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A blissful weekend…in pictures.

As I trot off to California for the next four days, I will sear into memory a blissful weekend that I truly believe was even MORE blissful because of shifting my focus and not going into this trip with any sort of ‘dread’ (except for the goodbye to M, which is always, always so hard), but with perspective that it’ll be a fantastic experience, filled with growth.

Without further ado…

Another ‘happy miles’ run with M, even if a bee did chase me and I ran like the wind 😉
got my sushi fix on Friday night, with a glass of wine on the patio
Impromptu trip to the lake on Saturday…check out that glisten.
got to dip my toes into the lake, not as chilly as I thought, either 😉
a sister cookout at Jess and Scott’s, never complete without a photo bomb 😉
I ❤ my sisters!

Complete with dinner on the deck and a crisp rose, and the weekend rounds out to a beautiful close…

And on a weekend that has marked the passing of my Nonna (May 20, 2009), I couldn’t help but think that this picture perfect weekend is her, smiling down, happy to see the happiness and love in my life, and in my sister’s lives too. I hugged my niece a little tighter, with her namesake (Isabel) and just smiled, my heart happy.

She climbed right up into my lap…and though it was just briefly, it’s captured.


It’s okay if the weekend is over…


…even though it was packed to the gills, it wasn’t overscheduled. This makes all the difference, I do believe.

…I enjoyed a leisurely 3+ hours over sushi and wine with some lovelies. We talked, we laughed, we ate some best sushi ever. The end.

…I spent a log-less Saturday as a ‘test run’ and it went swimmingly. All about balance and good choices. Maybe I can do this after all.

…I woke up at a ‘leisurely’ 8 am both Saturday and Sunday. Fully rested.

…I had sort of a craptastic run on Saturday. But I powered through and am not overthinking it. There’s always this week’s runs, right?

…Spent Saturday evening with M’s parents for dinner. And discussed visiting the Azores in Portugal together sometime in the next few years. Yes, please.

…Enjoyed a leisurely Sunday with my grandparents in Maine, where we ate corned beef and cabbage (um, yum! haven’t had that in eons!) and enjoyed every minute of our time together (I especially enjoyed the time on the deck with Gram, as she remarked ‘so when are you two getting married? He’s a good man.” (*swoon*).

…it felt like June in March. At 79 degrees on Sunday, we had every window open, took a walk in tank top and shorts and ate dinner (grilled shrimp salad and a glass of rose!) on the deck. Bliss.

…I caught a glimpse of my legs in my lulu run shorts for said walk, and actually really liked what I saw.

…looking forward to almost a full week of incredibly unseasonable temperatures for walks, runs, and perhaps a skinny cow ice cream or two.

It’s okay if the weekend is over because it’s been chock full but not overscheduled. And that makes all the difference in the world.

What makes it okay that the weekend is over for you? #itsthelittlethings

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An unexpectedly unplanned weekend.

Going into this weekend, I had a semi-busy weekend, with plans or things I’d committed to on Saturday and Sunday. And as I woke up on Saturday, my commitment for the early afternoon got canceled. While it was a bummer (photo shoot for barre n9ne!), I was thrilled to have the whole day completely unplanned from that point forward.

I knocked out a few miles on the ‘mill (partially begrudgingly, I’ll admit!)

I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of these pancakes (yum, yum, YUM) with M.

A spoiling trip to Lululemon, where M proceeded to buy me far too many cute things for my first day teaching (Tuesday! Ack!!). Seriously spoiled.

I mani pedi’d. (muuuch needed)

I practiced for barre n9ne. (this is pretty much a given every day of late!)

And then, M and I had a date night in, complete with a movie (The Rum Diary…which I do NOT recommend. It was a weird ass movie…though I do enjoy a good Johnny Depp flick!)

Date night in dinner: filet, asparagus, wilted greens, langostino!)


I woke up on Sunday to news that my niece has an ear infection (poor baby!!) and my Sunday plans, birthday afternoon celebration at my dad’s (for his birthday) was postponed.  And that turned into a blessing in disguise, as much as I was looking forward to it, I really needed the time to practice, practice, practice for my class on Tuesday.

So practice I did. More, more, more.

Playlist I made (complete with David Guetta, LMFAO, a few throwbacks, Kat DeLuna, Black Eyed Peas…).

And practice on M I did! And man, did he sweat!! Guess it’s hard enough, right? 😉

And then, I read a book. A real one! (while M worked on his dissertation, which is coming along really well! I am so proud!)

And finally…date night in #2, an unexpected delight. And wow, was it good. Probably one of our best ever.

Arctic char, roasted Brussels sprouts, zucchini and leeks, over wilted greens (sensing a theme here?!) and some risotto I made for M. Best. Meal. Ever.


And that, my friends, was an unexpectedly unplanned, but absolutely glorious weekend. Heading into a week where I have committments almost every single night this week, and a jam-packed weekend (all goodness!), I relished every minute of it.

If you had an unplanned weekend at the last minute, what would you do?




Sharing my love affair with Maine…with M.

It’s here. Finally.

Our first trip up for some summer fun begins tonight and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be able to share the haven that is our ‘place on the lake’ (or ‘upta camp’ as I prefer to call it!) with M. Last summer, I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to share it with someone I love, and wanting that so badly. I even vividly recall the last long weekend in Maine, just before I met M (on September 8, 10 months ago today, speaking of!), and we were arranging our first date together. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face thinking that this man I was about to meet had all of the potential – and more – than I ever felt with any of the other guys I went out with before meeting him.

And he met – and exceeded – every single one of my expectations. And he still does. Sometimes I still want to pinch myself and think about this man that I met almost a year ago now, and how he was perfectly created for me (and I for him). I am blessed. We are blessed.

And Maine…is a blessing. To have this beautiful cottage set atop a hill overlooking my grandparents’ summer home, which sits right on the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. A mile or so across, a few miles long. Crystal clear water. Sandy bottom (no guck!). A jetski (that my grandfather to this day, drives more than any of the ‘kids’ he bought it for!). Quiet mornings. Water sparkling. Drifting around the lake in a floatie. Or on the dock with magazines, books and a Kindle. Wine afternoons. Throwback movie or game evenings. Not a care in the world. No errands, no bills, no anything.

Just utter bliss.

It’s funny how a place just an hour and a half away can feel like an entirely different world. I can’t wait to melt into it with M. And watch him (hopefully) melt into it too.

Cheers friends, have a beautiful weekend.


And PS, I had a kick-ass run today. Legit. Felt like I could have run forever. Could it be…could I be back? More runs will tell, but that felt damn good. Thank you again for all of your support!