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2012…the highlights reel.

I almost didn’t write this post, because it is SO hard for me to wrap up a year that was truly one of the best years of my life, but I thought a fun post in ‘highlight reel’ fashion would be a fun way to recap some fun moments.

2012 in highlights:

 I unseated comfort zones, from work, to running, to becoming certified in barre n9ne

I traveled, traveled, traveled (to wine country, Mexico, and the Bahamas)

I experienced an unforgettable wedding

I lived the shit out of Maine, lakation-style

Met blog friends in Atlanta, Chicago Austin, AND Maine ‘bloggy meet-up’ style

I spent more time with my family and sisters, and the most beautiful niece in the world

And the biggest highlight of 2012 most certainly has to be when M asked me to marry him ❤

2012 is a year that I lived, loved, and played hard…a year I truly lived the shit out of. And 2013? I’m coming for you, like whoa. Happy New Year, friends, and thank you all for sharing this year with me, it’s truly been a blessed, gratitude-filled year. ❤


Things I’m loving…Friday edition

Sometimes I go on a kick where I have a bunch of stuff I’m totally loving…and lately, these are the things that have been kicking around in my brain (and my stomach, mostly, as you will see!). It’s Friday…what are you loving?! (besides a long weekend coming up that I didn’t even realize until two days ago that I had….woohoo!)

Things that I’m loving right now…

Enough said. ❤ oatmeal with PB and banana, love, love, love
I have no idea how I'm just figuring these out - add them to yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal etc, and you'll feel fuller longer. Totally works.
Big-ass salads of the spinach variety (this was with leftover filet from date night with M...sooo effin good).
Thought it wouldn't be strong enough for my tastebuds, but I actually LOVE the new Starbucks blonde roast! I also love a little bit of cinnamon to my coffee lately, so tasty!
Mild Weather! Check out that forecast. It's February in New England, people, it should be in the 20s, at best. I ran in 44 degree weather this morning at 7 am!
BOOKED! Mexico at the Playacar Palace in October for Shannon's wedding...cannot.wait.

And finally…I am loving my one-a-day- cat ‘saying’ calendar. today’s quote? “You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.” <–um, so true. See?


Happy weekend friends! I’ll be sorely missing out on this weekend, but will enjoy it virtually, hopefully with a fun little skype ‘clink’ this weekend. Cheers friends, enjoy it!