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Some Friday lovin’ up in here!

It’s Friday (finally) and although it was a really great week, even with my work trip, traveling always makes the week pretty long and tiring, regardless. And given this particular weekend is staged for epic-ness, I can’t help but celebrate this day just a wee bit more than normal.

Soooo, some things I am lovin’ this Friday? Let’s discuss.

These sneakers I exchanged for the ones that just weren't a good fit. Ghost 4s! They've gotten me through several runs this week and so far, so good! My legs felt strong during my interval run in Chicago in particular. Could it be the breakthrough I needed?! #runchallenge ❤
Capturing a gorgeous sunset patio-side on Monday night for (early) date night in before my trip to Chicago, with M. ❤
Proof that anything grilled and any sauteed veggies atop wilted greens is a damn delish dinner (aforementioned date night dinner) ❤
The NEW barre n9ne location...snapped a pic before Tuesday's 7 am class that I taught. It's beautiful and 5 mins from my house! And I am teaching 3-4X a week starting Monday!!! ❤
Oatmeal goodness a la the Protein Bar Chicago with @amber4miles this week in Chicago. Dude. The place is DELISH and I wish there was one here!! (and for the record, Amber is AWESOME!)
My first solo dinner (full-on sit down meal, wine included!). Finally (wo)man'd up and ticked this off my travel bucket list this week. It felt damn good!!! and the food was utterly delish!
This man...who I cannot wait to surprise on Saturday with the most epic surprise party e-ver!!! ❤

Wow, like half of these are food related. Go figure 😉 I am so excited for the weekend ahead, it’s a little ridiculous! The barre n9ne grand opening is tomorrow and it is going to be phenomenal! My sis and I worked our PR chops a bit and scored some awesome giveaways and samples (I’ll share more details on this on Monday and perhaps a giveaway of my OWN too!!), there will be demo classes, food, drink and fun, fun, fun. I cannot wait to share some pictures and more on Monday!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!! And raise a glass on Saturday night to M, as we celebrate, will ya? 😉 *clink*

(more) things I’m loving Friday!

I’ve done a few of these ‘things I’m loving’ Friday posts and figured since I have a little collection of favorite things in my brain at present, I’d share them with ya. I always find these types of posts to give a great tidbit or two when I read others who have written similarly-themed posts! TGIF friends!!!!

(more) things I’m loving Friday!

  • my barre n9ne playlist for my next class teaching (Sunday at 4:30!!): here’s a sampling of fun tunage I plan to play: Bon, Bon/Pitbull, Turn up the Music/Chris Brown, Pass at Me f. Pitbull/Timbaland, Rockstar101/Rhianna (LOVE this one), Wild Ones/Flo Rida f. Sia, On the Dancefloor/David Guetta (f. will.i.am), Where Them Girls At f. Nicki Minaj/David Guetta, Flo Rida (sensing a theme here?!)
  • Sparkling water in a wine glass. Seriously, try it. It just tastes fancy. and tricks my eye into thinking it’s *really* wine on days I am not drinking actual wine (for a girl that talks a lot about wine, I swear I really only have it on weekends and one night during the week!)
  • Sleeping with the windows open and birds chirping. BEST way to wake up. Ever.
  • New sneakers!! Scored a great pair of Saucony ProGrid Ride 4s last night at a local running store (got fitted for high arches, helps I do believe!).  Which leads me to the next favorite thing…
  • an AWESOME run with my sis today!! We did 7 miles and I haven’t done 7 in almost a month, so while I was a little nervous at first (why, no idea, it’s my sister for goodness sakes!), we had a pretty near-perfect run and the sneakers felt great! (still riding a runner high as we speak)
  • Skinny cow ice cream…and even better? Banana ‘mock’ ice cream. My friend Steph made this concoction: frozen banana, couple of chocolate chips, tsp of peanut butter, blend together, voila! SO GOOD! I did half of that with half cup of vanilla ice cream last night and it was utter perfection.
  • Friends that ‘get’ me. I feel surrounded by those that care about me and that I care about back, both ‘IRL’ and virtually. Feeling supported and liked is such a great feeling to give and reciprocate, isn’t it? (had to end with one sappy one…hehe).
See? awesome #rundate pic! I'm on the right, FYI (lol)

On that note, I am off to finish off this workday strong and enjoy a fun-filled weekend, rounded out by teaching at barre n9ne…what could be better than that? Cheers!

A glimpse into my brain – it’s like a ping pong in there.

Today is one of those days where my mind is just going a mile a minute. I have a bunch of posts half-written, either in my head, or in draft form. I have a few topics I want to write about later this week that tie into anniversaries of certain things. I want to write. Yet, a bunch of half thought out topics doesn’t much for a blog post make.


I just give ya a glimpse into my brain. Because, quite honestly, it’s like a ping pong in there. Stuff flying all around. Dizzying, really.

But funny too.

So, take it or leave it, here’s what’s flitting through my brain at any given moment today (this girl wrote a fun one of these a few weeks ago…similar to that!).

  • I really need to buy more plain Chobani yogurt. Funny how it doesn’t taste as plain/tart as it used to. My palette is changing. Again.
  • Man, I’m traveling a lot soon. Second week of April (Chicago), second week of May (Atlanta), third week of May (Costa Mesa)…not to mention upcoming vacations. Oy? But fun?
  • OMG I can’t concentrate today. It’s so nice out. 
  • Why do I feel the need to use three different web browsers at any given time? (seriously, I think I have multi-tasking issues…)
  • This apple has been sitting on my desk for a week. Where did it come from? (wtf?)
  • OMG I can’t concentrate today. It’s so nice out.
  • I seriously check TweetDeck like every 5 minutes, but I don’t even read tweets every time. It’s like some weird tic or something.
  • I’ve decided lentils are my new favorite ‘bang ‘fer your buck’ food calorie- and flavor-wise. Um, yum.
  • I really need to stop looking at Pinterest during lunch, everything looks so damn good.
  • I wish I could swim. Maybe I’d be good at doing tri’s.
  • What am I thinking, I hate races, remember?
  • I have an online shopping addiction. Currently waiting for Bare Escentials, Victoria’s Secret (oh wait, that just arrived), The Limited orders to arrive in the mail. #beingbad
  • I need new sneakers. When can I go to an actual running store. Hmmph. Friday, maybe?
  • I just heard a golf ball being hit. That’s so awesome. (means windows are open and people are playing golf! in March!)
  • I don’t think I could ever *not* work from home. I am so productive.
  • OMG I can’t concentrate. It is so nice out (about that productivity…)
  • I can’t wait for date night in tonight. Oh and wine.
  • Srsly, this wordpress commenting issue needs to be fixed. I miss my bloggy friend comments :/
  • Do people really say “AIs” for action items? I just heard that on a call and wanted to gag. I hate office-speak.
  • OMG I can’t concentrate. It is so nice out.
  • Did you know Juicy Fruit now comes in sugar free in fun flavors? I think I’ve chewed like 20 pieces this week.
  • Man. My hip hurts. Must. Stretch. Want to run tomorrow.
  • UGH, my Outlook email now shows my heinous first-day-of-work picture in every email I send internally at work. Is it vain to ask to change it to a better one?
  • Look! A unicorn.
  • Okay, just kidding on that last one (it was actually a liger).

Re-reading this, I’m thinking it’s pretty lame, but honestly, this is where my brain is at. Ping pong. Ping pong. Tap, tap, tap. Feel free to read, laugh, make fun of me, or disregard. This is how my brain rolls, yo. And I felt like writing about it 😉

Happy winesday!!

No, I'm not drinking that right now...but I wish I was!


For some reason, it’s been a wicked long week (and I’m not even the one traveling this week!) filled with some anxiety, hecticness and overall grumpiness. So I am crawling towards today. Feeling burnt. Feeling drained.

Work has been insanely busy for the past few weeks, and I had a lot of meetings to drive to all over the state. Then we got a shitton of snow (shitton for March, that is!!), which made that even more hectic. I’ve been living, breathing, drinking all things barre n9ne training, training, song downloading, and trying to push away the anxiety and focus instead on the excitement that my first class is on Tuesday! And I’ve just felt like I’ve been running around and overscheduled and just generally anxious about it all. Leading to grumpiness. So anyway.

Soooo I am clearly thrilled that the week is (almost) over and it could always, ALWAYS be worse.  (most of what I am talking about here is all goodness, of course, but how I cope with stress is getting anxious and grumpy…poor M. Boyfriend of the year. Nothing ruffles the man, I swear!).

So I thought I’d end the week with a fun little post of how I’m winning today (but most of these…I’m really not. You’ll see. And laugh.)

Winning this week:

Sushi date with the fabulous Meaghan. Love this girl, swear we just ‘get’ each other. ❤

Three solid runs for the run challenge so far this week, one more tomorrow (even if today’s was a wee bit ‘off’ – refer to the below ‘not’ winning!).

Getting my haircut. Something about a little pampering always makes me happy.

Thisclose to booking a few days in December to Bahamas as M has a conference to go to. Free room, just pay flight? *twist my arm*

Making this super delish crockpot recipe last night (by googling the random stuff left in my fridge!).

Scoring a giveaway in the mail today from the beautiful Heather – tons of great freebies that I confess not to know how to use…tips??

Lots and lots of oatmeal. Duh. That’s just a given. ❤

Winning (NOT!) this week (and today, in particular!): 

Snow. Enough said.

Accidentally farting in my sleep. Yes, this is TMI…however. We all know how much I rail against ever letting bodily functions go in front of M. EVER. *mortified*

…followed closely by, clogging the toilet. Again (a couple weeks ago I did it, didn’t realize it, and M found it. *shudder*). Another TMI.

Wearing my running crops backwards for my run today. Um, awkwardness. And so uncomfortable.

how I felt with those pants on backwards - the second picture ;-P

(and yes, ladies and gents, all three of these happened just today! Winning on Friday…for sure.)

Snow. That deserves being said again. I mean really. It’s frickin March now peoples.


I am almost speechless how glad I am that Friday is here. I’m thinking this may be the common consensus this week, folks.

So tell me…what is making this a WINNING Friday for you? Or a WINNING (not!) Friday for you?? Hope you got a giggle…and enjoy your weekends, friends! Cheers!

11 randoms x3!

Lee tagged me (and Samantha, and Amanda too!) in this fun post on randomness and I figured I’d throw one together as well, because let’s face it, sometimes we get writer’s block and sometimes the most random posts are the best/most fun, right?

Here goes:

I hate introducing myself to people. Because no matter what, nobody ‘gets’ my first name on first mention. ‘Jillian?’ “Jolee?’ “Jilane?’ It starts to get embarrassing to keep correcting them. I have been known to just let it go after a few times, if I know I’ll never see them again (in an airplane, for example. introducing myself to my seatmate).

I dislike Coldplay. And any whiny band or singer. Adele is another. Absolutely cannot stand her music. In part because she is overplayed on the radio and because I want to jab a fork in my eye. Enough depressing lyrics!

I hate yoga. Even though I know I need to embrace it. It’s on my list. Somewhere (along with learning to swim).

(why are my randoms all hates today?!)

I met George Clooney. I think I’ve said that here before though. When he was filming the Perfect Storm in my hometown. He’s hot.

The split second before M came into the restaurant for our first date, I had this fear that he was going to be some really smooooooth operator. I have no idea why. I just had a fear that he wasn’t going to be what I was expecting. Thank God I was wrong 😉

My first kiss took 30 minutes to actually happen. I was 17. First boyfriend. I was afraid of kissing for fear of doing it wrong. And kept turning away until I got the nerve up (note: he knew this and wasn’t being forceeful, he was just trying to make me comfortable). I can remember every minute of that fear-laden 30 minutes!

My feet are size 8.5. I always wanted the cute shoes in the display that are size 6 and when I request them in my size, they look like boats. Not cool.

I hate talking on the phone. As in shooting the shit, chit-chat. I’ve just never liked it. Not one of those be on the phone for hours types. M isn’t either. Whew 😉

I have outgrown lactose intolerance. At least I think I have. And that is more exciting than…I dunno, quite a few things. I love cheese. And ice cream. Like whoa.

I say like whoa a lot. Clearly.

I cackle when I laugh. But only when something is REALLY funny. (I also laugh when I’m nervous)

The 11 randoms from Lee:

1. What was (or is) your major in college? Communications!
2. What is your favorite form of exercise? barre n9ne, hands down. (was thisclose to saying running, but I gotta hand it to b arre n9ne!)
3. What’s your guilty pleasure? wine. duh.
4. Do you tell people about your blog or is it sort of secret? quasi-secret. I won’t share it with coworkers or on Facebook, and my closest friends know of it, but I don’t go broadly with it. Most of what I write now isn’t *too* too personal, but some of it is, so I’d rather have a little control over who reads it freely.
5. What food do you hate? This question ALWAYS stumps me! Because I can never think of a food I hate (weird, right? What can I say, I *love* food). But let’s see…octopus would be up there. and I used to hate capers for no real reason (they seemed unecessary to me), but I think I’d like them now, my palatte is ever-changing.
6. What’s the last book that you read? Reading one now – Sister. VERY good.
7. Mac or PC? Mac! All the way!
8. If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would you go? Greece. Turks & Caicos, and Tahiti just cuz it sounds exotic (Hi, I just got back from Tahiti! <–how cool would that be to say?!)
9. What habit that you have would you like to change? doubting myself. and biting my cuticles.
10. What’s your favorite beverage (alcoholic or non)? wine. coffee.
11. What’s your go-to dinner when you don’t want to cook? sushi!!

The 11 from Samantha are:

  1. What is your #1 go to workout song? Sexy and You Know it – LMFAO!
  2. If you had to choose 3 foods to eat for the rest of your life (and nothing else) what would they be? cheese, chocolate and oatmeal. 
  3. If you were given an unlimited vacation budget – but it had to be used on ONE trip – where would you go and why? Italy. Because my family is from there and I know I could spend an entire month traveling up and down the coast and to Sicily…eating my way through the country, of course.
  4. What are you more afraid of: snakes or spiders? Spiders. Effing hate those suckers.
  5. Puppies or kitties? Do you have any? Kitties! I love my cats as if they were my children. Well, they are, just of the furbaby variety. 
  6. What dead rockstar would you bring back if you could? Hmm. First one that comes to mind is Left Eye from TLC…haha, though she’s not really a rockstar, but I really liked her!
  7. What is the most random thing you collect (or have collected?)? Um, nothing? I think collecting things just makes clutter. My ex-husband had a hideous (and huge) collection of Transformers. Enough said? 
  8. What one article of clothing (or accessory) do you have to wear every single day? I don’t really have any must-haves? Does a bra count? ;-P
  9. If you could only eat FRUITS or VEGGIES, but not both, which would you choose? FRUIT! I could eat fruit all day and all night. Love them all. 
  10. Beach or mountains? Why? Beach. Nothing better than the sand between your toes…and the sun beating down on your face. Ahh, bliss.
  11. What is your favorite band EVER? Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty. Hands down.
The 11 randoms from Amanda are: 
  1. What is your favorite TV show? Chopped! LOL.
  2. Skiiing: downhill, cross country or water (or all/none!) Water, if anything. I’ve never skied in my life, nor have any desire. I fear a broken bone and just never wanted to do it. I have water skied twice and would like to finally do it again this summer in Maine!
  3. Favorite season: winter, spring, summer or fall? Summer, hands down.
  4. Peanut butter or almond butter? Peanut. I love almond (and cashew!), but there’s nothing like peanut butter. I could eat it all day every day.
  5. Did you play sports in high school? Nope. Not a group sport talent in this body of mine!
  6. Who’s your favorite singer/band? Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty 😉 
  7. Country music: yay or nay? Meh. Some is okay, like Rascal Flatts a lot.
  8. What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks? straight up coffee. Or a soy misto. Nothing fancy necessary 😉 
  9. What is your current fitness goal? become barre n9ne certified of course 🙂
  10. What’s your favorite type of exercise? see above 😉 barre n9ne!!
  11. What’s your dream job? social media manager for lululemon. YES. (lol)

Questions for YOU to answer!

  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. How tall are you?
  3. How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had in your life?
  4. What is your favorite food?
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  6. Where are your top 3 destinations you’d like to travel to in your life?
  7. What color are your eyes?
  8. How did you find my blog?
  9. What was the first blog you ever read? OR Why did you start a blog (answer depending on which you are – a reader or a writer, or both!)
  10. iPhone? Droid? Blackberry?
  11. What errand do you hate the most? Or cleaning chore? (me? vacumming. Clearly).

TAGS! I’m gonna cheat and just make some hints suggestions on those I’d love to do this…that haven’t already! (hehe). Stephanie, StartingOverHeather, Shannon, IntrigueMe, Dorry and Lindsay!

Rules For Bloggers: (follow them if you want, but obviously, I took liberties with mine! Rules are meant to be broken, right?)

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people