Wine Country…in fours.

I wanted to capture this trip simply in a post, because it’s far too difficult to capture how absolutely perfect it was, just as it is hard to capture the beauty of our surroundings out there, pictures do not do it justice, nor do words.

So, on my fourth trip to wine country in four years, I give you…wine country…in fours.

Four of my favorite pictures:

The quintessential wine snobs picture – I think I win this round, don’t you think?
On our last day at Hop Kiln, where they serve warm crusty rolls along with a variety of delicious cheeses, spreads (the sundried tomato pesto is sinful!) and meats.
Because my expression cracks me up, caught in a half laugh at Williamson, one of our hands-down favorites, during the most delicious wine and food pairing (duck, lasagna, and meatball bites were utter perfection). We ended up buying oh, 8 bottles here! Oops! πŸ˜‰
Such a cute group shot, at Field Stone, my very first wine club and still my favorite. All of their reds are deep, inky, and bold and their whites are fresh, light and crisp. (and we kind of look like we belong in the opening credits of Full House, don’t we?!)

Four of my favorite moments:

  1. Skinny-dipping in the pool. A lot. Woops πŸ˜‰
  2. When our zip lining guide had to basically ‘save’ me from whamming into the tree after I didn’t brake careening in from a long and fast zip (see #1 below…) – let’s just say it was a favorite moment because I will never forget it, and I kinda think I blacked out for a second, out of fear!
  3. Balancing wine tastings with pool and hot tub relaxation. In years past, we have typically been tasting all afternoon, but this time, we would just pick 2-3 at MOST and then head back to the house and enjoy the heat, sun and our kick ass house.
  4. Walking around the grounds at our house and M and I embracing as we gazed over the lawn and pointing out the most perfect place to get married…right there. 2013, perhaps? πŸ˜‰
Four learnings:
  1. I’m apparently deathly afraid of heights. We went zip lining on our second day of the trip and while M was pretty apprehensive about it, I ended up being the most scared. With each zip (total of 6), I got more and more freaked out and was literally on the verge of tears each time. I didn’t admit that until the end though, as weΒ repelledΒ down 60 feet to the ground, because I didn’t want anyone to feel like I wasn’t having fun. I mean, it was an experience I will never forget, but it is also one that I was utterly thankful for when it was over. I almost kissed the ground, no joke.
  2. While I struggled a bit with mindfulness, by the end of the trip, I am so glad I let go as much as I did. As much as I am really glad to be back into my routine (eating, workouts etc), I think my body and my mind needed it.
  3. Going with the flow can be a very good thing. We had planned several wineries per day and in different areas but after finding a few gems just by doing things like ‘okay, second winery on the right’ we realized that throwing the rulebook out the window (in this case, our plans!) is so much better than planning. (gasp – this from a type A’er?!)
  4. Disconnecting isn’t just liberating, it’s something I need to do. Often. Not checking Facebook or Twitter much, and really just posting some pics to Instagram gave me a sense of being far away from it all, but in a freeing, liberating way. I didn’t miss anything. Shocker, right? More on this in a later post.

Four of my favorite (new!) wines:

  1. Portalupi: The perfect balance of Italian infusion into California wines. We are now wine club members πŸ˜‰
  2. Amista: We stopped here because they had balloons out front (doesn’t take much hehe!) advertising a vertical cab tasting. (that is a wine flight where you taste four wines, starting from oldest vintage to newest) and we had so much fun, we picnic’d here, and came back a second time (for a Zin flight for Zin Day!). Epic.
  3. Cartograph: Where I tasted the very first Chardonnay that I actually liked.
  4. Hop Kiln: This isn’t a new winery for us, HOWEVER, I have to mention it because it is the first pinot noir that I LOVED. Score.

After the longest trek home ever (a FIVE hour flight delay on a red eye…I am not sure what could be possibly worse than a red eye, than one with a FIVE hour flight delay. We crawled onto that flight at 2 am PT and landed in Boston at 10:30 am ET. Yikes.), with 33 bottles of wine in tow (plus 6 more en route!), I emerged happy, relaxed, and enjoying my most favorite trip to wine country yet. And already cannot wait to go back next year.

Cheers friends.

46 thoughts on “Wine Country…in fours.

  1. Your trip sounds like it was awesome! I had pretty much the exact same ziplining experience in Puerto Rico earlier this year, from the almost slamming into the tree, to kissing the ground when it was over. Glad I did it, probs won’t do it again. Also, I want to know how did you manage to bring 33 bottles home on the plane? What is your secret?

    1. Glad I am not the only fraidy cat!! LOL! Check the cases as luggage and you have no problem! Buy boxes with strofoam inserts for the wine bottles, it’s genius!

  2. I’m STILL giggling at the thought of you sitting up there among the trees, on the verge of tears, but trying to act ‘cool’ about it when secretly you wanted it DONE NOW. You were a champ sis!! But seriously, I couldn’t have said it better myself — this was the most amazing ,most needed, most freeing trip together ever. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, with any other friends, ever. xoxo

    1. Oh SO funny sis. JK. I am glad we did it and I am glad everyone had fun. I just know I won’t do it again πŸ˜‰ it was the best vaca ever, I am so glad we got to go together again!!

  3. That first picture might be my favorite. It sounds like an awesome trip and to say that I was jealous as I viewed your Instagram pictures would be an understatement πŸ™‚ Glad that you all had an amazing time and a chance to unplug. Really really good to do that, no? Also psyched to learn about the wineries you visited. These are all new ones to me and can’t wait to visit them on our next trip to CA!

    1. Oh you must visit these!! I have so many I like, it was hard to pick 4 πŸ™‚ I love the snobby wine face too, it’s so fun to do πŸ™‚

      1. Trust me Amanda – one trip to wine country and the hubs will be hooked. Scott didn’t drink wine AT ALL until our first trip out to wine country three years ago. He’s a changed man πŸ˜‰

    1. Skinny dipping – yep! It didn’t feel rebellious at the time, but sorta does now πŸ˜‰ hehe! wine flow! yes! WINE FLOW!

  4. I’m liking your thinking 33 wine bottles in tow:). Sounds like the best weekend. Glad you had a fun time.

  5. This post makes me smile. Love that you did let go and enjoy. While you can’t just over-do it all the time, once in a while, it’s worth it. And when it’s rare, it’s even more enjoyable right πŸ˜‰ So glad you had such a great time.

  6. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you guys had such an amazing time.

    BTW – When I read the part about the perfect place to get married I totally got goosebumps.


  7. I loved watching the random pictures of you guys pop up over Facebook over the past few days…and I’m so glad you had a great time. (My favorite photo, by far, is the wine snobbery.)

    I, too, am afraid of heights. I can do rollercoasters and ferris wheels now, but if I’m on my feet, way up high, I cannot, for the life of me, seem to feel “balanced”. Tall slides, stairs, the roof…if I’m on my feet, I suddenly feel like I’ll tumble at any moment. (I cannot jump from cliffs either.) Zip-lining probably wouldn’t be my thing. πŸ˜‰

  8. Love this! And all the other pics you put up on FB! I ziplined in Jamaica. Love it. The last run was over 1000 ft across a huge river and 400 ft up. It was intense but the best rush. I would guess that wouldnt work for you:)

  9. And now I want a vacation! I am thrilled you had such an awesome time, sweets. You took advantage of everything, including the pool, lol.

    Great pics, hope you had an equally amazing 4th!

  10. I am obviously behind on blogging but am having fun going back reading what you all have been up to. Your trip looked amazing and I am so envious of such an amazing vacation. I can’t believe you are afraid of heights and ziplined. I am petrified of heights and I would cry through the whole thing. Loved all the pictures you guys were posting on Facebook and so glad to be back reading again! And I absolutely agree about disconnecting…sometimes it is a necessity and so energizing.

    1. Hi there!! I saw your post and keep meaning to go back and comment! I love catching up too, after being disconnected. It feels nice and not as rushed. And yes, I guess I am far more afraid if heights than I ever realized!! that was SO SCARY! LOL!

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