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The barre n9ne journey that just keeps getting better.

I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t say how I love the barre n9ne studio, family, community, clients, approach, workouts or our team of instructors.

It’s a journey that just keeps getting better. And just keeps getting bigger. And one where I keep finding ways to pay it forward, spread the (barre) joy, and keep sharing, sharing, sharing. Quietly inspiring, even. (my most favorite way to inspire, I might add).

This is why I am so thrilled to share my barre n9ne instructor spotlight that posted today. Writing this just flowed naturally, every word.  And it brought me back to the nearly TWO years since this journey started and I continue to be floored by it, and amazed at God’s blessings and leading me down this path, one that has truly been life changing in so so many ways.

So I leave with you my spotlight, take a read, if you would 😉 and a few fabulous sneak peeks at some of the barre n9ne photo shoot pictures. They are just fabulous!!!

Waxing poetic on the benefits of the barre (n9ne) and other tidbits

I’m on a tidbit tear lately, aren’t I? 😉

I have the honor of guest posting for the fabulous Lindsay today, and I wanted to make sure you hopped over there to check it out. I’m waxing poetic on all things barre (n9ne) and the 68176_10151285028751170_1225021644_nbenefits of the barre…here is an excerpt:

Barre workouts never get old and they never get easier. Ever.

Unlike other workouts I have done (and I’ve done it all – from Body Pump, to heavy weight lifting, to periodization type weight training, to kickboxing, etc. etc), the workouts never get old and they never get easier.  Who would have thought slow, controlled, intentional movements with 2-3 lb. weights would enact such change?

Barre workouts strengthen your legs as a runner, 360 degrees.

I love to run. But I have always have extremely tight hip flexors and somewhat weak glutes. I have noticed a huge change in the way I run, from my posture, to my body alignment, to my strength. I run stronger, better, and with more endurance than ever before. Barre workouts really strengthen every area of your leg and glutes, from quads, to hips, to glutes, to calves.

You’ll work your muscles to failure.

Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to just lift heavy to get your muscles to failure. This is the first workout that I have ever done where my muscles go to failure every single time, and that gives me the tone and leanness that I was always looking for in my arms and legs. Tiny movements, a zillion reps, and intentional squeezes and pulses, stimulating fast and slow twitch muscles (giving you both tone and endurance and leaning out your body).

It’s actually fun. Truly.

It’s funny…every time I write about the barre, barre n9ne, or anything related to this wonderful community of women, the words just flow and I have to physically stop myself from rambling (too much). I guess that’s why it’s called passion, right?

Other barre n9ne tidbits? 

Our photo shoot pictures are coming out AMAZINGLY GOOD!! My mom is so talented, I love seeing the ones she’s been slowly sharing. I’ll share some here once they are all finished. It’s weird to see a picture of myself and actually like it. That was my first reaction. My second? Fit and happy. And belonging to a group of women that cares so much, that works so hard, that is helping hundreds of women get into the shape they’ve always dreamed of. Incredible.

colleage 2I taught my first-ever barre n9ne intensive on Sunday and it was incredible! (my sister posted some thoughts here too). These are somewhat more advanced classes, jam packed, less breaks, more sweat, and an hour and 15 minutes long. I wanted to make sure to not only bring my game face and A-game, but put together a class that would give that challenge, impart some knowledge on why we do what we do – why so many reps, why fast and slow, how to connect with you core, etc., and fitting that all in is a tall order, in a sense. But it just flowed so well, I loved every sweatastic minute and personally, drank it all in. Almost a year in to being a certified instructor and it just keeps getting better. ❤colleage 1

Our instagram #b9poseadaychallenge and #b9actsofkindness challenge was a huge hit! I was, and still am blown away by everyone’s creative, kind, and generous acts. It definitely made me go out of my way to share some Healthy Bites goodness as one of my acts of kindness and just be more aware of my surroundings and giving an extra compliment, hug, or smile. Every little bit helps. Truly.

Now that I’ve waxed poetic long enough for today, I hope you check out my post on Lindsay’s blog! 😉 Cheers!

Thoughts and stuff. In bullets.

‘Scuse my uber boring title of this post, but it’s what I got tonight, folks 😉

I give you…thoughts and stuff. In bullets. 

  • Ever since I proclaimed about living more and chronicaling less, I’ve felt like I’m in a weird limbo with this blog (though, note the pretty new layout? Thank free WordPress template – lol – but it’s pretty, right??). How often to write. What to write. IF to write. So I’m sure when I post will continue to be random and topics will be all over the place. I apologize in advance? I’ll find my groove again, I think, I’m just ruminating (and living!)
  • I have barely seen M all week. We have had opposite evening schedules this week and a few unexpected meetings for M, including one impinging on our weekly mid-week date night in (insert sad face). Needless to say, our Friday night date night in can’t come soon enough.
  • I’m having a hard time not can’t wait-ing for the weekend lately. Sometimes I guess we’re ‘allowed’ to look forward (a little too much) to the weekend, right? I am working on shifting my focus and getting through some frustrating work stuff and focusing on things I am loving, like all things barre n9ne of course. (lots of teaching coming up, love!!)
  • Speaking of barre n9ne, check out this Q&A with one of our rockstars, Amanda. We celebrated one year since the 60 day challenge officially rolled out and she’s been doing it since day one. 53 lbs down people!!! The new challenge kicked off today and I am loving all of the before and after pics I am seeing of everyone doing the challenge now, it is absolutely incredible. Go b9’ers go!!
  • I had a hilarious feigned Twitter ‘fight’ with my sis today to snap us both out of grumpy moods. It was hysterical, you’ll have to check it out for yourself but I’m still laughing 😉
  • I love impromptu me nights. Like tonight. See aforementioned bullet on not seeing M much this week. That’s pretty much the only upside, having a me night tonight and catching up on Chopped 😉
  • As we enter August, I’ll be damned if I am going to let the summer days and nights slip away. There will be lots of living-the-shit out of summer up in here. Complete with a day trip to Maine this weekend, another #lakation coming up, and more 😉
  • Since writing about my challenges anew, I am still debating on WTF to do about a bike. I DO have a mountain bike stored at my sister’s and I am starting to lean towards testing the waters (er, roads?) with that first and seeing how I do. Then investing in a bike. But we’ll see. I really just want to get out there and want M to as well, and budget-wise might be the way to go this season and invest next season…and hopefully a house won’t be *that* far out of our future where we can properly store them etc…#ruminating
  • On the topic of aforementioned challenges, I had a few killer runs this week! *patting self on back* Sometimes renewed focus helps me mentally I guess huh?
  • I booked a quick trip to Tampa in February to visit one of my closest friends who I NEVER get to see and I couldn’t be happier!! Finally found a great price and while it is 6 months away, February HERE vs. February in FL will be glorious. As will M finally meeting Amy and her husband Eric (and us both meeting their son!!). I am pretty sure M and Eric will have a bromance. They are SO similar in humor and personality. Cannot wait. 😉

Holy cow. I guess I had a lot of little rambles on my mind. I kinda dig bullets. They’re cool. 😉 Now if you’ll ‘scuse me, I’ll go back to my me night now. Thanks for reading 😉

Running happy miles…as my 6 month run challenge nears an end.

I have one week left of my 6 month run challenge and it couldn’t be more fitting for this fabulous Friday to share that I finally – finally – feel as though I ran *all* happy miles this week. Every. single. run. Awesome. Each in different ways. I’ve come to realize that this run challenge has come down to exactly that: happy running. notsomuch about miles. notsomuch about getting back to thinking about running another half marathon.


Just. Running. Happy.

I’m writing this after one of my best runs in quite awhile. With M by my side. And this was even after teaching a 6 am barre n9ne class (back-to-back with teaching two classes yesterday, too).

See? Happy Miles Faces!

The difference? I told myself I would ‘do’ as little as possible in class (save for upper body and ab work) and it worked out so well because a) I had a bigger than usual morning class so there was naturally more opportunity to walk around and correct and b) I am learning more and more my stride for teaching smaller classes where I ‘do’ bits and pieces but focus more on form corrections and motivation.

So, while I taught 5 classes this week, I strategically planned my runs to either not follow directly after teaching or taking a barre n9ne class, or on an ‘off’ day completely from barre n9ne. And it worked. Finally. It worked.

Sunday, I ran with M (about 4 miles) before I taught at 10 am. Tuesday, I ran 6 killer miles of intervals. And rocked them. Wednesday, I took b9 fusion class in the morning and met bestie Steph for a quick and speedy 3.6 miler by a nearby lake. Humid. But awesome. And today, 5ish (5.4 maybe??) miles with M where my legs didn’t feel heavy, even though it was my last run of the week and I expected them to feel a little lead-like at first. Nope. Felt strong, yet light.

This week I ran happy miles. And as I look to next week, where I set out for Costa Mesa bright and early on Monday morning (coming home Thursday night), I am confident and even a little excited to finally get a chance to run outside before work a few days next week. It’s going to be awesome. (did I just say that?!)

Happy weekend, friends. do something happy, will ya? I sure as hell plan to do the same 🙂

A riff on the Friday Five!

I have a shitton of things swirling in my brain today for a post but as it’s been sort of a crazy day, and some of these aforementioned things swirling in my brain are half-baked, I thought I’d share a few musings for the day, a la a riff from the Friday Five, something I love reading from Live for the Run!

1. I think I’ve had my epiphany about what to do with my running conundrum that I wrote about earlier this week. This is one of those half-baked thoughts in my head for a post, so I’ll share more later, but I think my #1 problem is running on tired legs. I have a rejigger to my schedule next week to best accommodate for solid runs, and I’m excited to see how it goes. After this morning’s awesome run with my sis and a fellow barre n9ne instructor, Julianna, it was the proof I needed that running fresh is what I need.

2. Week 1 of full-on barre n9ne teaching is (almost) in the books! Teaching my fourth class of the week tomorrow morning and am STOKED that not only do I have double digit attendance, a couple of friends I haven’t seen in awhile are coming!! AND I have tested out a few alterations on some of my go-to moves this week with my smaller classes and I cannot wait to put it all together tomorrow. But dude…I am TIRED. Teaching 4 classes a week is no joke, I cannot imagine how aforementioned fabulous Julianna teaches oh, I think 11?! INSANITY! But awesome. I lovelovelove it. And the side benefit of really working the arms and abs is already paying off, I am noticing some changes that I do believe I dig 😉 (oh! and I spied my bio up on the web site and got all giddy, I didn’t notice before! Whee!)

3. I finally feel like my weekends are a little less gogogo – breathe – gogogo. This weekend? Just ONE thing planned, officially! After some jammed weekends of late, I am reveling in this! 30th birthday party tomorrow for one of my close friends and I cannot wait to celebrate! Other than that? Pretty wide open, and in dire need of downtime, organization time, and veg-time. Bring it on.

4. Proud sister alert: My sister Jen defends her dissertation on Monday and while I won’t be there cheering her on, I will be there in spirit. I am just so damn proud of her and all that she’s accomplished, while going through her pregnancy, her illness post-c-section, and raising a spunky, beautiful, adorable going-on-2 year old! Love you sis and am more proud than I could ever put into words. ❤

5. Is it wine-thirty yet? Seriously, long, busy, tiring and challenging week this week. I am pretty close to crying tears of joy into my wine glass tonight. Ever have one of those nights where you truly cannot wait for that sip of wine? Like whoa.

Happy weekend, friends!! Make it a good one, will ya? Cheers!