Friday Fun: This is how our (sisterly!) minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition

See? awesome #rundate pic! I'm on the right, FYI (lol)

A few weeks ago, during a fabulous sisterly run, we gabbed about the ‘rules’ we tend to create for each other and about each other…and some of them are pretty funny, I must say. So, we thought we’d throw them into a blog post that we are both posting today (see hers here) for a little Friday Fun. Please note, most of these are completely ridiculous and as opposite of serious as possible. Enjoy and happy weekend!!

This is how our minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition:

A ‘triple’ is only allowed on the first Monday of every month (just kidding…kinda)…and only if the other one is also doing a triple. Otherwise, it is completely fair to bitch the other one out for doing a triple. (caveat – if we ever DO complete a triple workout, we promise, we’re fully fueled before/after, the workouts are spaced out, and we don’t make a habit of it, we promise. We’re not here to advocate over-exercising!)

Rest days must be ‘complete’ rest days and must be taken in the same week. None of this ‘I’ll use Sunday as my rest day’ when the other knows that her last rest day was the PREVIOUS Tuesday (in other words, more than a full week between rest days? No bueno.)

There is no such thing as ‘only‘ running XX number of miles for an allotted run. A run is a run, plain and simple. Could be 3 miles, could be 12. It all ‘counts.’ It all matters. It all rocks.

It’s completely normal to discuss the week ahead’s workouts and how you can strategically plan run, barre, sister dinner dates into the mix.  <—OATT alert!! At least one of the three must happen each week. (and every other ‘date’ should include sushi. Or oatmeal. It’s a rule).

Throwback ‘rule’ – you can only trade three skittles (at minimum and none of this only yellow and green, there must be at least one ‘money color’, i.e. pink, purple, or one red. MUST.) forone starburst (again, said starburst must be a ‘money color’ or else the 3 skittle-minimum no longer applies. You can give her none in return as far as I’m concerned. In fairness, of course, to the flavor law.)

(does anyone else now suddenly have a random craving to go buy a pack of starburst now? yeah…er…me neither.)

There is absolutely no truth to the phrase: I’m not in the mood for wine tonight (if sister says this, there is something seriously wrong….or she’s pregnant. Justkidding.Justkidding.Justkidding.)

A couple of chocolate chips is totally an acceptable yogurt topping. ‘nuf said.

There is always a way to fit in ‘Jess and Scott’ pizza and two glasses of wine and still be within ‘your number’ (i.e. food log ‘number’) and not starve yourself all day. It’s been done. And it was worth every last cheesy filled calorie.  TRUTH.

If you’re gonna eat a cookie, eat the damn cookie. A real one. Homebaked. With real sugar. Real butter. Real chocolate chips. No going halfway and stopping. Commit to the cookie. And enjoy it, dammit.

You can work peanut butter into any recipe. Savory. Sweet. Doesn’t matter. It ALWAYS WORKS.

And finally, you are fully within your rights to block your sister’s Facebook and Twitter updates while traveling to avoid oatmeal envy. It’s sheer torture otherwise. Trust me (us) on this one.

(do you have any sibling ‘rules’ or random rules for yourself that when you write them down, are just funny and borderline ridiculous!? do share!!)

34 thoughts on “Friday Fun: This is how our (sisterly!) minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition

    1. Seriously, I am still cracking up reading this. What, just me? mmmm starburst pink!! we should have added something about twizzlers…yum. Or cheetos vs. cheese curls. LOL

  1. I wonder if you both came up to me, if I could tell you apart. I think I could, but I’m not sure! And oatmeal envy? I can’t imagine such a thing! I need someone to make me oatmeal because obviously I am doing something wrong!

    1. I wonder too!! Well, at least you will see ME in a month and maybe there’s a way you’ll start telling the difference that way 😉 I’d love to make you some oatmeal!!!

  2. That is so funny! Trus story yesterday, out of no where, all I could think about was having some skittles. So I went in search of the vending machine and merely ate 4. I was good after that but someetimes you just need that sweet goodness:)
    We have the same wine rule around here too:) The second one says no to wine we make the assumption they are pregnant too. haha. Happy Friday!

    1. Hehe! I thought it was hysterical, glad it was amusing! Yum, skittles. Yes, only need a few now probably too, probably taste way sweeter than in childhood! Wine rule… definitely!!

  3. I am your long lost 4th sister.


    Good thing I’m making real cookies (I think, still haven’t figured that one out). Whatever it is it will be REAL.

  4. I love you guys! This is so adorable and so sweet! I’m jealous =) I need a sister I’m on the same page as!

  5. Ha! LOVE THIS! I have three sisters and we had our fair share of crazy rules….this brings me back:-)
    My favorite is just commiting to the damn cookie! This is something that my oldest sis would for sure tell me!

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