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Could it really be?

Five years, (almost) since my journey truly began?

One that was born out of divorce, that brought me to the here and now?

As I thought about what  I wanted to post today for a barre n9ne studio instagram challenge we are doing (#b9thinkspring – 7 days of photos, from favorite pre-workout snack, to spring accessory, to someone that inspires you, to something you are thankful for), there was no question about it: I give thanks for my life, this life, the one I am living each and every day, the life I have lived  as true to self as I ever have, since that day in October 2008 where my (now) ex-husband told me he wanted a divorce.

Five years. Just about five years ago?

I have no words. Just this quote, which pretty much sums it up.


Happy weekend friends…I hope you are thankful too, for wherever you are in life, for wherever it has brought you, for who you are, as a result. Be inspired.


The barre n9ne journey that just keeps getting better.

I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t say how I love the barre n9ne studio, family, community, clients, approach, workouts or our team of instructors.

It’s a journey that just keeps getting better. And just keeps getting bigger. And one where I keep finding ways to pay it forward, spread the (barre) joy, and keep sharing, sharing, sharing. Quietly inspiring, even. (my most favorite way to inspire, I might add).

This is why I am so thrilled to share my barre n9ne instructor spotlight that posted today. Writing this just flowed naturally, every word.  And it brought me back to the nearly TWO years since this journey started and I continue to be floored by it, and amazed at God’s blessings and leading me down this path, one that has truly been life changing in so so many ways.

So I leave with you my spotlight, take a read, if you would 😉 and a few fabulous sneak peeks at some of the barre n9ne photo shoot pictures. They are just fabulous!!!

Holiday traditions anew.

Last Christmas, our first Christmas living together, we cobbled together our decorations from our past (those I’d purchased at random when I lived alone, on my little “Charlie Brown”-esque Christmas tree, his from the first Christmas we were together, that I forced him to buy, so he’d have a tree decorated at his apartment) and put up a half-leaning tree (we discovered we lost one of the legs to the stand of his, in the move, so thus it leaned, half-haphazardly against the wall, so klassy) and a random assortment of decorations. Needless to say, it looked okay, but not well-put together and was just enough to get us through the holiday with a little glitter and festivity.

This year, I decided we needed to start anew. Start from scratch. Buy a bigger, better tree (not the lame tree we accidentally purchased…), buy coordinating ornaments, and a few

personal ones. And, almost most importantly, new stockings that we could hang from our mantle (I ALWAYS wanted to have a mantle to do that, it just looks so pretty!). So, last night, on our mid-week date night in, we put together our newer, bigger, and better tree (that M so kindly got exchanged at Target, despite not having a receipt!), placed our new coordinating ornaments up (silver, white and blue), and a few fun ones, including a glittery ‘2012’ and a couple of martini glasses (I am still on the hunt for a couple of wine glass ornaments, those are a must!), and – begrudgingly – placed the scary looking Nutcracker M insisted on buying, on our countertop.

After, there we sat…we listened to Christmas music, we drank some wine, watched the fire glow from the fireplace, and everything looked so…perfect. Sparkly, glowing, warm, and festive. We talked about our marriage plans, we talked about BEING married. And just sat there….settled.

Holiday traditions anew…and it feels like the culmination of a magical year for me, for him, and for us together. Feeling incredibly blessed.


On any given run (with M).

On any given run (with M) inspired by one of my best runs in quite a long time (fitting given yesterday’s post, huh?). One of those could-run-forever runs. One of those, wow-my-legs-feel-awesome runs. One of those BUNNY SIGHTING runs! (given we live in ‘squirrel-ville <–M’s technical term for it – this was a rare, beautiful, fluffy, wanna-pat-it sighting!)

On any given run (with M)…

…he’ll probably hop like a gazelle over a branch or a curb and I’ll give him the ‘show-off’ evil-eye-glare (when really, I love that he runs so happy. I need to take a page from his book!)

…he’ll stop if I need to catch my breathe, but he’ll keep me going and push me when I want him to (and sometimes, even when I don’t).

…he may blame a fart on a duck quack (note: we don’t live near any ducks…#justsayin).

…he’ll sing songs, or make up a song, like ‘running with a backpack on….oooh oooh, running with a backpack on…’ <-backpack is code for ‘gotta go to the bathroom ifyaknowwhatimean (TMI alert!)

…he’ll make me laugh when I might struggle, recite the pledge of allegiance (complete with hand over heart), or just about anything to make me laugh and focus less.

…he’ll slow down to my pace when he starts creeping past me too far (even if I have to remind him sometimes)…and sometimes, I’ll attempt to race HIM at the end of our run (he loves that. Not.)

…he’ll ‘people watch’ and start looking to the left or the right at a house or a yard or whatever it may be and get so distracted that he almost twists his ankle. True story. Happens far too frequently, and he’s definitely rolled his ankle before this way! (I swear, he’s an 8 year-old boy at heart sometimes! So curious!)

…he’ll point out the houses he wants to buy, and we’ll daydream about our yard, and our porch, and having a drink on the patio (mind you, these houses are million dollar+ homes…as if *that’s* affordable…but that’s what daydreaming is for, right?!)

…he’ll run next to me and slide his hand over my butt and pretend he’s not copping a feel, just ‘pushing me along’ (smooth move, Paco).

…he’ll always run with me. Even if he was planning to go to the gym. My ever-loyal running partner that he is.

And no matter what? He runs happy. He runs with me. He runs for me more often than not (before we met, he wasn’t a runner, more of a walk/runner). He’s bloomed into a strong, speedy, happy runner before my eyes and I truly think he’s a natural. And I’m lucky enough to have him as my running partner, and my partner in life. What could be better than that? 

Happy weekend friends, make it a good one. Cheers!

My truths.

I tucked away this idea after reading Dorry’s post on Truths. I have some I’d like to share and encourage you to do the same…what are your truths right now? What do you stand behind now more than you ever did? What truths are you working towards accomplishing?

Being alone does not mean being lonely. For me, there is a separation. I learned this through my divorce (read my guest post here on Divorced Before 30 and let me know what you think!). I challenge you: get comfortable with being alone. You’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Compare yourself to nobody but yourself. Focus on who you ARE, and not who you are NOT. Clearly, I believe this more than ever, and while each day is a struggle *not* to compare myself, it’s something I know I can conquer. It is one of my biggest truths to live up to right now.


Running isn’t supposed to be easy…that’s why I run. (and about a million more reasons why, too!). There’s no better feeling than after a run, no matter how tired I might feel at the outset, I always feel accomplished after a good run, a bad run, and every run in between. I run because it’s hard, and because I can.


In order to grow, life requires leaps…of faith, confidence, and motivation to be more. I don’t think this could resonate any more than it does right now. As I look at the leaps I have made in my life. Stepping on that plane a year ago to a job that I wanted, but was scared shitless of going after. But I did. And I am closing out the year feeling better than I ever have about a job, more challenged than I ever have felt and the word that *least* describes how I feel? Stagnant. The kiss of death in growth, something I never want to reach again.   The same holds true for the love in my life…I took that leap of faith when I met M, to open myself up to love – and possibly, hurt and pain – but that’s what love is about…taking the leap of faith in hopes of finding the one you’re meant to be with. Take that leap, it’s always worth it.


What are your truths? What do you strive for? Share it, I would love to hear it. 


Happy weekend friends, hope it’s a fabulous one. I am looking forward to a mixture of sister/mom/niece time spent mani/pedi-ing (our annual holiday tradition!), date night and holiday parties. Cheers.