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Spreading the happy.

Sometimes I think it’s so easy to forget to “spread the happy.”

And it’s even easier to forget that sometimes we *d0* “spread the happy” without even realizing it.

…chatting with a barre n9ne client and they ask ‘so, how long have you been doing the 60-day challenge?’ and they ask for tips, and how to get ‘there’ to where *you* are.

(silently inspiring, simply leading by example)

…hearing from a friend that they’ve just broken up with their boyfriend of five years and though she is obviously very sad, “seeing how happy you are, after going through what you did, gives me confidence and faith that I will too.”

(paying it forward to someone else means incredibly much to me, because there are so many that inspired *me* when I most needed it, just seeing *their* happiness overflow in their ‘new normal.’)

…reaching out, with an email, a call, a text. To say hello. To ask ‘how are you?’ or ‘I miss you, how have you been?’

(handing a morsel of ‘happy’ at an unexpected moment)

All of these things…are ways we ‘spread the happy’ without even knowing it. Our experiences, our pasts, our challenges, our evolutions, our faith, our habits, our advice, our lives…can so much inspire and boost up one’s spirit ever so gently. The power of happy, and paying it forward is something that has become one of my own biggest joys. I love to ‘spread the happy’ because it not only makes *them* happy, it makes *me* happy too. And it’s just something I’ve been thinking about more and more lately. Perhaps it is because I am feeling so much happy around me, I just want it to spread and increase and motivate….for others.

So next time you brush off a compliment, an action, advice, a random email from a friend. Don’t. Pay it forward. 

Spread the happy.