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Things I am loving lately…

**Some of the things that flitted through my mind at the airport yesterday, waiting for my flight to Orange County, where I’ll be until Wednesday…hopefully a trip that will fly so I can be homeward bound yet again**

…the look in M’s eyes when he tells me I am beautiful. (and the feeling in my heart when it skips a beat).

…running with shorts on outside for perhaps one of the last times until spring (and a) thinking wow, my legs look pretty darn good actually! and b) I breathe *way* better in warm weather…)

…wine. And how much I wish it was calorie-less 😉

…when my cats snuggle…with M (and completely bypass MY empty lap right next to him. Warms my heart my how much they completely adore him too.).

…wearing my favorite summer dress for – again – probably the last time until summer (or a tropical vacation to Mexico this winter…).

…iPhone tethering. Seriously, why didn’t I figure out this capability months ago? Wifi anywhere (like the airport!) free of charge.

…getting the cutest pics EVER of my niece from my sister at just the minute I need a pick me up (case in point, below! seriously, so.effing.cute. And  I gave her that dress, for the record!).

…old ‘Friends’ episodes (caught up during my flight!)…and also realizing they are my age now in those episodes, and thinking they were so much *older* than me when I first watched that show…wow, how time flies (and also loving how close that circle of friends was, and realizing I have a similar circle of friends, and loving that!).

…the look on M’s face when he opened his birthday gifts, one of which was a custom-made Ralph Lauren Polo shirt to replace the one he lost in Vegas. It had sentimental value, as it was the first shirt he bought in a small after he lost 60+ lbs. He couldn’t believe I did that and he wore it all evening at dinner with his parents with pride (I think he told the story about three times!).

What are *you* loving lately?

Isabel’s birthday…in pictures.

The sisters 🙂


Waking from her pre-party nap, check out that bed head!


In her super duper cute chair from Auntie Jess, chewing on her birthday card from me 😉


And this...is my Dad. Yep.


a moment with Isabel, before the party started, she was so playful and fun. her skin looks so smooth and perfect here!


Riding her super snazzy bike from her super snazzy auntie (me!)


Isabel with her beautiful mama...my sister!


I was DETERMINED to get a pic with my niece, no matter what (every time I tried, she was fussy. This one, well, yeah, she was blowing a raspberry, but still so freakin cute!)


...and a pic of M and me, of course 🙂

Today, was, well…perfect. Isabel was filled with spunk, she had tons of energy and she is growing into a beautiful little toddler. I was so proud to be there, spend time with her and with my sisters and family. Cheers to the first year of a beautiful life. My beautiful Isabel! (and ps – check out my guest blog on ‘what Isabel has taught me‘ on Melissa’s ‘sensational selves’ series…perfectly timed for today, I must say! Thank you!)


An open letter to my niece…one year (almost!) later.

Look. At. That. Face!

To my beautiful niece, Isabel Ann:

A year ago (almost…Sunday!), when you were born, I wrote you a letter. About how I would love you and cherish you and spend time with you and be the best auntie I could ever be.

And a year later? I don’t think I realized how much I could love you as much as I do. How much I look forward to our visits, and how much I love to kiss your cheek, play with you and spoil you rotten. And I don’t think I realized how much you would be the tie that unites us. Our family. Our sisterhood (with your mom, of course!). And how much you’d help me grow as a woman…because you’ve made me realize that I would love to be a mom one day. Just like my sister is…and if I can be even half the mom she is one day, I call that success, because your mom, well, she’s pretty incredible.

In this next year, my beautiful niece? I can’t wait to see you walk, run, and even learn to ride a bike. I can’t wait for you to say my name (however massacred it comes out at first!), and laugh, and joke, and grow that little personality of yours. I can’t wait for you to say ‘I love you’ and hug and cuddle and yes, even temper tantrum. I can’t wait to paint your little fingernails and go for a walk to get ice cream, or apple picking, or strawberry picking, or swimming in the lake next summer.

On Sunday, one year later, I can’t wait to see you. And our family. And celebrate ‘what a difference a year makes.’

I love you Isabel, now and always.


Auntie jobo


Cheers to that friends, I feel blessed. I feel happy. I feel content.  I cannot wait to celebrate the beauty of a year into the life of my niece, carrying on the name and spirit of my beautiful Nonna, and the light that will carry her on forever.

As she grows, we can play. Just *look* at that face. Seriously?!


What it’s like to be a triplet: my perspective.

This is the third and final in my mini-series on what it’s like to be a triplet. I purposely did not read my sisters’ entries until I wrote my own, because I love to read our perspectives individually without ‘tainting’ my own perspective before I put it to paper (and not surprisingly,  our perspectives almost always align…I guess it’s a sister thang!).

When I think about what it’s like to be a triplet, I try to think of it from the perspective of someone who is NOT a triplet or who does NOT have siblings.

But I can’t.

Because if I wasn’t a triplet, sharing my life with my two sisters, I wouldn’t know who I am.

I am who I am because of my sisters, because of who we are when we are together, and even who we are when we are not together.

As we’ve grown up, our family has become more dispersed and less close, as a result. It’s made me realize that my sisters are my family more than anything else. More than just siblings, they are my support, my best friends and my confidants. There are times where I can gain so much perspective from both of them on different topics in a way that I never saw before, that surprise me to this day.

For example. When I took this job in January, I knew there would be a lot of travel, a lot of time where I’d be on my own. My sister Jen reminded me that our lives have paralleled in that way, because she had to face the same realities when she went to Univ. of Florida for her master’s degree. She lives alone for several years in Florida, far, far away from home. She traveled home quite a bit, but this was a time of test for her, where she really had to rely on herself to get through. She reminded me of this when I was really starting to struggle with this the first few months of my job. It made me see her in a different light, suddenly. She became my mentor, in a way, understanding, in very few words, exactly what I was feeling. It gave me a new sense of closeness to her and respect.

Another example? When I was going through divorce, I stayed at my sister Jess’s place overnight quite often. It was a special time for us and a time where I became even closer to my brother in law, Scott. But it was also a time where I learned so much from seeing my sister’s marriage in action. Their marriage was, and still is, my ideal for what marriage should look like. And as I’ve embarked on this journey of love myself, with M, I have learned so much from Jess and all that she has learned in seven years of marriage. It’s helped me better communicate with M, realize that little ‘fights’ aren’t bad, and that we should make relationship investments. The best part of this for me is that if I thought I was learning a lot after I got divorced watching my sister’s marriage in action, I am learning even more now that I am in my own relationship with M. She has helped push me where I need to be pushed and realize that communication makes or breaks a relationship.

I appreciate and love my sisters more than I ever though possible. We laugh, we have random conversations, we support and we love each other. Best friends. Sisters. There’s truly nothing like it and no way else to describe it except for…if I wasn’t a triplet, I wouldn’t know who I am.


In closing, I wanted to share a few pictures of us with our beautiful niece Isabel, who as I have said many times before here, has truly united us together closer than ever, from the day she was born. I love looking back at these pictures, our first moments holding her, to some of today. She’s sprouting into an almost-one-year old before our very eyes.

I fell in love with Isabel the minute I held her, meeting her for the very first time.
Jess fell in love with her too, in that moment, look at her beaming smile!
As she grows, we can play. Just *look* at that face. Seriously?!
I love this picture so much for the quiet moment it depicts...she's a water baby just like her beautiful mama!

I hope you enjoyed this series, and each of our unique perspectives. It was so much fun to write and read each other’s posts and see the evolution of our sisterhood now, at 31, and how strong we are together.

Things that make me happy today.

Things that are making me happy today…

…kissing my niece’s head this morning as I went for a quick visit (but near-tears when she cried as she has her first cold. Sniffly baby makes sad auntie!). I love that girl, like whoa.

…looking at the weather forecast in Jamaica (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s like, 6 weeks away!).

…impromptu lunch with my sis Jess as she worked from home today (since we never get to see much of each other during the week anymore vs. the 40 hours a week before!)

…feeling longer doing Core Fusion this morning. Yes, longer. Taller. Whatever. Same thing, right? 😉

…the weekend ahead. Sure, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, technically, but as I really do consider that a Hallmark holiday, I am thrilled to concoct a romantic meal at home tomorrow with M and bask in the us that we are becoming.

…having a kick-ass week at work this week. Got a lot accomplished, finally feeling more settled in, and having some big-rock social media moments. *Go me…go me…go me.”

…not feeling *too* anxious about next week’s trip to Costa Mesa. I’m finally getting the hang of this.

…NO snow this week! Sure, there’s about 3 feet of it on the ground, but at least we didn’t get any major storms. First week since, oh, I dunno, October? 😉

…the fact that it might hit 40 degrees tomorrow. Whipping out those flip flops fo sho! (okay, so that’s a stretch, but hey, at least I won’t need 12 layers!)

…my Hop Kiln wine shipment!! You must try this wine, it is de-lish (and puts a smile on my face as visiting that vineyard was one of my favorite memories from the best vaca ever!).

…a clean house. ‘Nuf said.

Now, can we please get this weekend started? I’m getting antsy. Happy weekend all and as always, cheers. *clink*