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Rest your mind, soothe your soul.

Though I continue to feel as though I struggle with mental mind games, ridding myself of the guilt prison and easing up on the rush-rush-rush of life, at the same time, I know I am thisclose to that breakthrough that I am craving. Freeing myself of the need to overcomplicate my day, week, and season, going with the less-is-more approach to all things social life, family life, and home life, and, almost, if not more importantly, that same approach to my workouts, my eats, and my ‘fit life’ generally.

It’s easy to overdo it in the workout department when I love what I do, what I teach, and all things runtasticness. 

But when you step back and make each ‘me’ moment count, you realize less-is-more is actually far more effective than jamming in too much. I continue to learn this and strive for this and think I am finally finding my ‘happy place’ balance of the best of both – doing and resting.

It’s easy to get into the excitement of the season and try to jam in too much to each day, week, and month.

But it’s far more worth it to sometimes say no (Lindsay says it so well here!), reset and focus on priorities and those that matter most – even when sometimes those that matter most is yourself! I am working on this balance, and helping those around me who also fall into this yes-itis habit to step back, think, then say yes or no whatever it may be that’s on their plate.

It’s easy to get up-in-my-head about myself and comparision-itis sets in.

But when I step back and see how far I have come, how inspired I am and can be to others, I realize the mental mind games aren’t worth it, they aren’t productive and they are self-defeating.

And when I read things like this beautiful devotional from Holley Gerth, it all comes full circle. I need to rest my mind far more than I do. It makes me feel chaotic, and anxious, and more busy than I actually am, and not nearly as balanced as I strive to feel and be.


Less is more. And it is utterly soothing for the soul. (the below from my ‘angel’ Lindsay – the most perfect words that I just can’t quite put into words as well as she does here).



Applying ‘what I learned’ in wine country…and conquering myself.

I was hoping I would come home from wine country and say I fully applied ‘what I learned‘, but I honestly came home and felt like I had failed.

All day I beat myself up. I swore I looked in the mirror and felt like I had gained weight. I rehashed what I ate and drank while away and felt like I could have done better.

Could I have? You betcha.

But did I fail? Not at all.

While there were times where I ate a handful of lime tostitos (for example) when I didn’t first think ‘do I need to eat these?’ I didn’t gorge myself. I didn’t get that ‘full’ feeling when I used to overeat. I just ate things – at times – that I haven’t had in awhile and that made me feel as though I was ‘cheating’ when in all honesty, our meals were pretty spread out (not often getting to lunch between wineries…led to one fast track to semi-drunkenness one afternoon, hehe! Woops!) and our meal choices were healthy and fresh. Sure, I probably drank ate more calories than I have been since starting the challenge, but if I really look back, I don’t think it was *as* bad as I was making it be in my head.

At the core of it, my goal was to maintain balance (check), look at food as fuel (honestly? I looked at food as a way to balance some of the wine tastings too, so as to avoid said semi-drunkness episodes! The tastings aren’t huge, but after a few of them? They add up to a few glasses!)), and plan ahead. I think my success lied in maintaining balance but also enjoying some indulgence…like a few pieces of cheese (cheese made in the heart of the Russian River Valley? Passing that up would have been sin!).

I think what this trip taught me most about what I have learned is that…I’m still learning. And I am still not ‘over’ my mental/body image issues. Not by a long shot. I so quickly dove right back into that feeling of negativity and self-doubt and self-hate that I have worked so hard to move past. To me, that was where I failed. That was where I needed to remember what I have learned and not regress back to bad habits. And this is where I actually need to maintain balance more than I am and to stop obsessing over little things that in the grand scheme, really aren’t the end of the world. I’d rather have lived and enjoyed my life than worried that I was eating and drinking the wrong things every day. I need to work on that. I really do.

And when I read Tina‘s post this morning, it really struck a chord with me…because she is one of the bloggers I admire so much in her lifestyle – she knows balance, she applies it each and every day and in very large part because she has been there…far worse than I ever have. The mental mind game is a cruel thing and getting past it is a life changer. She reminded me that I can ‘conquer myself’ but really, only I can do that.

(side note: sorry this post is completely meandering, I have a lot in my brain today)