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Thankful things Friday

As I have been trying my best to participate in the 40 days of thankfulness challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this month, I thought it would be fitting to share a few things I’m thankful for on this Friday (FINALLY EFFING FRIDAY, I should say – longest.week.ever.)

First up? I’m thankful to have the best boyfriend fiancee ever. <–still getting used to this. I hate the word fiancee, actually, but it does sound like a wonderful ‘upgrade’ from boyfriend, doesn’t it? Since he is so much *more* than that. I honestly don’t think there is a day that doesn’t go by that he doesn’t surprise me in some way, show me love in a unique or even, funny, way, or make me laugh hysterically.

On the ‘one-month’o-versary’ since we got engaged (like that moniker?!).Last night, when I got home from teaching my third barre n9ne class on the day (#nevergetsold #b94lyf!), as I was attempting to make my ‘ice cream reward’ (Oikos frozen greek yogurt vanilla, with a spoonful of Chobani vanilla chocolate chip yogurt, a few strawberries and a sprinkle of M&Ms!), he pulled me into his arms and hugged me, kissed my cheek and said, ‘you are the most beautiful, smart, loving, hot woman in the world, did you know that?’ Swoon. (and he says this to me quite often, of some variation, but in the most unforeseen moments. #thebest).  And this morning? As I was rushing out of the shower (yes, we do shower together most days – TMI, perhaps, but with such a huge tub, it just makes sense, right? And it’s our morning time together before we start our days!), trying to skirt around him as he was all soapy, he lathers soap all over me and laughs, ‘see, now you can’t get out! you’re all soapy!’ wise guy. 



My sisters.

Duh, this is a no brainer, right? But seriously, we had the best time on Monday at a long-awaited ‘sister dinner.’ Just us three. No distractions. Not even the best niece in the world. Just us. Out to dinner, wine, chit-chat. Catching up on our lives, talking about Jess’s marathon, Jen’s foray into her new job, and well, marriage ideas 😉 We giggled. We finished each other’s sentences (and Jen’s wine hehe). We bitched. (nothing bad, just stuff that only us sisters would get amongst ourselves about random things!). We just had fun together. And it is one more step closer as I simplify and make more time for those I care so much about. Like my sisters and my niece.



Today is my last day of work until 10/29. Wheeeee! M and I are heading to Playa del Carmen at the uber early time of 5:30 am on Monday to celebrate this girl’s wedding!! We are staying Monday-Friday and her wedding is on Wednesday. Beyond that? Not planning a damn thing. Beach, books, talking, sleeping, enjoying. Perhaps a run or two. Perhaps a barre n9ne-for-one, but beyond that, simplicity.

This is the first vacation that M and I have gone on together, alone. We’ve traveled together quite a bit over the course of our 2+ years together and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to do that, but this time? It’s just us (oh and a wedding to attend hehe and celebration to be had hehe!). I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Happy weekend AND week ahead, friends. Do something to simplify this week, mmk? And I’ll be sure to drink a glass of wine or 17 next week for all of you suckers stuck at work (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Cheers!

I’ll take chair #3 please 🙂

Where our story continues.

Last night, M got down on one knee and proposed.

And I, of course, said yes.

I can’t even believe I am writing this out, it still feels surreal (and I most definitely woke up this morning and felt for my ring, wondering if it was all a dream, and a smile spread across my face, when I realized it was, in fact, not *just* a dream).


I had just come back from a coffee ‘date’ with the fabulous (seriously, she is awesome, so glad we finally met, side note!!) Amanda, where we ironically talked about marriage and how we met (since we both met our partners on match.com, how cool is that?!). And M came home from work just after I sat down to get back to work. He walked in, smile on his face, flowers in his hand and a card in the other. I thought to myself, ‘how cute, he brought me flowers ‘just because’…I LOVE that!’. He told me to open the card, which I did, after giving him a kiss. As I read it, it said at the end, “I love you more than anything” with an arrow to turn the card over. As I flipped it over, it said “Will you spend and share the rest of your life with me?” 

As I read those words, he pulled a ring out of its hiding spot in his desk, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

To which I replied, “yes, of course. yes! babe, really? wow, right now? wow. I don’t even know what to say, yes! yes!”

And then he slipped the most beautiful, perfect ring on my finger.


And come to find out? He’d gone ring shopping with my sister Jess and accomplice brother in law Scott on Friday (!), and they all kept THAT a secret all weekend, despite spending oh, almost the entire weekend together. Poker faces. ALL of them. Even Jess. And she cannot keep a secret from me for the life of her.  He picked up the ring Tuesday night, and was going to wait until Friday, but couldn’t. So yesterday, September 19, he asked me to marry him.


I made call after call last night, sharing our news. Sending out texts. Receiving texts. Sharing, sharing, sharing.

I called my grandparents (and especially wanted to speak to them as my best friend’s grandfather passed away yesterday morning…the same friend whose house burned down just a few months ago. Sigh) and shared the news. They were so sweet, very supportive, and my grandmother joked “well, this wasn’t a surprise was it?” (cute). My grandfather asked to speak to M. And when I heard what he said, my heart melted.

“M. Congratulations. (pause). You are a very lucky man you know. Welcome to the family.”


These are some of the words in the card he gave me:

“Since I met you, all I can think about is making you happy. I want to see you smile and hear your laughter…I want to memorize the sound of your voice and the dreams of your heart. More than anything else, I want to make you happier than you’ve ever been and give you all the things you deserve. I love you more than anything.”

And this morning? As he left for work, he said:

“Last night was the second best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.”

I smiled and (naturally) asked what the first one was.

He said “going on a date with you two years ago.”

Words cannot express how I feel, I am truly overwhelmed with love, happiness, and the most amazing, supportive family and friends. Thank you, from both of us, from the bottom of our hearts.