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Where our story continues…celebrating ‘at home’

Wow, I really don’t mean for my posts lately to be so far apart 😉

But, this delay came with good reason. I wanted to share the next in my little mini-series on celebrating our marriage and our new home, with family and friends, this past weekend.

You see, several months back, I sent out a ‘save the date’ housewarming invitation via Facebook to our closest friends and family to make sure the people I cared about most could come and celebrate with us for our wedding reception thinly veiled as a housewarming party. While yes, it was indeed a party for both, we truly envisioned this day being the day we would celebrate with those that were not with us in wine country on our wedding day, and share in the joy of the next stage of our story.

And this weekend, that very celebration commenced. While not all of those I hold dear to me were able to make it (life happens…), we had such an amazing turnout of family, friends, coworkers and barre n9ne ‘family’ – it was just incredible. From family all uniting together, and even my aunt from Minnesota flew in to celebrate with us (meant the WORLD to me), spending the afternoon talking and laughing and showing everyone around the house, to playing with my niece as she ran like the wind through the yard, playing, and ‘showing off’ as she carefully walked across our stone fence holding auntie’s hand ever so slightly as she went, to the feeling of pride spread across our faces as we showed our family our home, some of which were seeing it for the very first time.

On to wave two of the party, the friend ‘part’ and we had that moment of….crickets…are as many people going to come as said they would?! As we looked around at the 18 bottles of wine, countless cases of beer, mounds of appetizers, catered BBQ and two ginormous cakes. And then suddenly, in a wave, a flurry of people came, and celebrated, and it was just the most fun and blur of an evening all wrapped into one (now I totally get how a) people say their wedding reception was a blur…this in itself was a blur and I felt like I barely saw M all night and b) how tiring throwing big parties really is!!).

As we wrapped up the evening after about 10 hours of nonstop activity, we opened some of the gifts our families and friends brought us and were just blown away by the thoughtfulness. From the stone my sister Jen gave us with our last name engraved on it for the yard to the wine box holder to store wine for our first, third and fifth wedding anniversaries (with a special bottle tucked away in the fifth ‘holder’) from Jess, to the carefully selected bottles of wine, to personalized wall plaques and pictures, we just felt so happy, loved and honored.

Collapsing into bed, I don’t think I have ever smiled more. In the home we have now ‘christened’ with family and friends, in our first big party, everything just felt more right than it has ever been. Our story…where it continues, feels complete. In every way. ❤


Numbers and dates.

3 days until my 33rd birthday (wow, why does that sound so *old* <–and I know it’s not, it just feels like a weird number, though it IS my favorite number, twice! 3!)

4 days until I sherpa the hell out of the Chicago Marathon to watch my sis kick some 26.2 mile ass and Heather  and others (and meeting up with many many bloggy friends!! Among others: AmberTina, IntrigueMe, MyHeartHasHope, Shannon, Ronda, NYSoonerGirl, MisterMamaSir and EVEN Snarkbutt Divorced, one of my VERY first blog friends!!)

6 days until M’s birthday (fast fact: this is the first year that we will be together physically, on his birthday. Last year I was traveling for work in Denver and the first year we were together, he was in Aruba!).

19 days until Mexico!! To see the aforementioned Shannon get married. Cannot.wait.so.excited.

And one more number? 10. The number of barre n9ne classes I am teaching this week. Holy wow. I’m halfway through and everything hurts. Hurts so good, that is 😉 Every single time!!

And that, my friends, is where my mind is at right now. A lot of fun and a lot to be thankful for. I am living a life that I never imagined, and one I couldn’t love more, even if I tried.