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M’s quirks.

I’ve had a collection of quirks and funny things I love about M swirling in my mind and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites, as little snippets into who he is and the little things he does that makes me love him just so very much. (some other of my favorites about M can be found here and here!)

He tries so hard to be helpful in the kitchen. He offers to chop up veggies for dinner but then either a) chops up like, half an onion and two brussels sprouts (which, as a veggie hoarder, we know that will not be NEARLY enough for just *me* for dinner, let alone him!) or b) chops them up and half of it falls on the floor. Hello, messes and me don’t mix 😉 OR, he will unload the dishwasher and forget he’s doing it and leave half the stuff on the counter (or still IN the dishwasher), or put everything in weird spots. cups where plates go, bowls where cups go, etc.  (and he also loves to leave random cabinet doors open, which is a ‘new’ one for him. I swear I told him that Scott does it, my brother in law, and ever since, he’s started doing it!)

He is full of random information. Like, did you know if 1 wasp was in a fight with 8 bees, the wasp would wind? No? Me either. Apparently wasps have ‘armour’ that they can suffocate bees with. AND they don’t die when they sting! (note to self: stay away from wasps!!)

He can be very ‘formal’ with people. 9 times out of 10, when we hang with my sister Jess and Scott, he shakes Scott’s hand and says ‘hi Scott, how are you doing? it’s nice to see you again!’ and then goes to Jess and I swear, ALMOST shakes her hand too. Um, really? We hang out, like EVERY weekend together. This isn’t a hand-shaking, how-have-you-been kind of group. But it’s an endearing and polite quality that I also LOVE about him. It was probably actually one of the biggest things I fell in love with him for, actually…when he met my grandparents, he was so respectful, engaging and conversational, yet also very polite. *swoon*. I just crack up when he goes into that ‘mode’ in situations where he doesn’t need to (Samantha knows all about this one heehee!)

His ratio of meat and potatoes to vegetables is highly off. If it were up to him, he’d eat potatoes (and call them a vegetable, even though I call them a starch! technically a veggie, but not REALLY IMHO!) and meat or fish. Anytime he cooks dinner (and he’s a GOOD cook, mind you), he will (to my point above about chopping veggies!) literally saute a few mushrooms and onions and call that ‘enough.’ (he clearly still doesn’t realize my love affair with mounds of veggies – at least 2/3 of my plate, to meat and potato ratio!).

His love of peanut butter rivals mine AND Jess’ combined. Seriously. We go through at LEAST one jar per week of peanut butter (with the amount of oatmeal I make for both of us, plus the amount he dumps into his protein shakes, it’s alarming!).

He loves the History Channel. Dude. G-e-e-k. Really? 😉

He can’t sit still. He honestly does not know what to do with himself now that his dissertation is over. He used to not be able to sleep because he’d be thinking of his paper, or his patients’ from the work day, but now, he beats himself up silently for not ‘doing’ anything after work. (it’s been all of what, a week?!) His next projects in mind? Writing a book (swoon, love that he writes!), blogging more, and working on his semi-defunct web site.

He is, by far, the funniest man I have ever met. And we laugh at the most inane things, and always at the most random times. Like, in the shower (because yes – TMI – but we shower together just about every day. Helps that we have a huge garden-style tub, so there’s lots of room in there! It’s sort of our ‘us time’ each morning before we start our workdays, where we chat, laugh and cuddle), we have had some of the most hilarious conversations I have ever heard.

He tells me he loves me, that I am beautiful, and that he is the luckiest man alive just about every day. Enough said. This is a quirk that will.never.get.old. ❤


This was a really fun and special post for me…because sometimes, the collection of random thoughts and little things we love about our partners are some of the most important, yet seemingly innocuous things. I may very well have just fallen in love with him a little bit more, just by writing this (write one about your partner and you’ll see what I mean!). <–serious mush-ville alert, I realize. ❤