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What takes three hours, a dash of the giggles and a hell of a lot of patience?

Building my home office desk today.

And I must say, M has patience of STEEL. Absolute STEEL.

No joke.

We got a late start, woke up late, ate breakfast late, worked out late, and were just getting around to building the desk around 1 (and decided we’d shower after the desk was built since a) we didn’t think it would take long and b) it would be kinda dirty to build on the floor).

And neither of us realized that it would take almost THREE hours to build the damn thing.

And M was on call today so his pager was legit going off every 10 minutes (and about 6 times throughout his workout), testing his nerves on top of our trying to build this damn desk.

I admit, my patience was thin and I was only the ‘fore(wo)man’ and he was building it. But I was antsy, and I felt bad it was taking so long, but he took it all in stride. Even when his pager would ring, and then we’d miss a step, or use the wrong part. He smiled, we laughed, and got through.

And the giggles helped, too.

Ever heard of ‘that’s what she said?”

Ya know, where you say something and it sounds unintentionally dirty?

“That’s what she said!”

So, that made us giggle, and have fun with it (screw it in harder…TWSS!) And the thing that made me laugh hardest? When M said “it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway” – if you haven’t heard it, google it, it’s hysterical (albeit kinda dirty).

What I loved most about today, was seeing that patience and his ability to focus, despite a lot of distractions, and it made me realize that a) I can learn SO much from him that way, and b) he’s really good under pressure and when things aren’t going his way. (again, something I can completely learn from).

And we really did have fun with it, and it looks great – check out the picture below – and with a little more organization, some fun touches (pictures and such), the corner of my bedroom will soon feel like my home office.

…and it’s the first Sunday in a long time that I don’t dread Monday morning. If that doesn’t say something about already loving my job, I don’t know what does (it truly makes life so much better when you can find a job you like. Adds to your life rather than detracts from it).

So, on that note, cheers friends! I’m going to rest my achin’ back, and enjoy the rest of the evening with M. Time well spent, methinks.