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Simplify your life.

Ever look around and think that somehow, life has gotten more complex, too busy and far too complicated?

I’m working hard on one of my ‘year of 32’ manifestos. Simplifying my life.

And what have I realized so far?

I’ve realized that being over-scheduled is far worse than having no plans.

I’ve realized that sometimes friendships blend into acquaintances…and that’s okay.

I’ve realized that this ‘friendship evolution’ means more time for the ones who truly care and who you truly care about.

I’ve realized that taking a step back, looking around and finding ways to pare back makes me happier than trying to fit it all in.

I’ve realized that one focused goal are better than five broad ones.

I’ve realized that drinking water is the better than water jazzed up with mystery ingredients that I cannot pronounce (and sparkling water feels ‘fancy!’)

I’ve realized that meals with 5 ingredients or less are almost always far more satisfying than complex ones.

I’ve realized that overthinking clutters my brain, messes with my mood and distracts me. The opposite? Frees me.

I’ve realized that running can be just that. Running. Nothing more. Not scary. Not a struggle. Simply a challenge. 

And I’ve realized that most importantly…less is always more.

What would you do to simplify your life?

The year of 32 manifesto.

**I’ve been hanging on to this post idea for quite awhile and what better way to look at the ‘year of 32’ than to create my manifesto for it? Thanks to my lovely friend over at cattails.me for this one. Her manifesto blew me out of the water. It’s beautiful!**

Dear Me:

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Let it propel you. In life, career, physical challenges. Use the fear to DO, not stagnate. This means learn to swim, kick that breathing-when-running problem, take a public speaking class and while you’re at it, go to a couple of social media conferences too. And with M? Don’t hide from the fear of the unknown, go out on a limb, explore each other, this is your chance to break out of that fear, too.

Stop worrying about what you cannot control and focus on what you can change, instead. Especially at work, when there is a lot you cannot change or control, just do your job and do it well, it’ll pay dividends. Step up your game where you can, and take initiative.

Stop thinking so much, and let your natural reaction take over once in awhile. This happens a lot in all areas of your life. Take running, for example. You think way too damn much. Just focus on one foot in front of the other, use the muscles in your legs to propel you forward, rather than use your breathing to exert you. It will take time. But know that it will happen.

Be patient, this isn’t a race. What you accomplish is on your timeline, not anyone else’s. Slow down, think first, react second. (but don’t overthink!) This isn’t ‘agency life’ anymore where you constantly have to do 5 things simultaneously. Focus on doing one thing great, not five things ‘okay.’

Stop comparing yourself, focus on you and you alone. This is a must. It is not healthy, it is not productive and it serves no purpose other than to tear yourself down mentally. See aforementioned ‘this isn’t a race’ – this is YOUR life, you are only ‘competing’ with you. Let’s keep it that way.

Choose your battles and invest in what matters to you, don’t keep a hand in everything because you feel obligated. This means not overbooking yourself, spreading yourself too thin among friends, family, M and yes, even yourself. Invest and prioritize on the things that are most important to you and add in the other plans, activities, must-do’s in where they fit, not where you feel you ‘should’ do them.

Be a good friend and conversely, keep only good friends in return in your company. There’s no sense stretching yourself across 25 different people when there may only be 5 of them that really matter to you. Don’t feel so obligated to do it all. Because when you do that, you end up neglecting those 5 friends the most.

Make time for you. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that is time for you. Carve out an hour to read a book or sit and reflect. Even if M is home. Even if there are blogs you want to read or a show you want to watch. Reflect.

Maintain balance…but not for sake of balance. There’s a difference. You know it. Remember it.

Don’t worry so much about money, you can’t take it with you. And that’s just the honest truth. Pay your bills, save where you can, and that house you want? It’ll be yours, eventually. Enjoy the digs you have, they’re pretty fab, aren’t they?

Smile more, worry less. This goes along with the whole overthinking and patience thing too.

Own your mind, body and soul, be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Period.

What’s on your manifesto? This was a really helpful one for me to really think about and dig into as I move ahead into the next year (and phase) of my life. I seriously encourage you all to give it a try (and read my favorite manifesto believe, love every word!). 


Have a wonderful weekend, friends. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the rest of ‘jobo and M’s birthday weekend celebration’ before heading off to Costa Mesa on Sunday. Cheers!