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The boxes are mocking me.

I thought I’d write an ode to packing.

But then I thought ‘why do I want to dedicate an ode to something I hate doing?’

Regardless, I guess that’s what I am doing, isn’t it?

But while the boxes around me are indeed, mocking me, staring me down, and giving me hives (half joking) because it’s so damn messy around here (type A alert…), they are a means to a glorious end, now aren’t they?(wheee!) But those glorious ruminations are for another post, another day.

Today, let’s discuss packing. And what a freaking bitch it is to move. (especially given I have moved THREE times in THREE years now…)

I freaking hate packing. I almost hate packing more than I hate the actual act of moving all of the said boxes that likely weigh a shitton because I’ve jammed so much into them so as to have *less* boxes, into the moving truck, and then into the new apartment.

I hate packing kitchen stuff. I hate packing clothes. (no matter how neatly I try to do it, it’s never neat. And don’t even get me started on re-hanging everything after!). I hate packing, period. And since I started so early, I’ve been living in boxes for two weeks and still have to endure another week of staring at boxes as they mock me with their messiness, yucky cardboard smell and with minimal utensils, clothes, and other items readily usable. (what do you hate packing most?!)

The art of unpacking, however? A PRO. I intend to be completely unpacked the same day as we move. No, I’m not joking. That includes getting rid of all the boxes and having a beautiful, clean apartment all in one day. Complete with a soak in our brand new garden tub (yes, I realize I am a very lucky woman!).

And I intend to cap off the day with a glass (or eight) of wine, with my fabulous moving crew (consisting of M, my sister and my brother in law of course) and reveling in no more boxes mocking me.

See? totally mocking me. The view from my desk. Wimper.

But in the midst of all this packing hatred?

In 11 days, I will be moving in with M. Waking up and going to bed with an ‘I love you’ every single day.


(I guess I can handle mocking boxes for a little while longer, hmm?)


In one month.

In one month…

M and I move in together.

I don’t move in with him.  And he doesn’t move in with me.

We move in together. Anew.

I use that distinction because we purposely decided to move in together in a new location, without any preconceived memories, habits or ideas (like, this is ‘my’ place).

In one month…

We merge our habits, our daily lives, the good, the bad, and (hopefully not too much of) the ugly.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t worry just slightly about things like our different um, cleaning styles. I even mentioned it to M the other night, because I know that my style (neat and tidy, always, always, always) is clearly not his. He is much more lackadaisical about it, laid-back, doesn’t let it bother him. While I, on the other hand, pack the INSTANT I get home from a trip, I clean dishes the INSTANT they are dirty, and put clothes away the INSTANT they are out of the dryer. If I don’t, I get irritable and feel disorganized (hmm…perhaps I have an issue far more than he does!)

I think this may be one of our biggest challenges from the get-go but if that is our biggest challenge, then heck, I think we’re doing pretty good, right?

In one month…

I begin to live and work in the same place 24/7.

This sounds obvious. And it is. But the difference is, while living separately, being at home all day working gets broken up by nights I stay with M. I think this will be a transition for me in that I will rebuild the habit I wanted to begin when I first started this job…getting out during the day, going to Starbucks or the Library to work, taking mini-breaks during the day to get me out and about. I think that will become even more important as we live together. But, at the same time, I know I will be incredibly happy and content living in our new digs (I admit to looking at the web site every few days and smiling…this place is gorgeous, and I feel very lucky to live somewhat luxuriously for awhile, while STILL saving etc!), so it will also be a challenge to make myself LEAVE (at least at first, right?!).

In one month…

Most importantly, in one month, we begin the next phase of our relationship, where we learn more, dig deeper, communicate further and fall more and more in love.

I cannot describe just how thrilled I am to finally – FINALLY – found someone that fits me (and me him) as well as M, and this step feels utterly natural, just shy of the one-year anniversay since we met, on September 8, 2010.

Let the journey begin.

(and the packing…ergh.)


Scares me.

I practically have a love affair with routine.

I love routine. I love familiarity.

Change is neither of these things.

But change is also good.

It takes awhile to adjust to, and that adjustment period helps you grow, see new perspectives, understand yourself and others better. It’s open and new and full of possibility.

Change, for me right now is moving.

While I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing M every single day and learning to live together as a united couple, moving away from a city that I’ve lived in for nearly 6 years is admittedly daunting. It’s a place I have called home from my college days to the day I moved in to the house I purchased with my ex-husband, to the day I stepped out into my own apartment, to today. It holds a lot of memories. It’s less than 5 miles away from my sister Jess and about 15 from my mom.

Moving further away from what’s comfortable is scary.

But I think we’ve found a happy medium. A place only minutes from M’s place down the street (which is about 20 mins or so from my sister Jess, one of my caveats when I moved in with M was that we be within close driving distance to each other heh. He didn’t skip a beat, almost knew *that* was coming!!). It’s not official yet as there is another place that is about the same distance away that we’re looking at on Friday, but either way, I am moving from the town I’ve called home for so long.

And I’ve been grappling with that quite a bit, I won’t lie. I love where I live, the area is beautiful. Less than 5 miles to the beach, close to most of the things that I need, and just well, so familiar to me.  But one big thing missing from this city?


And striking a happy medium, a place that is not too far from where he works (still going to be somewhat of a commute but much more bearable than from my place now), but also close enough to my family. Sure, I won’t necessarily have a work from home gig forever, but that obviously factored in as well. No commute for me? More flexibility location-wise. Regardless of that, the location is still ideal for many of the places I could see myself working *if* I were to change jobs (big if, obviously, given I am clearly not going anywhere!) and a place where we can build a life together and save…hopefully for a house one day in the future.

The best part about this whole process is that we’ve really communicated honestly about what we both want, what our dealbreakers are and what we are willing to compromise on. It’s probably as honest as we’ve both ever been with each other, and at the end of the day what meant the most to me was that M said “honestly, wherever you are happy, I am happy. If you want to live even closer to your sister, I don’t mind driving further.” For him to say that – and fully mean it – meant the world to me. I was never going to intentionally suggest a place that was just too far, but knowing that if I really felt strongly about it, he would support that. Wow. Seriously?

So, yeah, that thing called change? I’m adjusting to it, as scary as it feels, it also feels like the beginnings of something even more beautiful than the last nine months have given us. It feels more real than ever, and I know the more I warm up to this change, the more I’m gonna like it.

Change…or routine.

What’s your love affair?