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A twist on the summer bucket list.

On the very first day of summer, I thought it would be fitting to think about the good ‘ole summer bucket list. I tend to do these every year but this time, I thought I’d do a twist on my summer bucket list (from last year; and here is the ‘how I did’ post) with my fun date bucket list and see where I stand on both, for the summer already (since summer, to me, officially started back in May hehe).

Drawing from my date bucket list and ideas for my summer bucket list, here’s what I’m thinkin’

  1. Make every weekend (and some weeknights too!) Sunday Funday: Summer means longer days and longer nights, open windows, and energy, energy, energy. Rather than relegate Sunday Funday to ‘just’ one day, or to the weekend, I have been digging making it a weekly occurrence. At least once a week, I vow to make dinner a little extra special, a glass of wine or sparkling water in a wine glass, the patio, and some tunes. Nothing better.
  2. Spend a weekend on the Cape. Another item that was on my summer bucket list last year, but we never went. We are eyeing late July…hopefully we can make it happen this year!! or bust!
  3. Run with *just* a sports bra and shorts on. This one scares me. I know my sis has this on her list too…because we vowed to do this together! And I cannot wait. As scary as it feels, I think it will feel freeing and triumphant! (I also think a run through a sprinkler is warranted…#justsayin)
  4. Read more books. I have several that I am wanting to finish and/or read, but have been reading magazines that are piling up, instead. But there is nothing better than a book by the lake/pool/beach.
  5. Build a sandcastle. At the beach, I always painstakingly avoid getting sandy. So type A and silly. Let’s get sandy, yo!
  6. Watch fireworks. For some reason, I always say I’ll go watch fireworks for the Fourth of July, but never do. But then wish I did. So I must do this, this year!
  7. Take every opportunity possible to go to the beach, lake, or pool. Enough said.
  8. Go to a strip club. Yep, I’m serious. <–This is from my date night list. Done. Yep. Already did this one this summer! (but may need a redo…ahem, sis)
  9. Go to a Red Sox game this summer. This MUST happen. There is nothing more SUMMER than going to a game.
  10. barre n9ne for one…on the dock in Maine. Just me, the lake glistening, and silence. Perfection.
  11. Fly a kite. M looked at me funny when I suggested this. But I think it would be fun. <–this is from my date bucket list – it would TOTALLY be fun to do while picnic-ing, no??
  12. Go on a picnic! Wine, cheese, fruit. Yes, please.  <–Also from my date bucket list – did this one too! but want to do this one as much as possible this summer!
  13. Go to the zoo! Seriously, the zoo in the summer? How fun?
  14. Pick berries. Any and all. Strawberries, blueberries, and (not a berry…) apples!
  15. Catch a concert on the Esplanade. And hopefully on a boat 😉
  16. Find a field, lay in the grass and watch the stars. *bliss*

I could probably go on for hours with ideas, but I’ll leave it at this list. There is just nothing better than summer, I am convinced. And in part because summer is so short here in New England, comparatively, that while I am trying to simplify, it’s hard not to want to cram as much as possible into every waking moment!

Cheers to summer…and a whole lot of sundrenched days and starlit nights ❤

It’s Friday…let the countdown begin! (12 days!)

It’s Friday, and I’m tired, yo.

I felt like I came crawling into Friday today. And have felt that way for several weeks now. Busy weeks, busy weekends, lots of teaching, lots of running, lots of LOTS going on.

And then it dawned on me. I’m tired because I haven’t really had a break from work and traveling, plus barre n9ne training and right into teaching, and dude, I am TIRED.

I realize that I need a break. I look at my weekends and they are jammed with so much. So much fun. So much Maine. So much barre n9ne. So much, so much! <–I love being busy, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes my overplanning self gets the best of me, thus why I am trying to simplify!

And then I realized something else.

In 12 days, I will step onto a plane and go to wine country for my FOURTH trip in as many years to my ‘mecca’ – Healdsburg! Five days of nothing but 6 people, renting a house, hitting up our favorite (and some new!) wineries, and just enjoying. Soaking it in. (oh and don’t forget all the wine…but isn’t that a given?). Perhaps a run or two. Maybe a little barre n9ne session out by the salt water pool (can’t wait for that!). But nothing over extravagant.  No work. No email. Nothing but bliss.

It is a much-needed time away. It is do-over time with my sister Jess and brother in law Scott that we missed last fall when M and I went because they couldn’t come at the last minute. And it is a second trip with another fabulous couple that I adore (that came with us two years ago), celebrating birthdays bucket-list style with ziplining over some vineyards (Wheeeee!!! How exciting is that?! When I excitedly shared this plan with M – booking it before telling him, because I know he is a bit afraid of heights – and told him ‘but it’s a bucket list item!’ and he said ‘yeah, YOUR bucket list, not mine!’ teehee).

And it is an experience with M that I cannot wait to have again. We had such an amazing time last year, as I introduced him to my mecca, and he too, loved every minute. It was a trip where I think we fell in love that much more. The gazes. The smiles. The time together with each other and with friends.

So today, on this Friday that I’m crawling into, I am counting down the days…12 days and counting, and I will cheers to that (over and over!) this weekend to that. 

Happy weekend friends!

Bliss ❤