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Kicking off 60 days…facing habits, learning new, and embracing it all.

Jess and I just had our first meeting with Tanya, from Barre N9Ne Studio to kick of our 60 day total body transformation (which will actually start Thursday, May 12 since I am traveling, and go through July 12) and honestly, my head is spinning.

About possibilities.

About facing habits and learning new.

About wrapping my head around an entirely new way of approaching my eating and workout habits.

And honestly, the best part? Sharing this all with my sister and knowing that this came at absolutely the best time for both of us, as there are many potential opportunities that come out of this 60 day challenge beyond physical improvements.

Like the chance to share this barre-style workout approach with all of you, throughout this journey.

Like explaining why things like lunges and squats may not be the best way to killer legs (this one is going to be tough for me to swallow but I am absolutely excited to be proven wrong!)

Like realizing that my eating habits may need some work. I’m great during the week but weekends do me in. I need to be consistent everyday, not just during the week (gulp).

Like realizing that I am going to be working out 4-5 times a week with Jess by my side, challenging ourselves with new workout styles and seeing improvements each week (I hope!)

And learning to take what we have experienced here and applying them to our lives after, as not so much of a complete 180 but juuust the right tweaks to make all that working out we do on a regular basis actually show up in the way our clothes fit and the way we feel.

(And for any of you that live closeby, email me or comment, as if you want to join any of these classes, there are some opportunities that are going to be a lot of fun. Like Saturday classes at the Wakefield Lake, outside! How fun!)

I truly believe you meet everyone for a reason and this is no different. This won’t end after 60 days, I’m pretty confident, but become something we participate in, and impart what we’ve learned with others. Making a difference. I am so excited, I can’t even properly convey it.

It’s gonna be a challenge.

It’s gonna be hard.

But it’s gonna be worth it.

Bring. It. On.

**And now back to the weekend** đŸ™‚