Though it’s only been a few days since I left for Atlanta, no matter what, traveling always takes such a toll on me. Routine is outta whack, food options limited and different, lack of water at the ready (This is a huge one for me! I always have water practically surgically attached to my hand!) and I am a homebody at heart, so naturally, I just *love* being home.

So when I arrived in Atlanta and got smacked in the face with a huge wave of homesickness, while  I was surprised (given brevity of trip and fun to be had), I tried to take it in stride and just get ‘er done.

Preamble aside…now that I’m en route home from Atlanta and the Digital Summit, I have a chance to recap the best part about the trip…and while the conference itself was great (actually a little better than the one in Chicago, which I was surprised at!)…the best part about the last three days? 

The girls that put ‘fun’ in Atlanta (Fun-lanta! Sorta punny, no? LOL) – Lee and Tina!!

I seriously loved meeting these girls and spending a glorious time at dinner catching up as if we’ve been friends for years. And given we’ve been connecting on our blogs for the last few years, that’s not too far off from the truth! Tina wrote up an awesome post on our evening, you can read it here, but I was just struck by how real, normal, fun, and so ‘like me’ in so many ways. It’s yet another reason why I love this community of friends I’ve met through my blog, these are some of the people that ‘get’ me most and it feels like such an opportunity to meet them for real and just talk. (And to spend almost two days with Lee, given she was at the conference with me, so we could even ‘talk shop’ hehe!)

So, I figured I would just include a few pics from our evening, which ended with a (not pictured here, but Tina snapped some!) de-lish frozen yogurt! And since I was foiled with pinkberry last weekend, I just about dove into my bowl of deliciousness!) Ladies, you’re awesome,  and really made this trip so much better than it ever would be otherwise 🙂

Me and Tina!
Lee and me!
Group pic!

30 thoughts on “Fun-lanta!

    1. It kinda sucked, the homesickness, but you totally helped me feel better, friend, with your emails! And it got 100000X better once I met up with Lee and then Tina!!

    1. It was so fun!! Like we’d hung out for years! Kinda did, virtually?! 😉 FUNNYC! YES! that is an easy one to make happen, I think we definitely need to!!!

  1. love this! it reminds me that we WILL meet sooner than later now that I’m in NYC! I want to hop on a train to visit sometime before the end of the year. of course, you’re always welcome in NYC, too!

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