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Friday Random Travelin’ Facts

It’s Friiiiidaayyyyyy!!!! <—-who’s excited, raise your hand?!

Anytime I travel, Friday is just that much sweeter, I have to say. As much I as try my best to embrace work travel, as I said yesterday, it is just so damn tiring, no matter what. So I figured I’d share some fun random travelin’ facts for today, some funny, some learnings and such 😉

I never feel settled until I unpack, start a load of laundry, clean up a little (this depends on if M ‘tidies up’ for me before my arrival heehee), no matter what time I get home. Last night, I scored an earlier flight so I was home around 9 and did all of the aforementioned in 20 minutes. I don’t eff around, yo 😉

I always go into OATT planning my workouts, my meals and of course, my outfits. And I always bring too many outfits (but usually almost always use a backup outfit I packed, for the record!) and enough snacks to feed an army (but you never know when you might be caught without a meal and have to rely on snacks, right?!).

I’m a nervous nellie traveler. And not in the fear of flying way. My worst fear is missing a flight or being late to board without a coffee, water, or meal (depending on how long the flight is, if I buy a meal or rely on aforementioned snacks!). I also fear layovers in ‘red flag’ snow/delay zones in the winter like Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and avoid them (and layovers) at all costs. Sometimes it is inevitable, but my second worst fear is sleeping in the airport 😉

I love exploring new barre studios, gyms, and running routes when I travel. I’m always excited when the hotel offers a running route or map and I always scope out the hotel gym the night before. If there are two treadmills in the whole gym, you better be damned I’m getting one 😉 If I can find a barre studio to try out, I will, and have found a few cool ones in areas that I travel to frequently. Double score, right? (though my heart belongs to barre n9ne, of course).

I hate my routine being out of whack, so I try to mimic my week as much as I can (at least when I travel to California to the office). I plan my workouts (aforementioned barre studios!), I try and determine my meals for the week, bring lots of snacks and try to mirror my beloved oatmeal if I can. It just makes me feel more ‘at home’ than winging it. It’s again, the way I roll 😉

As much as I dread the goodbyes, that’s almost always the worst part. There’s never a trip where I don’t learn something about myself, experience something new, or in the case of this week, meet friends!

Okay, so nothing overly weird, but as I am a year and a half into a job that requires a fair bit of travel, I’ve been thinking of my traveling evolution and how much preparedness comes into play for me to have a solid trip that doesn’t make me feel lacking in any way. And allows for a fair bit of exploring and meeting new people. With another work trip (California, this time) 10 days away, I’m rounding out a busy 6 weeks of traveling on-and-off, and am going to try and embrace it as much as I can. Because I know it all goes back to unseating comfort zones and growing.

But I hope you’ll ‘scuse me as I gallivant off towards enjoying the weekend which includes M’s graduation tomorrow. I couldn’t be more proud and cannot wait to see him walk across that stage. Cheers friends!


I have at least 4 posts half-written and ready to go but none of them scream at me to post today. Yet I feel like writing. Does that ever happen to anyone else? So I figure I’ll throw down a few thoughts and updates and if this is boring as hell, feel free to bypass, but here’s what’s going on in my brain right now. Blank, yet so full of…stuff.

My next work trip is on Sunday. I feel like I just got settled back into the routine I ❤ so much, and it’s back to it. But after this, nothing scheduled (yet), though I imagine another trip may be in the works for late-Feb/early March. I am feeling especially anxious about this trip since it is my company’s annual sales kickoff, which means we’re cooped up in a hotel for 3-4 days, no rental cars, nada. (in other words, completely entrenched in meetings, dinners etc. with colleagues from all over the world). This also means complete out of comfort zone experience (similar to last year) as I have to mingle with people I don’t see very often, or at all, and I am not the best ‘mingler’ (sort of akin to networking, IMHO, or approaching new people/making new friends – both of which I am bad at!). But I am trying to focus on the positive, knowing that this year, I am not the newbie, and I do have some friends at work now (go me!).

(we won’t even talk about trying to fit in some workouts…that will come later!)

It is so nice to experience the transitions both of my sisters are in right now, knowing that it will mean more time together, and for them. For Jen, she just moved to our hometown, which is about 35 mins away from where I live now (vs. more than an hour before) and in visiting her yesterday, and a few emails last night, I am so excited to be able to see her and my niece far more regularly and vow to make that a reality with my work schedule as well (lunches with niece and sis during the week? Yes, please! tea and cupcake night with the sisters? yes, yes!). I can barely wrap my head around the fact that she is so much closer now. As for Jess, many of you read her blog and know she just got a new job, a job that allows her to work from home with some travel and one in-office day. After a job that had her commuting 3+ hours a DAY most times, this is a life changer. I am excited that she gets to experience this work/life balance like I do, and it makes me remember how blessed I feel to have a job that allows for remote working!

M is in the final stages of his dissertation. He presented his thesis project to his review board and got approval to get collegial approval yesterday. He was incredibly nervous, but he passed, as I know he would. And I am, of course, very proud. On April 14, he will present his thesis and know whether or not he graduates in May (if for any reason he does not, he can walk in May and graduate in the fall).  And he will officially hold a PhD in nursing practice. How cool is that? (on top of being one of the first nurse practitioners in the area to be able to individually accept new patients…and I get to write the press release announcing it, I can’t wait!). Proud, proud, proud.

(there’s something about determination and drive that is so sexy).

Welp, I think I have blabbered on enough. Guess I had more cohesive things to say than I thought, huh? Happy Monday, friends.

Things I’ve learned this week.

As fast as this week has been, traveling and such, it’s been damn long. I’m just going to cut right to the chase. Things I’ve learned this week.

I’m so damn rusty at traveling. How is that even possible? I know I haven’t traveled for work for several months, but dude, I’m tired. Time change this trip was a doozy. Felt hungry all the time (3 hours is a mind-blowing time difference food-wise IMHO…when you get to work, it’s practically lunchtime and you haven’t even had breakfast yet. Fail.). Days felt super long since I was wide awake at 4:30 am PT but out the door for work by 6:30 and not back to my hotel until 9 pm PT.

It’s winter. Steer clear of layovers in ‘red flag’ stops  – Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver. You get the gist. Where is was my layover on the way home today? CHICAGO. Where is there a big ass storm going through today? CHICAGO. Panicky me moved my flight last night to 6:45 am departure (vs. 8:15) through Dallas instead (when I booked, the Dallas layover was 30 mins, so I didn’t book it and gambled on Chicago given the mild winter we’ve had so far…bad idea!). Whew. Wish me luck (but refer to the ‘I’m tired’ statement, another 4:30 am wakeup today).

I’m not good at being injured. When I woke up on Tuesday after my long-ass flight on Monday night, the back of my right knee was swollen and achy. I immediately thought blood clot because hey, that’s how my mind rolls…let’s think of the *worst* thing it could be. I decided to run (hit 5 miles, but fought for it) and the knee didn’t hurt more but didn’t hurt less either. Then I had a scheduled ‘barre date’ with Erika at Pure Barre after work and even though the knee hurt, I went. (side note: Pure Barre is pretty good, but still not as good, as intense as barre n9ne…just saying). Woke up with continued knee pain yesterday and did not run (my first smart move, look at me! LOL). Long story short, I woke up today and it feels better. Perhaps I can run tomorrow. (again, refer to my statement ‘I’m not good at being injured!).

I was social with co-workers! I’m learning to branch out. To be more chatty. Less ‘business’ all the time. It felt good. I’m working on that resolution like I said I would. I went to lunch with a friend on Tuesday (that was *not* my boss hehe). I convinced another to come to Pure Barre on Tuesday night, too. It may sound small, but these things are tough for me. Chatting people up in the hallways etc. So I’m learning. Right? Go me! 😉

So, while it has been an extremely long week, filled with un-routine and ‘uncomfortable zones,’ I’m making it to the other end and I feel pretty good. It gives me hope that my next trip in a few weeks will go smoothly, even if the days are long and the nights are longer. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to my bed, my man, my kitties and my workouts 😉

On challenges and unseating comfort zones

January holds a special place in me this year, as I look back at this point last year, and looking ahead at the month (in particular) and year ahead. Challenges. Comfort zones. New beginnings.

Today is one year since I began my job and on this day last year, I was 3,000 miles away on my first day of work, completely overwhelmed by a new job, new surroundings and challenges, challenges, and more challenges. And as I look back, yeah, I am proud, yeah, I have come a long way, but ya know what else? A year in, it’s also really easy to slip into a comfort zone. Of routine. Of staying in the ‘zone and not continuing to challenge myself.

And I’m talking not just in my job or my travels, but in my workouts and my own personal challenges on bettering myself…on refinement.

So, here’s my list of things I’m aiming for…to unseat comfort zones that have already formed and combat new ones from forming…


Given I work from home almost entirely, it’s so easy to be in my routine of emails, calls, work. all. day. long. And while that’s clearly a huge part of my job and not something I can change, per se, I can change my habit of just chugging along, workworkwork, in the same manner I always have. I want to get to know my co-workers more. I honestly only have one friend at work, and while it’s refreshing to have someone to chat with on non-work stuff that isn’t just my boss (since I consider her a quasi-friend too, same age, etc!), it feels a little isolating to just chat with my coworkers on work stuff on calls and over email. So my goal here is to make an effort to call my coworkers more often and not just ‘talk shop’ but chit-chat more. Same goes for when I am actually *in* the office. It’s so easy to slide into routine and just hammer out my work in my cube, but given I am only in the office every few months, I really should use the time wisely! So while this goal is a little scary for me, because I am naturally shy when it comes to starting conversations or making an effort to make friends, I want to break out of this a little more than I have. These are my co-workers, not scary ax murderers, for God’s sakes 😉

This leads to my second goal…embrace work travel more than I have in the recent past. As my sister embarks on her new job next week (yay!!! our jobs parallel each other yet again!!), she is facing some similar work travel in her schedule and is excited as she knows it’ll help her grow. Well, I was in her shoes a year ago and approached it similarly, so why should I allow work travel to make me dread it, fear it and try to avoid it as much as possible? Since we know the latter isn’t possible anyway, I really need to go into my next two work trips (which are next week and the last week of January) embracing work travel as it will help me grow. I need to revisit my work travel bucket list and maybe even add to it. I figure I’ll think of plenty of new things to add to that list next week when I venture out to Costa Mesa on January 9th, right?


January will be a challenge for fitting in my workouts…based on aforementioned work trips, putting me out of commission for my weekly barre n9ne classes (5-6 per week) and run challenge (possibly, but I have a work-a-round in mind!). This is one area where embracing work travel is tough for me, because we all know working out in your own environment, with your own tools at your disposal is just plain easier. But my first goal here is to come armed with as many of the tools as I can. TurboBarre from Cathe Friedrich loaded on my iPhone, a couple of running routes mapped out if I can get up the nerve to run in the dark during the morning (though honestly, for safety’s sake, I might save these for the trips where the sun is up earlier or I can run at dusk), and some resistance bands for some ‘homegrown’ barre n9ne workouts I plan to concoct to do in my hotel room. I also might just suck up the $25/day visitor fee at 24 Hour Fitness and get my runs in there. The price will be worth it (and work compensates part of it anyway, so why not, right?).

I also plan on these simple tweaks to my current workout/training plan, generally, to keep the body guessing and not slide into too much of a routine…

do abs every day. (I know I’ve said this before, but I am gonna make it stick!)

stretch every day. (ditto to the above *hanging head in shame*)

do a little extra for the triceps. (add some extra tricep dips and overhead extensions on my ‘off’ barre n9ne days…I want killer arms and to get killer arms, one must have good triceps! my weakest area).

a few tweaks to my run challenge. I will post on this tomorrow in my weekly update!


Two simple things. Unplug more. Read more (books). thatisall.

So, there’s my long-winded way of saying I am taking January (and 2012!) by storm. Nixing comfort zones before they start. And working on unseating the ones that I’ve unintentionally created. I know it’ll be worth it, even if I’ll feel tested and maybe even scared and intimidated, too.

What about you? Any comfort zones in your life that you’d like to unseat?