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Things I’m loving Friday…simply.

I had this whole draft post started on unexpected occurrences that happened this week and why I’m loving them.

But then.

Do you ever re-read something and think it just sounds too boring/rambly/too surfaced and scratch that? Well, that’s what I did today. Because while the things I’m loving today haven’t changed from the post I started, how I want to portray them, did.

So…things I’m loving Friday…simply.

#Fitdate with besties that care, ‘get’ me and vice versa. Fit in several of these this week – unexpectedly – with Steph and my sis, and it made each class, each run that much more fun, sweaty, and memorable.


Funday Monday fancy schmancy dinner for two…grilled salmon and the best scallops M has ever made – it was one of those Mondays we just NEEDED. Unexpected, perfect, just us, talking, enjoying.


Not unexpected at all, I realize. But. Oatmeal. I just can’t quit you. Especially with fresh berries? #drool


Teaching a butt-load of classes. Between yesterday and Monday, I will have taught 8 classes (hadn’t realized how many extras I tacked on, subbing for other instructors). It. Never. Gets. Old. #lovinglife


This man. It was kind of a strange week, I feel like we were almost ships in the night on several occasions, but then I realized how many perfect moments we had this week and I felt even more lucky to have such a man in my life, and so many opportunities to share so much of our lives together. From running, to friends, to vacations, to family, to living together. It’s a blessing and sometimes I unexpectedly realize that in simple moments like last night, over a snuggle in silence.


This week, I had SO much to look forward to. I celebrated #littlethings each day and even with that? I unexpectedly realized even more things that make me happy, that make me realize how incredibly blessed I am, and that make me want to keep doing what I’m doing, in life, in fitness, and in work. Life, my friends, is quite simply…unexpectedly good. In so many ways. Take time to count those little blessings, you’ll be amazed at what pops up sometimes.

Cheers friends, to a beautiful weekend ahead, and the perfect mix of planned/unplanned. Needed. 

Healthy is…

I’ve had a few ideas for posts rolling around in my brain of late, centered around this lifestyle I’ve created for myself, in large part due to the barre n9ne 60 day challenge well over a year ago now. This is a lifestyle that is constantly changing and evolving and I am learning more and more each day. So rather than write about each of those things that I’m learning, today I thought I’d define my healthy. 

To me, healthy is…

…an individual journey, with no end game. Defined only by me. And only by you. Empower yourself to find ‘your’ healthy. 

…a balanced, wholesome life. From eating, to living, to my workouts. Because too far one way or the other is going in circles and counterproductive.

…eating foods that nourish, that are fresh, and that fuel. But sometimes giving in to a craving is okay too. In part because it makes you realize that the fueling foods actually make me feel *better* and happier than that nacho, pizza, or chinese food may have ‘in the moment.’

…movement. Plain and simple. Moving the body, working it hard, but smartly. And always honoring rest. It is always needed.

…moderation. Not deprivation. There’s no sense in off-limit foods or calorie restriction to the point of starvation. That again speaks to counterproductivity. 

…understanding your why. And applying it to this healthy life. 

…paying it forward. Helping family, friends, coworkers ‘find their healthy.’ Because what works for me may not work for you.

…healthy is…happy. Plain and simple. 

What is your healthy? 

Now THIS is a healthy mantra. ❤

A year later: before and after: there is no ‘end game.’

Visualize the end game. The result.

That’s what you’re supposed to do when you set out on a journey, a challenge, towards a goal.

But at first, I never could quite visualize the end game, the result, from the opportunity I was granted a year ago for the barre n9ne 60 day challenge.


Because I didn’t quite believe. In myself. Or even in the challenge facing me. Or in all that it could be, if I set my mind to it.

I was used to going halfway and stopping.

I was used to the field goal.

I had never achieved the results I wanted or thought I could attain. I didn’t believe in “smarter, not harder.” I didn’t believe, even, (not fully) in lifestyle change.

On day one, this was the me I was then. Not quite believing…hoping, not unable to visualize. 

Frustrated with myself physically, feeling like a hamster on a wheel spinning and spinning but with little to show for it, not understanding that I had lost the ability to see moderation in my eats, and having lower self esteem than I ever wanted to admit or be faced with. Day one of the 60 day challenge was a scary day for me. Because it meant facing the things that I had ignored and pushed aside for fear of number fixation, the reality of the situation and doing something I’d never done before. *Not* stopping at the field goal…but going for the touchdown.

The last year has been a year out of my comfort zone, and not only has it taught me that I have the power to reach the goals in which I set for myself, for perhaps the first time in my life, it’s also given me an opportunity I never thought possible. To pay forward what I have learned, in lifestyle changes, the power of a barre workout and how to finally – finally – be comfortable in my own skin.

And, as a result?…this is the me I am now.

When I took this picture, I saw it for the first time. The end game that I never thought possible. I had achieved the ‘after’ that I always envied on infomercials (even pooh-pooh’ing the words these ‘success story’ spokespeople said…words like life-changing, being the me I always wanted to be, etc), losing the inches, pants sizes and weight. Perhaps the best part of seeing this picture? Besides the renewed gleam in my eye that speaks happiness, confidence and pride?

Realizing that there is no end game.This is the life I have built for myself.

And it is the life that I will continue. Moderation, real, wholesome, fueling foods, and a love for barre n9ne, from teaching, to taking classes.  This life. A life that rails against the word ‘diet,’ that focuses on real foods, no gimmicks and the magic bullet of consistency that has opened the door to the happy medium I never thought was possible.

And ultimately? This is a life that I will continue to pay forward.  Because this happy medium life is pretty damn good . Thank you, Tanya, for your belief in us, to my sister Jess in sharing this journey with me (read her post here on her results and thoughts on the last year!), to the barre n9ne community for being such a supportive family (and believing in us then, as the first ‘challenges’ and now, as instructors), and to all of you – my family and friends, for supporting, encouraging and believing.

**as I hit ‘publish’ on this, know that it took a lot of thought and decision-making on posting my before and after pictures…because as much as this journey has of course, been about weight and inches lost, that’s not *all* it has been. I think that goes without saying…but, I just thought it was worth mentioning again.**

Spreading the barre n9ne passion!

If the epic surprise party wasn’t enough, this weekend also included the grand opening of the new barre n9ne studio, (which just so happens to be a mere 3 miles from where I live), an event we’d all been gearing up for excitedly for weeks. My sister Jess and I have been working hard behind the scenes, gathering some fantastic sponsors, including Zico, Coach’s Oats, popchips, Vita Coco, Chobani and Love Grown Foods’ Granola (see Jess’s post here with more details too!) and the day came off without a hitch.

But beyond that, I was so thrilled to be part of a team that cares so deeply about this studio, about its success and expansion, and the passion we all have for barre-style workouts, and not just *any* barre-style workout, but barre n9ne method, specifically. As Tanya introduced all of us, and our backgrounds, I just tried to capture the memory and sear it into my brain, because a year ago?

None of this even seemed fathomable.

It wasn’t even a thought in my mind. A year ago, I was unhappy in myself, my body, my self-image and distastrous ability to tear myself apart at the drop of a hat. But today? I don’t think I could be much happier than I am and I truly credit this journey with so much of that change and happiness. I’ve grown in so many ways, I’ve met incredible and inspiring people and seen equally incredible progress and ability in the clients of barre n9ne. And this next phase? Not only experiencing its growth but being instrumental in making it a success? Truly a blessing. 

Walking around and talking to prospective clients and new and longtime clients was an absolute joy. It was an adrenaline rush to hear the excitement in people’s voices, hearing our stories of the inagural 60-day challenge we won and have since helped carry forth into an epic success for so many others, hearing their compliments, saying things like “you can tell this stuff really works, the instructors really fit the image of lean and tone and fit!” You can’t pay someone to say that, ya know? It’s passion and truth. 

Beyond the demo classes (that were so fun to do together!), and the food, and the fun and fruity drinks, seeing the studio alive, and seeing how far this studio – and we – have come, was an incredible experience.  I cannot thank Tanya enough for taking a chance on us last April. Because ever since that day? I’ve not gone halfway and stopped. I’ve not ‘just’ gone for the field goal. There is no such thing as anything less than a touchdown. Go all the way.


And now, some pictures. Enjoy! (and thank you to all of our sponsors!!)

The barre n9ne family of fabulous instructors (and our 'barre-tender' and bestie Steph!)
Jess and I in our super fabulous barre n9ne attire (oh, how I adore pink!)
Demo class #1 (for real, that upper body segment always kills me! Check out that game face!)
barre n9ne bag, anyone? 😉
demo class #2 (I think?)
The goods! Everyone LOVED all of the treats we had for them to take with them (and I loved it all too!)

PS: I taught my first 6 am class this morning and while it was a very small class, one of the very first women I talked to, a past client who had moved and was now much closer to this studio, came in for her first class in maybe a year. It was just incredible to see how happy she was to be back at it. What a way to start a Monday!!

What never gets old.

when someone ‘gets’ how amazing a barre workout is, the first time they experience a class. (hello this girl and this one too!)

when they look over and immediately ‘get’ what it means to ’embrace’ the shake at the barre, to allow it to happen (because that’s ultimately proof that your muscles are going to failure, that they’re changing, working, and leaning!).

talking to others that also take barre classes, near and far, small studios and bigger chains, that, when you say ‘oh, you have taken barre classes too?’ and you get that knowing nod, that smile spreads across their face and you just ‘get’ it.

It never gets old.

that feeling after taking a class, focusing on proper form, alignment, the shake, the resistance and light weight training, and walking away feeling…euphoric. Every muscle worked. Every part of you feeling incredible.

it may sound borderline dramatic, but to those that have taken a class, even just one, just ‘gets’ what I mean. 

and on the first day of the second studio opening for barre n9ne, experiencing some new clients feeling the shake for the first time, and seeing them whisper to each other, wondering if it’s ‘good’ or bad, and then seeing their excited feedback after class...is incredible. 

teaching class on Saturday (my first in several weeks), and seeing the sweat pour down, hearing the mutters of ‘another set?!’ is the best feeling. it means its working. and I am helping others achieve their goals. 

It never gets old. 

Coming upon a year of taking classes, then training to become an instructor, and now reaching the point where I am teaching regularly, it’s just an incredible feeling. To see the progress of the studio, of the expanding list of clients and successes, and now to be such a part of it, is simply amazing.

What never gets old is doing something you love, helping others achieve their goals, and being part of a community of barre-a-holics that ‘get’ how phenomenal a workout it is, and how it perfectly complements something like running, and how much it conditions and strengthens in seemingly subtle ways.