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On simplicity redefined and slowing down.

In my new mantra to learn to let go and embrace the ‘imperfection” that I am defining myself and my life of late, I am also redefining simplicity. After months and months of feeling overplanned, too busy and not even the ‘good busy’ kind of busy, I had it. I declared getting back to basics and uh, simplicity.

And paring back how planned I’d become, and prioritizing plans and making a pact with M that we always run plans that involve each other by each other before committing (this was key – we kept planning on top of each other and it was frustrating! seems like a no-duh, but clearly we were not doing it, or doing it enough!) really really REALLY helped. I felt less stressed, less rushy, and happier, generally.

But this weekend, in Maine for ‘#lakation13’ part two, I came upon a realization that my definition of simplicity was again changing. Well, let me rephrase that. My definition of simplicity and my feelings towards ‘busyness’ have shifted a bit. I go into this next ‘season’ of my life with the believe that simplicity means paring back my commitments but it also means prioritizing my commitments to those that matter  most to me…and that may again feel like a ‘no-duh’ statement, but I was feeling myself shifting towards ‘planless’ er, planning to mean no plans. And that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to just make sure whatever I do, I do it because I want to, and if that means it makes a certain timeframe busier, with all of the other things that I may already have on my plate – work travel, meetings, barre n9ne classes or events, things like that, that I don’t shy away from plans with someone I care about ‘just’ to not be busy. That feels silly and somewhat counter-intuitive. Yes, there are times to say ‘no’ because there simply isn’t enough time in the day, but to almost automatically say no because you have something else going on that day, weekend or week? Not the same thing.

This realization came in part because of the Slow Down Challenge that came at just the right time. A challenge my beautiful friend Lindsay forwarded to me, and wow, was it right on. Every single daily message and challenge has been bang-on. It’s as if the writer – Jeff Goins – is writing this just for me. Legit. Every work.

For example? Multitasking and jamming everythingthatcouldpossiblyfitintomydayandbyGodiwilltrytofititin.

Hi – that’s totally me. And it’s robbing ME of the goodness that lies in focusing on the here and now, the conversation I am having, the meeting I am in, the quiet time I am savoring with M after work. It’s something I am working on, but it’s also something that is easy to let slide when life gets busy.

But that shouldn’t be an excuse and that is why I really just need to keep focusing on that. The here and now. Not this, that and the next.  Right. Now.


…yet prioritizing.


….yet embracing ‘good’ busy.

Slowing down

…focusing on the here and now.