatically seems busier too…I think that’s part of my problem, adjusting to all of the NEW!

  2. OATT!! Seriously though — this is all really awesome stuff going on and I am digging how excited you are about LIFE right now. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest — which is exactly what you’re doing right now (and me, too!). Wheeeee!

  3. Busy!! What I’ve learned to do is treat the classes that I’m teaching as my own workout, too. Otherwise it just doesn’t work. I can’t fit it all in. I normally work harder than the participants in my classes just because I don’t want to ever look like I’m slacking! 🙂

    1. So true. I am going to have to look at it as workouts, at least in some part because otherwise, it would be impossible to fit in anything else!

  4. You’re going to the digital summit in Atlanta – dang I was there last year!!

    How fun – take some time to relax and grab a drink, lol. Can’t beat being good busy though.

  5. I am dizzy just reading that. But my life is going the same way – I have something every. single. weekend. from now through Mother’s Day!

    I can’t wait to see you ladies, and go to Barre class, and spend time with you and the boys again! So exciting!

  6. My head is just spinning from reading this girlfriend! I feel ya though….with marathon training, moving, and a new system being rolled out at work, my mind is in overdrive. *Deep breath* We will do fine! Embrace it all, live in the moment and know that it is just a season. Sounds like an exciting, rewarding, busy season…enjoy the ride 🙂

    1. I thought of you as I was writing this post! YOU have so much going on right now, like whoa!! It is busy, but exciting and rewarding all wrapped together, right? wheee!

    1. Right! I thrive on it too, but when it’s NEW AND BUSY, my mind goes into overdrive. Clearly. Hope we can make it happen next month!!!

  7. Um…. did you schedule a moment to breathe in there anywhere?

    Of course you know I can relate to busy and OATT (that post is hilarious, by the way). Just do what I do, take baby steps until you get there. Then love every second while you’re in it! It’s all good things. What great stuff to look forward to!

    Very proud of you. 🙂

  8. I love being busy…but I was so busy last month I’m ready for Mrs. Cotter’s idea: simplicity. Haha. I am ready to bust out some finals and graduate and focus on my FNS certification…and not be going ANYWHERE. 😉

    PS: YAY for teaching three times!!! I love that you’re teaching something that’s truly changed your life.

    1. SIMPLICITY! Yes, I loved her post!! I crave simplicity! And thank you, I love teaching and am so glad I will be doing more of it!!

  9. I like being busy…and then the feeling that comes when I relax afterward! Looking forward to the Digital Summit and meeting you!

  10. Oh my gosh. First, can I just say that you are hilarious? Second, I think that my head is still spinning from reading all that you have going on PLUS travel. Whoa is right! My month is similarly packed and I’m just trying to breathe in and out and get to the beginning of May. But, at the same time, it IS super exciting and that means opportunities, right? But yes, you need to choose your battles and cut yourself some slack when you need. Happy to give you a kick if necessary 🙂

  11. There’s busy and there’s too busy. Hope this wasn’t too much for you, even though there’s a lot of great stuff going on here. xoxo

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