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On being at peace with food.

Yesterday, it hit me.

I am finally at peace with food. 

No emotional tie or ‘pull’ 24/7 towards more, more, more.

No food as happiness, but food as fuel (it can still be fun, though!)

No ‘fighting’ the log, in terms of calorie counting (yes, I still count, but I also allow for life to happen and sometimes that means loosely tracking and being mindful).

No deprivation.

No wishing I could eat this or that. Because I can eat this or that. I can eat anything I want, truly, as long as it is balanced by the rest of my eats for the day.

And that has become my magic bullet for success. Combined with the barre n9ne 60-day challenge, joining the barre n9ne family and running, I am reaching that state where I am at peace. With food. With my body. With my approach to health.

No comparisons. No numbers. No fixating

Peace. Peace. Peace.

As I wrote in my 60-day challenge retrospective, there is no end game. This. Is. My. Life. And it couldn’t feel more right, more focused, more fun and more balanced. It’s amazing what being at peace with food can bring, truly. Harnessing mindfulness in this crucial area has completely spilled over into other areas of my life and while I am still working on that mindful balancing act in overplanning etc., having a strong foundation in all things food has really been key for me.

So, if you find yourself struggling with want, want, want, and more, more,  more, take a step back, think about it and ask yourself “why?” And the more you do that, the more you listen to your body’s cues on what will fuel and satisfy you. It takes time (a LOT of time!), patience and determination, but once you reach that pinnacle, it’s like a lightbulb flicks on and it becomes intuitive.

Being at peace with food is so much more than ‘just’ food. It’s simply…peaceful.

Food as fuel.

Food as fuel.

This is one of the biggest things I am learning about during this 60 day challenge and one that is helping me break free from what my equating food to joy. Pinpointing that I have developed this attachment has been extremely eye-opening because I didn’t think my love for food went beyond what I was considering normal love for food.

And while loving food may be normal and we should embrace the food that we eat and enjoy it, it shouldn’t equate joy. It should just be part of it.

I’m not saying that I’m only happy when I am eating. What I am saying is that I was looking at the premise of cutting back in some areas of my diet as deprivationthe antithesis of joy.

But what I have found is that you can enjoy food – in moderation – but look at it as fuel for the body and for all that I do, not as something I should look forward to, necessarily, as enjoyment (aka gorging on baked cheetos endlessly, hypothetically speaking, of course…).

And when I look at food as fuel, I STILL enjoy it!

Look at that…amazing, right?? Seriously though, in the past, when I was trying to ‘count points’ (a la weight watchers) or any other diets that feel restrictive (low carb etc), I hated it. I felt stressed, deprived and like I could never enjoy anything without cutting back in other areas to an extreme. But now, even though I am sticking to my ‘number’ I don’t feel restricted, I feel nourished and satisfied and have even found a way to enjoy some wine on the weekends (my one fear was that I’d have to cut it completely from my eating, but I think that fear was partially because I had conditioned myself to think wine = bad when honestly, it’s low in calories (5 ounces is actually a pretty good pour, I have realized)).

My readjustment to my way of eating now is well, an adjustment. Sure. It means planning ahead when I eat out. It means eating out less (which is fine by me!). It means being focused and making sure portions are correct. But it’s been a lot less hard than I thought. A lot less stressful than I thought. And a hell of a lot more rewarding than I thought.

And just in case you didn’t believe me…here’s a sample of what I eat in a day (my meals for today!)


Cottage cheese with blueberries

Light raisin english muffin with organic crunchy peanut butter (YUM)


handful of nuts


Egg salad (a la Lindsay’s DIVINE recipe!!) on a low carb wrap

Side of carrots and special K ‘cracker chips” <–these are so tasty! just got them, 110 cals and they are pretty simple, not much filler so to speak.



Chobani Pineapple (YUM) with blueberries on top


Grilled boneless pork chop

stir fried kale (ahem, Lindsay, hehe), zucchini and leaks over Trader Joe’s gnocchi.


MORE watermelon or a Dove ‘promise’ <-haven’t decided yet. Game day decision tonight!

See? Not so bad, right?? Tons of goodies in there if you ask me 😉

So…food as fuel. What do you think?

Doesn’t it make so much sense to look at food this way as it takes away the cravings aspect of it…at least a little bit? It does for me, and honestly, it’s a freeing feeling. Weird maybe, but true (for me!).