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Of summer bucket lists.

As it *finally* feels like summer around these New England parts, and as today sort of officially (unofficially?) kicks off summer festivities in full swing, I thought I’d kick off my summer bucket list. I was remiss in posting one last summer and opted for a ‘backwards’ bucket list after the best summer I have ever had (hands down), and thought I’d capture a few thoughts on things I’d like to accomplish this summer (interspersed with some things I am already planning).

(how else am I going to live up to the best summer of all time, after all?)

  1. Go to an outdoor concert. I don’t even care who it is, but I’d love to go to a summer concert. Last fall, M and I went to see Rascal Flatts on one of the last mild evenings (late September, if I recall correctly, one of our first dates!) and I remember thinking how euphoric it felt, to be watching an amazing performance as sun set, arms around M, and warm summer air flitting about.
  2. Maine, Maine and more Maine. I went to Maine a lot last summer (for those of you that don’t know, my family has a cabin up there and my grandparents own a house on the same property. it’s on a lake that is as clear and clean as the ocean, a jetski and a boat. can’t go wrong in my book!) and I am going to squeeze in as many long weekends as possible this summer. Bliss.
  3. Dine ‘al fresco’ as often as possible. On my patio. In Maine. At any favorite hangout. (cue the Barking Crab this evening!). ‘Nuf said.
  4. Go to the Cape. M is hell-bent on getting me to Cape Cod (Hyannis area) this summer. I have only been to the Cape once (yes, I know, to those that live locally, that sounds weird, but given I have a fantastic place in Maine, why bother with the Cape!) but I think a weekend there with him and friends would be so much fun.
  5. Run a half marathon. August 14. Game. ON!
  6. Go to the beach…at least 15 times. (I’ve already gone 4 times, this should be cake, no?)
  7. Stomp grapes. (A friend of mine found a local winery that does grape stomping and since it won’t be harvest quite yet in wine country this fall when we go for our wine country vaca three-peat, this sounds like a blast!).
  8. Take a walk. Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t ever just ‘go for a walk.’ I run. I workout. I don’t ‘just’ take a walk. Sounds so simple, but I just want to do that more on warm summer evenings.
  9. Go blueberry picking (strawberry picking – check! Did that a few weeks ago!). In Maine. Best blueberries ever.
  10.  Roll down a hill. Without fear of spiders, tickets or, yes, getting dirty (this one courtesy of my sis, hehe). Oh, to be 12, again.

I feel like I could go on and on. And this list doesn’t even include things like continuing my barre n9ne challenge journey, rectifying my self-image issues (would be nice to kick those to the curb by summer’s end!), or, um, MOVING!

(nor does it include my newfound goal of getting ‘freshly pressed’ – courtesy of seeing one CBG scoring the honor earlier this week. Now I’ve somehow fixated on just how to make it happen. Yes, I’ve googled, researched, and am armed and ready! Haha.)

Happy holiday weekend (and Canada Day to my Canadian friends!) everyone. Be safe, be merry, and enjoy it – like whoa – will ya? Cheers.

So, about that trip to Vegas…

As you know, I was planning to go to Vegas with M in late June while he’s there for a conference. But, as we neared booking flights for me, the prices were still creeping up, none of my bloggy friends could make it after all (sad face) and it turned out M wouldn’t have as much time as I thought outside of conference time.

So, last night, we talked about it. I was honestly worried he’d take offense to my not going with him, since we’ve been planning on it for awhile. I thought he might think it was selfish for me to want to stay home, when we always say it would be great if we could be with each other when we’re traveling, even if it’s for work. (when in reality, it’s usually pretty difficult to balance work ‘stuff’ with fun ‘stuff’ on these sorts of trips, I realize more and more!)

But I think he was honestly relieved, in a way. I told him I also worried that he would feel guilty being in conference sessions all day while I was alone (oh woe is me, sitting by the pool, how atrocious <-sarcasm/quip!). He shook his head (because I *do* know him so well and he was thinking the exact thing!).

So we opted to nix the Vegas trip (though he’ll still be going and I gotta be honest, it’s gonna suck to be the one ‘left behind’ this time! I’m going to miss him even more than when I’m the one that has to leave! Touche, I guess? 😉 )

…then, this morning, in chatting with my boss (interim), it turns out K may not be returning until mid-late June now, from maternity leave, for a few reasons. And then he asked if I ever bring M with me when I fly out for the week in California. I told him that no, I have not, but that he has never even been to the West Coast, so I would like to at some point.

His response? Bring him with you when you come in early June. I think it’s important for him to see where you work, who you work with when you are here. Book the flights, we’ll take care of it.

Um, wow.


I’ve had a huge grin on my face all day. (even battling a migraine for half the day) M is super excited to come out, I am super excited to share it with him, and actually ENJOY my time out there for a long weekend (and a day off!) and introduce him to bloggy friends in the area (in the works Erika, and hmm…Misty??).

Perhaps some runs on the beach…and some lounging on the beach?

Perhaps Disneyland (because why not, right?)?

Perhaps a wine tasting or three?

Perhaps sighseeing through Newport Beach and Huntington Beach?

Yes, please, to all of the above.

(and any and all suggestions welcome! if you’re in the area, let me know!)