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The journey…six years later.

**I’ve been ruminating on this post for a few days. Stops and starts. It may not flow, but it’s what’s in my brain, stream of conscious**
Six years ago, I got married. October 21, 2007.
Yet it feels *so* much longer than six years.
My life then to my life now? Is simply unrecognizable. While dates that used to bear significance to ‘that’ life used to hit me more, with time, they become duller and duller and now, just a memory of a lifetime that has passed.
But what doesn’t become dull is rejoicing in where I am today, vs. where I was then. In embracing my journey. In realizing that every step I took, every decision I made, was made with intent, and was made with empowerment and choice.
I shaped this life. Me. Nobody else. I went for what I wanted, I changed and evolved and became the me I am today for nobody else but myself.
And that is something I will cherish and embrace forever.
And it is something that is always within me, this drive for more, bigger, better. Truthfully, this drive sometimes causes me angst, unrest, and restlessness. The want for more, always and my ongoing journey towards simplifying, doing more by doing less, and being content with being perfectly imperfect.
And I circle back to my beginnings, which I define as the day I started my journey alone, independently, for the first time in my life, back in 2008, just about this time of year…which is probably why I am thinking so much about my beginnings lately. Late October has felt like the ‘bewitching’ time of year for me (and truthfully, no pun intended), conjuring up the juxtaposition between then and now and it humbles me. It brings me back to that drive, that motivation and that want for the best, always. In everything I do, every step I take, every barre n9ne class I teach, every press release I write, every action I take in all walks of life, from my marriage, to my job, to my passion (b9, of course!).
Which brings me to this…some more beautiful and striking words from Jeff Goins, a writer that strikes what I am thinking just right…in the below, and generally, in any of the blogs and articles I’ve read from him lately (see my post on the Slow Down Challenge here).
When we embrace the journey and don’t just live for the destination, we discover a deeper life.
And this. Take a read of these…and I am pretty sure one, if not all of these, will resonate. To the next six years, beyond and further. To the journey.

10 lessons we learn from journeys

Journeys are important — both physical ones as well as figurative ones. They help remind us that we are not done yet, that life itself is a trip that we can make the most of or completely miss the point.So here are 10 brief lessons I learned from my trip. Maybe they’ll help you on whatever journey you’re taking:
  1. No journey is perfect. Take one, anyway. You will grow regardless.
  2. The destination is never quite what we expect. But without one, we wander aimlessly. So having a final arrival point is important if for no other reason than it gets you started.
  3. Only when we let go of what we think we deserve can we really enjoy what we have.
  4. Inspiration is everywhere. You just need eyes to see it. Yes, even in cornfields.
  5. The hard part isn’t getting from point A to B. It’s paying attention to what’s around you before you miss it.
  6. A journey is less meaningful when traveled alone. We need community to make the most of all experiences, even if that means finding it along the way.
  7. Art helps us process. A good book or great record not only helps pass the time; it gives language to an experience you might otherwise not be able to describe.
  8. Gratitude makes any experience better. It’s easy to want to be home or some place else but we have no control over that. Turns out all we can control is our attitude. So why not be thankful?
  9. The best journeys have a purpose. But expect to be surprised and even see that purpose change.
  10. If you accomplish nothing, see nothing, even feel nothing, take heart. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve changed. And this is reason enough to continue traveling.



Quietly contemplative. 

About my (fitness) journey and feeling on the cusp of change and growth..as I face PT for my bum knee (that – side note – plays mind games with me because it feels a-ok all the time…except when I run, making me think it’s not injured. #mindgameslikewhoa), knowing I may be on a bit of a hiatus from running and what that’ll mean when I can get back to it. How can I head into it stronger? How can I use this time wisely, to cross train, to strengthen, and, begrudginly, to rest. In a way, it excites me to think of facing running stronger and more focused than ever. I have some ideas on how I envision it, and how I plan to make that a reality. Stronger, better, happier running? Yes, please.

Quietly confident. 

As I gazed in the mirror during a fabulous day o’ beauty with my sis Jess, and I looked at the jeans I was wearing (in the smallest size I’ve ever worn) and in a tank that I used to shy away from, more fitted, less forgiving, I smiled quietly to myself. It feels good to well, feel good. 

As I faced an evening where there would be some ‘trigger’ foods or environment where I might fear overdoing it. Yet, I didn’t. I felt good, satisfied, and not stuffed.

As I walk into the barre n9ne studio, among my fellow instructors for a photo shoot (pictures to come! can’t wait to share some!), where comparision-itis could set in…yet, didn’t. Because I realized – we all have our strengths. We are unique in our own ways. Don’t wish for something you aren’t or won’t be, embrace who you are, instead.

As I realize I don’t need to shout it from the rooftops or be front and center. I don’t need attention. I am just…quietly confident. It suits me. It is who I am. 

Quietly inspired(ing). 

By my family, by my sisters, by M. They inspire me each and every day. With an act, a statement, or something they are going through.

And inspiring…in my own way. Without even realizing it. And when I finally do? Inspired right back, by paying it forward, in this happy, fit life.

I’m feeling quiet today…but in the most inspired, contemplative and confident way. Not sure how else to explain it, but it’s just a good feeling. It’s BEing. Really and truly.

Happy Sunday, friends. Cheers.


Routine redefined.

“Slow down and enjoy the journey”

The words of Joel Osteen that (once again) are putting some shape to my thoughts on redefining routine for myself in 2011.

Judging from the bevy of comments on this post, I take away some things that I want to take into consideration to redefine my routine for 2011, since we all know it will change completely come January 3 (hello new job!), in particular.

…routine doesn’t have to mean regimented.

…life doesn’t give a shit about my routine, so sometimes it’s *okay* to let life happen.

…letting go of routine doesn’t mean loss of stability or control (and what’s wrong with letting some of that go sometimes, too?)

…I can have my routine and let M in too. Doesn’t mean I have to let go of one, to have the other. It’s about embracing each other’s routine and adapting.

…prioritize the most important parts of routine and let go of the rest sometimes. Doesn’t mean all or nothing.

…life is short, don’t take for granted those in your life in favor of routine (this goes back to ‘life doesn’t give a shit about my routine’).

…and finally? wipe the routine slate clean, it’s a new year, let’s start fresh.

I couldn’t agree more or thank you all for your varying degrees of some similar themes. I can’t take for granted what I have in favor of routine…it’s okay to slow down sometimes and just enjoy it, rather than worrying about that missed workout or cleaning the house, or whatever it may be.

Routine? Well, I’ll still have it, but it’ll just need some redefining in spots. And that’s okay.


Life is going to fly into high gear come January 3, as I fly out to Costa Mesa for a week of training and orientation at my new job, and I just need to realize that my life is going to look completely different than it has in the last few years (hell, the last 8 1/2 work-wise!) and I need to be okay with that.

It’s going to be scary.

It’s going to be exhilerating.

It’s going to be lonely, at times (but hopefully not too bad if I can meet up with friends like Erika, Lil Devil Mama and Misty!).

It’s going to be hard.

But it’s going to be worth it because it’s taking me out of my comfort zone and into a new challenge.

Routine, be damned. (whether I like it or not!).

Bring it.