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Friday Fun: This is how our (sisterly!) minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition

See? awesome #rundate pic! I'm on the right, FYI (lol)

A few weeks ago, during a fabulous sisterly run, we gabbed about the ‘rules’ we tend to create for each other and about each other…and some of them are pretty funny, I must say. So, we thought we’d throw them into a blog post that we are both posting today (see hers here) for a little Friday Fun. Please note, most of these are completely ridiculous and as opposite of serious as possible. Enjoy and happy weekend!!

This is how our minds work: ‘The Rules’ Edition:

A ‘triple’ is only allowed on the first Monday of every month (just kidding…kinda)…and only if the other one is also doing a triple. Otherwise, it is completely fair to bitch the other one out for doing a triple. (caveat – if we ever DO complete a triple workout, we promise, we’re fully fueled before/after, the workouts are spaced out, and we don’t make a habit of it, we promise. We’re not here to advocate over-exercising!)

Rest days must be ‘complete’ rest days and must be taken in the same week. None of this ‘I’ll use Sunday as my rest day’ when the other knows that her last rest day was the PREVIOUS Tuesday (in other words, more than a full week between rest days? No bueno.)

There is no such thing as ‘only‘ running XX number of miles for an allotted run. A run is a run, plain and simple. Could be 3 miles, could be 12. It all ‘counts.’ It all matters. It all rocks.

It’s completely normal to discuss the week ahead’s workouts and how you can strategically plan run, barre, sister dinner dates into the mix.  <—OATT alert!! At least one of the three must happen each week. (and every other ‘date’ should include sushi. Or oatmeal. It’s a rule).

Throwback ‘rule’ – you can only trade three skittles (at minimum and none of this only yellow and green, there must be at least one ‘money color’, i.e. pink, purple, or one red. MUST.) forone starburst (again, said starburst must be a ‘money color’ or else the 3 skittle-minimum no longer applies. You can give her none in return as far as I’m concerned. In fairness, of course, to the flavor law.)

(does anyone else now suddenly have a random craving to go buy a pack of starburst now? yeah…er…me neither.)

There is absolutely no truth to the phrase: I’m not in the mood for wine tonight (if sister says this, there is something seriously wrong….or she’s pregnant. Justkidding.Justkidding.Justkidding.)

A couple of chocolate chips is totally an acceptable yogurt topping. ‘nuf said.

There is always a way to fit in ‘Jess and Scott’ pizza and two glasses of wine and still be within ‘your number’ (i.e. food log ‘number’) and not starve yourself all day. It’s been done. And it was worth every last cheesy filled calorie.  TRUTH.

If you’re gonna eat a cookie, eat the damn cookie. A real one. Homebaked. With real sugar. Real butter. Real chocolate chips. No going halfway and stopping. Commit to the cookie. And enjoy it, dammit.

You can work peanut butter into any recipe. Savory. Sweet. Doesn’t matter. It ALWAYS WORKS.

And finally, you are fully within your rights to block your sister’s Facebook and Twitter updates while traveling to avoid oatmeal envy. It’s sheer torture otherwise. Trust me (us) on this one.

(do you have any sibling ‘rules’ or random rules for yourself that when you write them down, are just funny and borderline ridiculous!? do share!!)

The 6-month running challenge: the details

So, I am totally psyched that a few of you are interested in joining (or quasi-joining) me in the 6-month running challenge! (Lee, Alicia, Dorry, Amber, Katrina for running, Sally for walking, Nikki for yoga). Any others interested, feel free to comment here or email me!  I think it’ll be a fun way of keeping myself motivated and accountable, and a fun way to do it together, virtually, with all of you that would like to maintain a steady running goal this winter, or any other yoga/walking/[insert activity here] goal during the winter months.

I’ll probably post every week to start and then drop back to every other week or every few weeks, depending on progress made etc., (and because I think if I write about this every single week, I might not have enough to say as the weeks wear on, ya know? Trying to keep it real, here, peeps!) and anyone else who opts to follow this challenge, if you do blog about it, link back here so I can link to it in a future post (or just email me your post, but I am pretty sure I will be reading it anyway!!).

My plan is to keep it ‘loose:’

Start: week of 11/27 End: week of 5/28

Weekly-to-bi-monthly updates


  • One interval run (following these, these, or these) – if anyone has suggestions on other good intervals for me to try, I am ALL ears! My goal will be to increase my pace with each weekly interval run. Whether that is .1 or .5 faster, I’ll aim to increase.
  • One ‘maintenance’ run – this will be my 4-6 miler each week. It’ll likely increase past this distance, I’d imagine, as the months tick by, but for now, this is my intended distance.
  • One ‘longer’ run – this is my stretch goal for myself, not gonna lie. This one ties back to my goal to keep my distance steady this winter so I am not starting from scratch once the warm weather returns. I’ll start at 6 miles for my ‘long’ run next week and will increase it by .5 each week or two to up my distance. I’m not giving myself a ‘limit’ on the distance I’ll go here yet, because I honestly want to see how it goes and how long I can stand to be on the dreadmill. I’d love to get to 8 miles or more, but I’ll stick with a ‘we’ll see’ on this one (told ya, keeping it loose!).
  • One cross-training cardio workout: spinning. I’ve started doing some spinning again and really like the switch up from running once a week.
  • barre n9ne workouts: this will be my strength training and toning each week, as per my usual 🙂 (but I assume others following this routine may opt for different things for their own strength training activities).

There you have it – my schedule for the next 6 months, give or take. I will, of course, adjust this as I go, but I am excited at the prospect of seeing where I’ve improved come May timeframe. Who knows…maybe a half marathon in the not-too-distant future (May, June, July?!)?? Never say never.

So, who’s with me?! Let’s get ‘er done…the 6-month running challenge (#6morunchallenge sounds like a good Twitter hashtag, right?) (oh, and I am also participating in this little holiday challenge…figure why not, right? Already doing the required workouts, why not kick it up a notch!)



Numbers have typically haunted me.

And they haunted me yet again (as much as I tried NOT to let them…they won yesterday.) during a free fitness evaluation at the gym I just joined next door to my apartment (which, incidentally, was done by Elizabeth Ruiz, season 10 Biggest Loser contestant! WAY cool, despite some of the results we discussed).

As much as I know numbers haunt me, and I try to steer clear of the ones I know that will (weight, for example. I fixate on a number if I know it. I’d rather know pounds lost or a percentage, but not my actual weight. I have no explanation for this other than that. I just…fixate.), there was one number that I thought would be easy-peasy and wouldn’t bother me. Body fat percentage.

But I was wrong. I was so surprised when she told me the number. 10% ABOVE what’s ‘normal’ for me. Um…what?

Now, with any machine, of course, it could be off. But what’s to say it is? It may be right. And it COULD be right. Why? Because I have focused on running and barre n9ne…not weight training. Both things that have proven to be a beautiful combination for me. I have entirely reshaped my body, I have lost inches (and pounds) and gained more self confidence (yeah, yeah, this is still a work in progress, the confidence thing!) and finally felt like I’ve ACHIEVED something in a workout plan (achievement vs. success – Tina once again says it exactly right in her post today, give it a read). But the trade-off seems to be that I have lost some muscle mass. I used to do a lot of strength training and while it didn’t obviously work as well as I wanted, I think in combination with barre n9ne and running, it could be the tweak that I need.

So…while there are plenty of schools of thought that stand behind things like body fat percentage and BMI and all of that…and everyone has an opinion or a study or ‘what worked for them,’ what I have decided is this: I need to do what I feel is best for me. Not based on others’ advice, not based on what’s working for anyone else…but what’s working for me. It’s SO easy for me to get sucked into different schools of thought, but ever since I started the barre n9ne challenge, I have been more aware than ever about what has worked for me now, and what has NOT worked for me in the past.

So I sit at a crossroads. Maybe a natural one, to be honest. It’s been six months since I began this routine…and it’s time to switch it up. It’s not time to let numbers paralyze me. And it’s certainly not a time to get stagnant, either. Rather than let these new findings paralyze me, I need to make sure they fuel me and propel me forward.

So, where am I bringing my fitness journey, you ask? Well, I am still deciding. But, I think that based on the body fat percentage test results, I am going to incorporate one strength workouts into my rotation. This might mean one LESS barre n9ne workouts though, which is HARD for me, because I do love it so and love what it does for me. So, I’ll test-run a few classes at the gym, perhaps a few homegrown/Cathe Friedrich workouts at the gym using my iPhone, and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll add spinning back into my cardio workout in place of one of my runs per week. My bottom line goal is this: add in a few things, take out a few things, keep it balanced and not over the top.

Change is hard for me. I love routine. But I have to remember that change is what got me the results I’ve seen so far. And it’s time to change (even slightly) again, to keep it up. Right?

Numbers. They won’t paralyze me anymore. They will fuel me.


I wrote this last night after letting my thoughts marinate all day. And then I re-read and tweaked it this morning. As I got ready for my day, I looked in the mirror. I gazed at the body in front of me. It’s simply reshaped. It’s entirely different than it was when I strength trained 3-4 times per week. And I am realizing that is okay. It is better than okay.

I actually like the way my body looks now (shocker, I know, from my writings lately. Curse the overthinking brain and the never-ending not-good-enough ridiculous feelings), but am excited at the thought of what it could look like with just a bit more strength training. A more well-rounded routine. More definition but not so much where my biceps are bigger than M’s (wink). I’m excited. 

(and thank you Samantha for your post…Love yourself, be yourself. Perfection. Needed!)


Disclaimer: I know it goes without saying…but these are my opinions, they are not based on fact regarding body fat percentage or any particular ‘school of thought’ on fitness, nutrition etc. I write from the heart on what works for me, what doesn’t, etc. I hope this comes through in my post…as does my passion for all things sweat. I do these things because I love to work out, I love to challenge myself. Not because I truly think I am overweight or need a massive change. Just tweaks.