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On foodie love and evolutions.

This week, I randomly declared it a week of ‘doing lunch differently’ as I am often inspired by instagram and some of my favorites (including the queen of random, yet delicious, flavor combinations, Lindsay, and Kabocha Queen Sarena!), and because I have been on a huuuuuge wrap kick over the last few months, I figured it was time to switch it up, especially since I am so fortunate to work from home and really can make whatever I want for lunch, not something more suited to an ‘office’ lunch (a can-be-made-ahead wrap, for example!).

And I gotta hand it to myself…I made some freaking delicious meals this week. Take a gander below, or on my instagram and you’ll see loads of variety, which included kabocha (and lots of it, anywhere I could get it! My latest obsession, it is just.so.good!), lentils, a kickass lemon parmesan yogurt sauce, hard boiled eggs, beets, avocado and grilled chicken, to name a few. Droooool.


This week’s experiment made me realize two things: I crave good, fueling, fresh foods, and I love food. I’d so much rather devour a bowl of oatmeal than a bagel…though once in awhile, that bagel, freshly made from only a local bakery, of course, truly hits the spot, something I know that will fill me up and also taste so.damn.good. Not only do I crave good, fueling, fresh foods…I just love eating. I know that may be a funny thing to say, but I just do. I LOVE food.

Which brings me to Lindsay’s post this week, one of my absolute favorites from her, on what’s important when it comes to eating. Is it the bottom line: how many calories are in it? Or, is it, will this satisfy me physically but yes, also mentally. There is nothing wrong with food bringing you joy (it’s just when it *only* brings you joy, I suppose, where it becomes more of a slippery slope, with fixations, mindlessness etc.). And I think for me, for awhile, I was trying to break the tie of food = joy SO much as I sought mindfulness and intuitive eating, that I would see food more as the black and white: food is a calorie, how many are in it, and then I’ll decide to eat it or not.

…stealing the joy out of it, and the experience, and surroundings entirely.

Of course, there is a balance to eating joyously and healthfully, and everyone needs to find what works for them (because what works for me won’t work for you and vice versa!), but ultimately, eating and sharing and making food should be a happy experience, not stressful, or something that causes anxiety.

And this is my evolution. Coming up on almost two years into my own personal ‘food journey’ if you will, and I realize that while I still believe food is fuel, I also think you can, and should enjoy eating, too.

Because life is far too short to scrimp and pinch and overanalyze every last drop of food you eat. It just is. Don’t you think?


Cheers friends!

And so, the ‘Maine blogger summit’ BEGINS!

Aptly named, a la CBG in his post yesterday, the first-ever Maine blogger summit is about to get underway and I couldn’t be more excited! It was an idea spawned back and forth between Sunshine and me a couple of months ago (originally, last year, actually, but we weren’t able to swing it!), and I do believe it is going to be one of those weekends that is unforgettable (including not only this fabulous couple but also T, and her man GJ! I’ve known this little group since almost the very beginning, it feels so incredible that we finally get to meet!).

It’ll be one of those weekends where I realize – yet again – how much I love blogging in very large part for all of the beautiful people I have ‘met’ throughout the 3+ years  that I have been blogging here, and in my old blog. It’s truly amazing how connected I feel to some people that I have never actually met in person, who ‘get’ me almost scarily so well, who support, laugh, and share in my journey with me, as I with them. Through the years, the blog-o-lution, everything, I have some amazing friends here, and this weekend is truly one I will cherish, with people that have ‘been there’ since just about the very beginning. And wow, how different then vs. now, for all of us.

(In fact, I was just telling this girl all about the weekend at barre n9ne yesterday morning and realizing, as we spoke, that WE too met through this very blog, and she mentioned another blog (this girl!), a girl I just so happened to have also met ‘IRL’ two years ago and who I have the honor of attending her wedding in Mexico this fall! Talk about six degrees of separation!!)

*end meandering thoughts <–one of those can’t-concentrate-days – forgive me!*

I look forward to much laughter, much wine, much lake and jetski time together. I look forward to sharing this haven with some really special people, and doing everything in my power to make it as fun, relaxing and worry-free as possible. As hostess to people flying in from halfway across the country, and driving 10+ (!) hours to meet? It’s the LEAST I can do.

So, cheers friends, and let the Maine blogger summit BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!


The thing about blogging.

*Lately, I’ve been struggling with blogging. With what I want to focus on, how much I want to disclose as my relationship with M progresses, etc. I feel as though I go through this cyclical phase of exploring where I want to take my blog quite a bit, but lately, this phase has stuck around a bit. This is just my take on things right now, swirling through my brain. Not looking for specific feedback, per se, as I am sure we have each hit this phase once or twice ourselves, in this bloggy world we live in!**

The thing about blogging…

…is without focus, what is blogging? Random thoughts? Not goal-oriented or shaped towards a specific audience?

…if I blog for me, why do I care if my audience is scattered and not of ‘one’ focus? Do I?

…I am an open book. Those who know me IRL (and blog friends of course) know what’s going on in my relationship, deep down feelings, my body image struggles of past, and what I’m doing on a daily/weekly basis. Do I want that much transparency anymore?

…being open to opinions, criticism and (sometimes) unwarranted advice or assumptions based on what I am writing. Again, open book. Do I really want that? Do I need it? Some things are sometimes best left in my head, or told to those I care about.

…the thing about blogging is that I don’t want to stop. But where do I go from here? Stalemate.

I love blogging. But I sometimes struggle with focus and content. And never want to get to a place where I feel like I need to blog or that I have to keep talking about topics that I’ve talked about in the past (my relationship with M, divorce, perspective, running, barre n9ne…). Does that mean I am at a point where I stop? Where I start a new, more focused blog, if I think of a topic I want to write about?

I don’t have the answers. I need to think about it. More than I already have. Figure out if it matters to me whether my blog has a unified focus. Whether I want to start fresh – again – or whether I simply evolve this blog – again – into something else. Maybe I won’t write about my relationship much anymore. Maybe my blog served its purpose on that topic and now it’s time to change it and keep that part of my life a little more private.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Possibilities. Are. Endless. 

The thing about blogging…where to go from here?