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A fun lesson in stepping back and letting go.

Last week, I found myself going into ‘nitpicky’ mode over a few type A peeves of mine with M. Leaving his belt on the bed. Every.single.night. when he gets home from work. Leaving the little tag from his dry cleaned shirt on the floor, and his socks balled up ON THE BUREAU, to name a few (hee), and it would put me into a sour mood for a stupid reason and it would snowball a bit from there. I was mad at myself for getting irritated, as it’s not the biggest deal for *me* to just pick them up, but once in awhile, I just feel like I am constantly walking around and picking up after what hurricane M has left behind 😉

On Saturday morning, after I got home from my b9 classes, M hugged me and sighed and said “I feel like we haven’t been ourselves lately. And I want to fix that.”

And it made me realize that I was a huge part of why we weren’t ourselves last week and not entirely connected. Silly reasons. Valid frustrations, sure, but legit problems? No. Not a chance.

So, I stepped back, and I told him I was sorry for being nitpicky and grumpy and naggy all week and I wanted to make the day better, and take a fresh perspective and outlook. Just breathe, shake it off, and move forward. Because, let’s face it, I have an amazing husband (and yes, he too, has an amazing wife, just sayin. hee), we have built an amazing life together, and there is no sense nitpicking the week away.

Beyond the nitpicking, I also notice that I have been far too controlling in what we make for dinner, how we decide what to have and what we make on date nights, particularly (date night in, our specialty!). So I issued a challenge that would be far ‘harder’ for me than it would be for M.

I tasked M with making ME dinner from start to finish, and I was not allowed to meddle, to clean around him, to tell him to cook ‘neater’ (yes, yes, I do actually say that…LOL), and just roll with it. And next weekend, I would do the SAME for him. A fun challenge, if you ask me, and a way to appreciate each other. M tagged pictures on instagram as #wifeappreciation dinner and I shall do the same next weekend. As much as I thought it would be hard to be in the dark, to stay out of the kitchen, and trust that whatever he would make would not only be tasty, but would also not break the caloric bank 😉

It turned into a lesson for me of taking a step back, releasing control, and embracing M for who is he – perhaps a messy cook, but a damn good one at that, and a man that truly DOES appreciate me, that does love and support me, and that may toss his socks and belt aside, but in the grand scheme, doesn’t matter in the slightest. And it turned into one of our most connected evenings together of late, and a needed one at that.

Sometimes releasing control and stepping back is far more valuable than I ever thought it would be.

Perfectly imperfect, and always learning and embracing.

For real this time.

That secret?

That house news?

Well, friends, it’s for REAL this time!!

Today, we signed the purchase and sale on what will become our new home!!!

After a ‘false start’ as I call it now – and a huge lesson in hindsight is 20/20, this home, we feel, is truly meant to be ours. It has everything we could possibly imagine and more. It’s almost 1000 MORE square feet than the last home we ‘thought’ was ours, it has FOUR bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an office (and one of the bedrooms is already floored for a workout space with shock resistant flooring – um hi, do these people KNOW us or what?!). It has a yard, it has a killer kitchen, it really and truly has it all.

And we close on May 30 and move on June 1.

Things are truly falling into place, more than you could ever know. This timing is incredibly perfect for us, as we walk forward, hand in hand, towards the next stage in our lives together.

Feeling incredibly blessed.



On mini-vacations, flavored with mindfulness.

So, M and I went to the Bahamas on Saturday and got back last night. I didn’t share much about it here before we left because a) life felt like a bit of a blur leading into our trip (in all good ways of course!) and b) I thought I’d instead share a little recap of it afterwards instead.

We booked this trip before our trip to Mexico as it was for a medical conference M was attending and I just so happen to be able to go basically free of charge, and who am I to turn down an offer like that? #twistmyarm. However, as we were still somewhat on the heels of our trip to Mexico, and I am on the heels of a trip to California and Austin for work (next Monday – Thursday – talk about a blur of a month already!), I went into this trip with a mental gauge towards mindfulness and for this to be somewhat of an ‘active/working’ mini-vacation.

Not to say I went into my trip to Mexico with a ‘throw caution to the wind’ eat and drink my face off, but I did go into that week somewhat with a mindset of rest and rejuvenation  Not much in the way of workouts, more along the lines of walks on the beach and well, rejuvenation. It was exactly what my body needed, especially as I fended off a cold at the same time. But this trip, especially so close to another week of travel and un-routine, I went into it with a bit more structure. I worked out 3 of the 4 days (and loved every minute of it!). I brought breakfast with me vs. relying on whatever was in the resort, allowing me to plan ahead for dinner and any afternoon drinks I may consume.  That approach also worked SO well for me anyway, as M was at the conference from 8-1, leaving me to my own devices aka workout, Starbucks and energy bar by the pool until he joined me at 1 😉

What was most amazing to me about this trip was truly how mindful I have become.

Stop eating when I am satisfied…not full.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

Being active makes me happy…but active rest days do too.

I recall trips of years past (again, not comparing to Mexico because I also felt mindful then too!) where I would eat and drink and eat and drink and come home feeling the need to ‘detox’ while on this trip? I came home feeling good. Healthy, not ‘heavy’ and bloated. I was amazed at how much my body just ‘knows’ its limits and number, and how I am becoming even more self-aware and mindful of my eats, and my limits. (akin to what my sis posted about last week) And I know more than ever with this attitude and mindset, I will go into next week’s work travels feeling confident that while I will have to brace un-routine, I will ‘pass’ with flying colors. Because this is my lifestyle, no end game in sight, and happily so.


And now that I’ve waxed poetic, here are some pictures from our trip. We talked. A lot. About marriage. About kids. About honeymoon ideas. About life. Our goals. Our careers. And at the same time, we talked about nothing at all and just gazed at each other. Read our books next to each other at the pool, holding hands. Joking. Laughing. And I realize that my sense of humor is starting to meld with his…and I can ‘play’ with his ‘over the line’ ridiculously funny humor more than I thought I could 😉 hehe.

Us...us and more us?
Us…us and more us?


It was incredibly weird, but SO cool to hear Christmas music and see Christmas trees while in the tropics!
It was incredibly weird, but SO cool to hear Christmas music and see Christmas trees while in the tropics!


Views were incredible.
Views were incredible.


Being goofy with snotty wine faces at Mesa ;-)
Being goofy with snotty wine faces at Mesa 😉

The best years of my life.

**I *know* I said I probably wouldn’t blog about M much anymore, but I just feel compelled…for obvious reasons.**

Two years ago (tomorrow), I met M, for the very first time, on our first date.

Two years later? I am absolutely certain these have been the best two years of my life. 

My life…amplified.

Because I finally found the man that was ‘handmade‘ just for me.

Because our love has grown exponentially in this past year alone, let alone the last two.

Because I look at the letter I wrote him last year, and can name off so many more reasons why I love him. Deeper, stronger…forever.

Because this year of living together (that just passed!) has proven that we can argue, nitpick, annoy, frustrate and love each other all in the same breathe. (and still love each other!)

Because he makes me laugh harder than anyone can, because he makes me swoon with just a word, a gesture, a smile, and a kiss.

Because he can put up with me when I go into ‘princess mode.’

And most of all….because he is my sherpa.

I go into this weekend feeling blessed, loved from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, and so full of gratitude. Love…is worth the winding road, no matter how you get there, or how many times it takes to get it ‘just right.’ Cheers, friends.


(almost) wordless weekend (in pictures).

Ever have one of those weekends that is a blank slate? Completely unplanned and yet, everything is just so perfect? This is one of those weekends. Couldn’t have happened at a better time…the day before my first work trip of 2012.

So, I capture it here, an (almost) wordless weekend (in pictures).

Friday night peace...glass of wine, fire going, kitty bellies in the air 😉
A near-perfect 7 mile run with M on Saturday. 50 degree weather and 60 by mid-day. Bliss.
A dinner of simplicity - homemade Greek salads with shrimp, and cheese and olives for an app...
...followed by one of our stockpiled wine country picks (Dry Creek Vineyards Meritage. De-lish)....
Random Target purchase of the day - the Game of LIFE! This was seriously a blast to play...another game on tap for this evening 😉
Sunday reading as M watches football...more bliss...
One sleepy kitty by my head (literally, she is laying right by my head as I read)
Another sleepy kitty curled up on the bed...


...and two happily content people, sapping every minute out of this weekend together ❤

‘Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today…” words I read in my book today and one of my favorite quotes.

Sit. Be. Enjoy the rest of your weekends, friends. I know I will be.