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A surprise party…in pictures.

While I don’t typically post on weekends, I just had to share some pictures from the surprise party…because it was just, in a word…epic!!

It went off without a hitch and I am still beaming from ear to ear!! And so is M. He was completely shocked, had NO idea, and the best part was his reaction to all of the people that came, from his entire office (including his boss), to his best friend and his other best friend that he hasn’t seen in at least a year, and to our friends that all came to celebrate and congratulate him. He couldn’t believe I was able to pull this off without any hints, without him hearing about it at work, and without my usually-bad poker face not giving it all away.

I loved how he would look at me, shake his head, and ask yet another question (how did you get ‘T’ here?? or how did you get all the beer and wine? And when did you buy all the food? And when did you have time, with the barre n9ne opening this morning? And how long have you been planning this? And, how did I not know?!). I was, admittedly, patting myself on the back all night (hehe) and just thrilled with how well it turned out. (and so so thankful to have had Jess and Steph help me with everything, or I never would have gotten it done!).

So, without further ado, here it is…a surprise party…in pictures (found a cool app to make these into collages!)

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(you’ll notice the pictures of me, super duper nervous, waiting for his arrival. I was sweating it out, but it went perfectly!!)

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(These are so fun group shots I took of everyone. I just loved looking around and seeing so many friends from different walks of his life, all together. And for nobody to have tipped him off to it? Even better!)

Throwing this party two days after I returned from Chicago and the same day as the barre n9ne opening was quite a challenge, and I think by the end of the night, I was running on fumes, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. An utterly perfect day. (and more tomorrow on the barre n9ne opening!!). Cheers, friends!