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12 utterly useless facts about me Friday.

This is a blatant rip-off of Ali’s post today – it made me laugh so hard, I just had to write one myself 😉 Some random and utterly useless facts about me on this fine FEF!

I seriously KEEP watching this video and laugh hysterically EVERY time. I first saw it at the gym yesterday and laughed like a fool while on the ‘mill (speed walking, mind you, not running, even though I wanted to!!), then again with M, as I showed him after the gym, then re-laughed at it IMing portions of it back and forth with Jess, and then AGAIN laughed at it with M as we were drifting off to sleep.

On that note, ever start laughing at something completely ridiculous and not even that funny, yet you find it utterly hilarious and can’t even stop laughing to explain why you are laughing? Happens to me far too often. Bonus points if it happens with my sisters, and we each know what we are laughing at by our facial gestures and guffaw and arm motions, but can’t spit the words out. Sister intuition 😉

I HATE when the sheets aren’t tucked in on the bed. Don’t even get me started if the bottom of the sheets and comforter slide off the bed in any form or fashion. I will get up at 2 am and retuck the sheets. (before M and I moved in together, his bed was always a shitshow and I literally had to make his bed before I could sleep in it. LOL)

I hate when people whistle. M whistles and it is one thing that irritates me. Yet he’s actually a really good whistler. Nice and strong. LOL. But I still hate it.

I hate when I can’t type for sh*t. Like, every third word is mispelled because I am typing too fast, or the words are typed with random spaces, lik ethis. OMG it drives me batty, yet I can’t stop myself from typing slowe rso it doesn’t happe nagain. Gah! 😉

I LOVE using QTips. It feels so good. Yes, I’m weird. And yes I know I’m not supposed to clean my ears with them. But, pray tell, what ARE you supposed to use them for, then??

I also love rubbing my eyes. But can only do that when my contacts are out, and then, game on, I can rub my eyes for a solid 5 minutes and it feels *almost* as good as using QTips.

I can’t swim. But we kinda knew this already.

I have a cleaning ritual. I clean our apartment top to bottom once a week (with mini cleanings throughout the week, of course). I ALWAYS start and end the same way. I can’t start in the middle, and I can’t skip a step, except juuuust one. Wrapping the chord around the vacuum when I am done (I know I have mentioned this before!). I abhor it. Almost always time it so M is still home and he can do it for me, or else I do it begrudgingly. Because Lord knows I couldn’t LEAVE the vacuum out all day.

I hate when my work email has a scroll bar. I file my emails as soon as I am done with whatever task is in said email. When I have a scrollbar, I have FAR too many things to do, and my goal each week is to shut down my computer with *no* scrollbar in my email. Yes, this is extremely type A.

I HATE lingering food smells. As in, the failed attempt at crab bisque M made last night that stunk up our apartment and lingered all night and this morning until aforementioned cleaning ritual commenced. Drives me absolutely bonkers. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night and smell…crab? Gag. I legit tell M not to make fish when I am not home because he never turns the fan on to ventilate if I am not home 😉 #obsessmuch

I love house hunting…and it reminds me of the game the Sims. Just me? No? LOL. But truly, I do love looking at houses and dreaming up how it would look if I lived there. And – nice segue – M and I are looking at houses this weekend! I am sooooooo excited. We truly can’t move till at least June, with our lease, but it never hurts to start a smidge early, right?! 😉

So what about you…anything random you feel like sharing? I’m looking forward to a fantastic weekend, filled with house hunting, a night out with a hot man (it’s M, just so we’re clear – LOL), Sunday Funday AND teaching my very first barre n9ne intensive (1 hr 15 mins of pure sweatastic awesomeness!!!). Happy weekend friends!!