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Some Friday #littlethings I’m lovin’…in pics!

I’m still digging these random Friday posts, so let’s have at it again, shall we? I decided to pick a few #littlethings I’m lovin’ this Friday, per my post earlier this week. Enough of this can’t-wait-ing’ syndrome, let’s enjoy the small things that make the world go round, right?

Changed up the running route this morning meeting my friend Steph for a #rundate at a lake a few towns over. This was the view this morning. Was a phenomenal run and though I had in my head 7, we did 5ish and I'm at peace with that. Good run outweighs miles. Post on that for next week...
I've been coming up with loaded salad concoctions like a champ of late. This one's got sprouts, cooked yellow beans, yellow tomatoes, mini peppers, chia and a few pieces of turkey rolled up with laughing cow. Mighty scrumptious this week.
My "Lentil Tuesday" kick continues. Made this for sister dinner with Jess, spicy lentil, kale and sweet potatoes! SO yum. (if you've seen my pinterest boards, they are filled with lentils, oatmeal and more lentils of late!)
Got my haircut this week! Choppy layers, sunkissed highlights and a few more bangs. Occurred to me that I haven't had layers in ages and forget how to style them. Playing around with them today, choppier/flippier. Cute. (M loved it)
I am in dire need of some niece hugs and kisses! Good thing M and I are hosting Easter on Sunday with the fam and grandparents (who haven't seen our place yet!). ❤

Just a smattering of things I’m lovin’ this week (and this GOOD Friday, to be exact!). What about you? Any #littlethings that made your week just a little bit better?  Cheers friends, have a wonderful weekend and Easter (if you celebrate).



Some Friday musings.

I’m kinda digging my random Friday posts…things I’m loving, random stuff I love and the like and rather than post the third in my ‘on marriage’ series (which I am loving writing and so glad others are finding it useful!), I figured I’d post a little of this, and a little of that. A la Friday musings (because thoughts sounds boring, musings sounds…artistic? Or something).

I *think* I am finally succumbing to some yoga. <–like how I make it all uber-dramatic? Because I kinda hate yoga (but that’s entirely because I am the least flexible person on the planet. You can bounce a ball off my hip flexors, they are so tight. Okay, that’s a weird image, but I think it gets the point across!).  I think on off-running days (or days that I don’t run AND go to barre n9ne), I am finally going to experiment with some yoga on-demand and maybe purchase a DVD or two. Suggestions welcome. Please. Is there anything like ‘yoga for runners’ out there? (note to self: google this.)

Related: As much as I hate dreadmill runs after some fantastic prematurely warm weather the last two weeks, I’m pretty sure I embraced it this week. 5 miler Tuesday (intervals), 5 miler yesterday and 7 miler today. To get through these runs, though, I’ve decided I must channel my barre n9ne class in my head to pass the time. I literally ‘teach’ a class in my head to each song and the time goes much quicker. Hey, whatever works, right? (and side note: I think back-loading my runs is not the greatest for me. Last two weeks, I ran Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday…by Saturday, my legs are screaming. Time to rejigger my workout plan for next week, methinks)

Writing my ‘on marriage’ series has quelled my overthinking mind. Just sitting down and really thinking about WHAT it means to me and what I want it to look like and why I am feeling such a pull towards it is making me understand so much more. I debate about sharing them with M. Perhaps just talking to him about my thoughts of late. We’ll see.

M’s dissertation is thisclose…and I am thinking of throwing him a surprise party! I have NEVER thrown a surprise party before so I am a little nervous, but think it could be epic. And he deserves it so much. I am just so proud of him. Mums the word, mmk?!

I have been embracing new recipes of late, thanks to Pinterest, and am LOVING my creations! Things I’ve made lately? These almond chia muffins (used chocolate Muscle Milk Lite instead and it was super tasty!), these oatmeal bars (M said these are his favorite!!), and a new lentil concoction (making my streak for lentil recipes three Tuesdays in a row!) from a few recipes I saw that included butternut squash, kale, lentils, fresh tomatoes and shrimp. SO good. The more I explore, the more I dig. Yumtastic and REAL FOOD!

I have a day devoted to M and me tomorrow and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Post rundate/barre n9ne method tomorrow morning, the rest of the day is devoted to M and me. We are going to a long-awaiting massage (part of M’s Christmas gift!), we’re going to hit up a wine tasting and go to one of our favorite French restaurants, Brassiere 28, near where we live. Sometimes you just need those ‘us’ days, ya know? This is one of them (followed by a self-declared lazy Sunday! Rest day and relaxation!!)

There ya have it…some Friday musings. Well this turned out pretty well, I must say ;-P Happy weekend friends, make it a good one! Cheers!

A glimpse into my brain – it’s like a ping pong in there.

Today is one of those days where my mind is just going a mile a minute. I have a bunch of posts half-written, either in my head, or in draft form. I have a few topics I want to write about later this week that tie into anniversaries of certain things. I want to write. Yet, a bunch of half thought out topics doesn’t much for a blog post make.


I just give ya a glimpse into my brain. Because, quite honestly, it’s like a ping pong in there. Stuff flying all around. Dizzying, really.

But funny too.

So, take it or leave it, here’s what’s flitting through my brain at any given moment today (this girl wrote a fun one of these a few weeks ago…similar to that!).

  • I really need to buy more plain Chobani yogurt. Funny how it doesn’t taste as plain/tart as it used to. My palette is changing. Again.
  • Man, I’m traveling a lot soon. Second week of April (Chicago), second week of May (Atlanta), third week of May (Costa Mesa)…not to mention upcoming vacations. Oy? But fun?
  • OMG I can’t concentrate today. It’s so nice out. 
  • Why do I feel the need to use three different web browsers at any given time? (seriously, I think I have multi-tasking issues…)
  • This apple has been sitting on my desk for a week. Where did it come from? (wtf?)
  • OMG I can’t concentrate today. It’s so nice out.
  • I seriously check TweetDeck like every 5 minutes, but I don’t even read tweets every time. It’s like some weird tic or something.
  • I’ve decided lentils are my new favorite ‘bang ‘fer your buck’ food calorie- and flavor-wise. Um, yum.
  • I really need to stop looking at Pinterest during lunch, everything looks so damn good.
  • I wish I could swim. Maybe I’d be good at doing tri’s.
  • What am I thinking, I hate races, remember?
  • I have an online shopping addiction. Currently waiting for Bare Escentials, Victoria’s Secret (oh wait, that just arrived), The Limited orders to arrive in the mail. #beingbad
  • I need new sneakers. When can I go to an actual running store. Hmmph. Friday, maybe?
  • I just heard a golf ball being hit. That’s so awesome. (means windows are open and people are playing golf! in March!)
  • I don’t think I could ever *not* work from home. I am so productive.
  • OMG I can’t concentrate. It is so nice out (about that productivity…)
  • I can’t wait for date night in tonight. Oh and wine.
  • Srsly, this wordpress commenting issue needs to be fixed. I miss my bloggy friend comments :/
  • Do people really say “AIs” for action items? I just heard that on a call and wanted to gag. I hate office-speak.
  • OMG I can’t concentrate. It is so nice out.
  • Did you know Juicy Fruit now comes in sugar free in fun flavors? I think I’ve chewed like 20 pieces this week.
  • Man. My hip hurts. Must. Stretch. Want to run tomorrow.
  • UGH, my Outlook email now shows my heinous first-day-of-work picture in every email I send internally at work. Is it vain to ask to change it to a better one?
  • Look! A unicorn.
  • Okay, just kidding on that last one (it was actually a liger).

Re-reading this, I’m thinking it’s pretty lame, but honestly, this is where my brain is at. Ping pong. Ping pong. Tap, tap, tap. Feel free to read, laugh, make fun of me, or disregard. This is how my brain rolls, yo. And I felt like writing about it 😉

Happy winesday!!

No, I'm not drinking that right now...but I wish I was!

Embracing – and loving – wholesome foods, like whoa.

One of my biggest priorities in my budget spreadsheet (yes, spreadsheet…something my sister brilliantly concocted and it has truly gotten me back on track, she should patent it!) is food. And not ‘eating out’ food, but my weekly grocery shopping trip. M always teases me about the fact that I must go to the store each and every week and spend a fair chunk of money in the process. He calls me a stockpiler (I take pride in that! hehe!). My cart is chock full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lots of Chobani, cottage cheese, Laughing Cow, Baby Bell Light and lean meats and seafood. Rarely do I buy processed foods (if I get crackers, it’s for when we have company and I usually go for Kashi or another whole grain brand), or if I do, it’s for M (Doritos!) or a box of cake mix to make lowfat cupcakes (made with 1 can of pumpkin and nothing else…so tasty!)

And I don’t say this because I am bragging about how ‘good’ I eat. I say this because eating wholesome foods is so damn delicious. This IS my splurge. I look forward to my huge bowl of oatmeal in the morning (obsessed, as you know), and to concocting the perfect ‘loaded’ salad or testing out a new recipe from a fabulous blog friend or two. I feel satisfied, I feel nourished and I actually do feel like I am splurging. If you’ve ever melted some peanut butter and dipped fruit in it? Holy cow, that is GOOD.

For me, it goes back to something Tanya at barre n9ne has said – make peace with food. Enjoy it. Attach a memory to it. Enjoy the atmosphere around you, and don’t focus solely on the food itself. That makes a good meal or food choice or a splurge (a homemade chocolate chip cookie, for example), completely worth it. To eat them daily, it loses its ‘aura’ in a sense, but to go for it when you are REALLLLLLY craving it? Absolutely warranted.

I am probably rambling, but I just feel so strongly about this, because I am finding myself getting to that place where I may not feel as compelled to log my food daily. And to use ‘log-less’ days not as days to go overboard, but to test myself and what I’ve learned in the past 10 months. I feel content with what I eat. I feel happy with a good meal that is tasty and filling.

And when I wake up in the morning and get this excited for food? I call that embracing – and loving – wholesome foods like whoa. This is what I wrote on my Facebook page and I meant every word 😉

I am ridiculously excited for all of my meals today. Weird? Perhaps. But oatmeal goodness for breakfast (drool…), loaded beet salad for lunch and more of the absolutely delish warm lentil salad with goat cheese I made last night for dinner? Bliss. And yes, I just recapped my planned meals for the day. What of it?

I mean, check out these concoctions! Damn good. I am literally so excited for my meals today. And I know they will fuel me for my day, tonight’s barre fusion class (and maybe a run…still debating that one as we speak) and will even give me a little mental boost as well.

Beets, walnuts, goat cheese, tons of greens - pure lunch deliciousness!
Warm Lentil Salad over greens (adapted from Heather/Where's the Beach), with quinoa and butternut squash and a dash of goat cheese. Absolutely one of the best things I've eaten in awhile!!

So that’s my ramble for this fine Wednesday (though I swear it should be Thursday by now!)…good eats make me happy. Who knew?!


Things I’m loving…Friday edition

Sometimes I go on a kick where I have a bunch of stuff I’m totally loving…and lately, these are the things that have been kicking around in my brain (and my stomach, mostly, as you will see!). It’s Friday…what are you loving?! (besides a long weekend coming up that I didn’t even realize until two days ago that I had….woohoo!)

Things that I’m loving right now…

Enough said. ❤ oatmeal with PB and banana, love, love, love
I have no idea how I'm just figuring these out - add them to yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal etc, and you'll feel fuller longer. Totally works.
Big-ass salads of the spinach variety (this was with leftover filet from date night with M...sooo effin good).
Thought it wouldn't be strong enough for my tastebuds, but I actually LOVE the new Starbucks blonde roast! I also love a little bit of cinnamon to my coffee lately, so tasty!
Mild Weather! Check out that forecast. It's February in New England, people, it should be in the 20s, at best. I ran in 44 degree weather this morning at 7 am!
BOOKED! Mexico at the Playacar Palace in October for Shannon's wedding...cannot.wait.

And finally…I am loving my one-a-day- cat ‘saying’ calendar. today’s quote? “You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.” <–um, so true. See?


Happy weekend friends! I’ll be sorely missing out on this weekend, but will enjoy it virtually, hopefully with a fun little skype ‘clink’ this weekend. Cheers friends, enjoy it!