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Resetting and rejuvinating.

After last week’s unexpected disconnect-to-reconnect week in Mexico, I have tried not to let old habits creep back in. But scarily, it’s so easily has, but I have caught myself and just put.it.down. And walked away.


M actually wrote a post on this very topic as he gets back into blogging and some other goals for himself and this topic was something we talked about a lot last week during our time together, focused on just us, those around us, and the breathtaking surroundings. Hitting the reset button.

Looking at our lives, the current season of our life, and taking a fresh look, resetting goals, refreshing our routines and focusing on simplicity. Harnessing that as much as possible (as hard as that is more often than I care to admit, even though it is what I want most – simplicity! balance!).

Part of that is letting go of feeling the need to be connected to everything and everyone so much. Paring that back. Focusing on those that matter, not broadening so much that it becomes quantity over quality. Focusing on those I love, the friends and family that mean the most, and not trying to be everything to everyone.

Part of that is looking at my routine – every aspect and reviving and rejuvinating it. Letting go of what doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme, that the house look perfectly neat allthetime, and realizing that sometimes letting go of that ‘need’ will mean less anxiety and less undue stress. (silly, I know, but it happens to me too much!) Looking at my fitness routine and going back to smarter, not harder, and staying at peace with food, harnessing mindfulness while eating, running and b9’ing ‘happy’ (if that makes sense!). And part of that is thinking about my next goal, and finding a smart way to weave it into my ‘refreshed’ routine. (because part of refreshing the routine means making room for the next goal…at least for me…without sacrificing balance).

I’m looking forward to resetting and rejunivating my life, my routine, my relationship with M, my sisters and my closest friends. It’s time.