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Where our story continues…the SURPRISE!



Surprise!! 🙂 As some of you know from knowing me ‘in real life’ – you know that this past week, M and I got married. Secretly. Quietly. And 3000 miles away. In our mecca, Healdsburg, California. It was simple, it was quiet, it was amid the grapes, a few friends and each other and it was exactly as we would have ever wanted it. Perfection. Us. The last 10 days spent together has me relatively speechless, but I plan to document our day (his and hers perspectives!), our vows (which I, and M, both *barely* held it together for), and everything in between…the why, the how, the details.

But for now, just a taste, a picture. Us. Where our story continues…the SURPRISE ❤


On moving: the best journey leads us…home.


We feel at home here already, in so many ways.

We sat down – finally – on Monday night and looked around…pictures on the walls (some still waiting to be hung), two kitties snuggling on our new couch ottoman (the thing is ginormous and I love it!), and looked at each other, and just breathed. Almost an exhale of…we’re home. And it was the first time we had not a thing to do, at that very moment. No packing, no boxes to stare at, waiting to be filled. No logistics to line up. No electric, or cable or phone company to call to schedule installation. No paperwork to sign, fax, mail. Nothing.

Just to sit and….be.

And now, just about a week since we closed on our home, we *are* home. This IS home. I have been walking around grinning like a fool, and every time I walk into our kitchen, I think ‘holy crap, this is OUR kitchen? Are you sure we aren’t just on vacation and have to leave soon?!’. Every time I walk anywhere in the house and realize how far apart things are, how much space we have, I marvel. I think about how far we have come. I think about my first home, too, and how I thought *that* was home…and how very much home has never felt more right than ever. And I look at M’s face and I’ve never seen more pride and joy in his eyes. And he – close to tears – on moving night, happy, joyful, feeling blessed.  We are feeling blessed.

This home is our hearts and souls, our lives, our journey. Home is us. 

(and now…a few pictures…first floor and outside…)

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