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OATT: the travel edition.

Editor’s note: for an OATT 101, please visit my sister’s blog post who so eloquently defined all there is to overthinking syndrome…in other words, overthinking-all-the-time (OATT)!

There is a serious case of OATT going on up in here and it always a) amazes me given how often I do travel, how much of a stresscase I am leading into a trip and b) makes me realize how out of practice I am from the days (just around this time last year, in fact!) from chronic work traveling (like, twice a month trips to Cali, chronic!). 

First of all, I always get into stresscase mode the day I travel, especially if I am working a partial day and then traveling mid-afternoon (like today) because I a) always feel like I’m not fully packed (and hence, have to repack my bag at least twice to ensure I have in fact, packed everything – for a two day trip, mind you!) and b) rushed to cram in as much work as possible while also ensuring a workout, plenty of fluids and my most-missed meals have been enjoyed (read: oatmeal, chobani and a big ass salad or one of my favorite wraps crammed with turkey, sprouts, laughing cow and spinach). 

So you better believe I did all of these things today…and even taught a barre method class at 7 am (side note: I love teaching back to back classes two days in a row, makes me feel fresh and ready to go!). And enjoyed breakfast (OATMEAL!) with M (he works at 11 on Tuesdays, working in our favor for some extra time together!). And aforementioned wrap. And got work done. And re-packed.  And even put little sticky notes all over the house for M to find (one particular one in his laptop telling him to knock ’em dead tomorrow at his dissertation defense! Right next to the new David Yurman cufflinks I gave him at dinner last night. Making me feel less like the worst girlfriend in the world for being away when he defends!).

Dude. I am rambling up a storm over here. What’s with all the lists (a, b, c) and parentheticals?! <–and yes, I just said parenthetical, what of it?

(must be OATT)

moving on.

After OATT attack #1, enter even bigger OATT attack #2. 

What and where to eat tonight when I land in Chicago. See, I land at sort of a weird time. 7 pm CT (leaving at 5 pm ET today). It’s not dinner time here, and it’s past dinner time in my brain by the time I arrive (and get situated at my hotel, pushing 8 pm CT, and 9, ‘in my brain.’). So, what to eat? Do I grab something at the airport when I arrive? Do I bring something with me from the airport in Boston (that’s already a fail, since the terminal I am in – which I didn’t realize at the outset of this OATT – has NO food except for stupid snackie things)? Do I see what’s around my hotel when I get there?

I played each of these out in my head. Option A – meh, airport food, not a fan. Option B – see option A. But then what? What’s around my hotel?? Well, after doing a bazillion google searches, yelp searches and consulting pal Amber (who I get to meet tomorrow!!), I found a couple of possibilities. I got excited. But then realized that 2 of the 3 top contenders closed at 8 pm. How lame is that?! Hmmph. Now what?! I seriously went back and forth, google’d more places, walking distances etc. I still have aforementioned sushi places in mind, but now, I go back to my original (undocumented thought)…perhaps I’ll just keep it simple and order room service or Starbucks (which I realized after all this, is IN my hotel!!).

And save sushi for tomorrow night. Why tomorrow night? Because tomorrow night I am on my own at 5 once day one of the conference I’m going to ends. I have a few locals I may meet up with, but I am hedging a bit only because I may want to do something I still have yet to do on my travel bucket list. Eat dinner by myself. At a restaurant. So, of all the overthinking I am doing at this very moment, that is, quite possibly the only thing I pretty much maybe might know for sure.

Go, figure, right?

I hope you enjoyed this edition of OATT: the travel edition.

(I almost added in my OATTing about what workouts I want to do while I’m in Chicago, but this was getting long enough as it is and I am pretty sure ya’ll would think I am the queen overthinker if I went into THAT ping pong OATT case!! And let’s just say that there is spinning involved, running and MAYBE even a local barre studio!!)

Things I’m thankful for Friday!

Let’s cut straight to the chase on this fabulous Friday, shall we?

We’re gonna go ahead and call this things I’m thankful for (and therefore, LOVING) Friday…

I am supremely thankful – and uber excited – that I can finally share this news: barre n9ne studio is EXPANDING…a new location…and where is it? FIVE MINUTES from my house. It couldn’t be more perfect, could it? That means that I will primarily be teaching thisclose to home, rather than 25 miles away (though I will teach there on occasion, too). I am beaming with pride at how this studio has grown, and being such a part of it now, and to be part of the team kick-starting the new location and being on the debut schedule? A. Dream.

I am thankful that this week was not nearly as angst-ridden and stressful as last week (case in point). I honestly think a huge part of why this week has been much better than last is because my first class on Tuesday went so well, and work has calmed ever so slightly and I feel like things are on an even keel. It’s been so go-go-go the last 6-8 weeks that feeling that ability to exhale has really helped my mental psyche. REALLY helped.

I am thankful that spring is thisclose. Daylight savings time this weekend means more daylight and longer days. And eventually…summer! And I am loving that today we hit a record high here…70 freakin degrees. It was absolutely glorious. Windows open, breeze coming in, fresh air…it’s amazing how much you forget how good fresh air feels circulating through the house. Ahhh…bliss.

I am thankful for a job that values what I do…and is sending me to not one, but two social media conferences in April and May! I’ll be attending Social Media Strategies in Chicago (friends!! let’s get together!) and Digital Summit in May in Atlanta (thanks Lee for suggesting, can’t wait to meet you…Tina, too, I hope! Others?!).

And I am thankful – always thankful – for coming from the ground up. I have a draft post set up on this that is half-written, but I just gotta say…I am thankful to know the lows and the highs and everything in between. Financially, emotionally, physically. The lows make the highs feel like that much more of a blessing and that much more rewarding…doesn’t it?

What are you thankful for this Friday? Do share! And happy weekend friends!!