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Snowed in Friday…do something different.

Welp, we are about to get walloped with the lamest named storm ever – Nemo (seriously, who names a snow storm, I just thought hurricanes got that honor!)…a storm I think is much suited to the name storm f*cking bullshit instead (much more apt, in fact, given it completely ruined some fabulous weekend plans!)…but rather than wallow in all that I will *not* be doing this weekend, I think this storm comes at a perfect time to…

shift my focus and work on that whole ‘just be’ mantra I’ve been talking about lately.

I will read a book. Or maybe even two. And those magazines I have piled up and yet to read.

I will take my time and make meals this weekend. With M. For M. Together. Not rushing to get dinner made because I am rushing against some agenda in my brain or imaginary deadline/timeline I’ve set for myself. Oh the novelty of that in itself makes me giddy at the thought.

I will get creative with my workouts. Today I ran my longest run since starting ITBS recovery and PT – 5 miles. And I reveled in every single minute of it. (in fact, I still think I am on a run high!). But as classes tomorrow at barre n9ne studio are likely to get canceled and I have a feeling my gym may be closed, creativity is the name of the game. I shall perhaps dust off some Cathe workouts I have yet to try – TurboBarre, *maybe* even brave some tabata…and also test out some new ideas for b9 fusion, while I am at it. And no, I won’t use the weekend to work out the entire time, because I plan to also honor my body and rest, recover, relax.

I will listen to music and maybe even nothing at all. Silence. Feeds the soul sometimes, doesn’t it? Curled up under a quilt with M by my side, that’s all I really need, right?

I may even play in the snow. Why not, there may be 2-3 feet of it after all. And I have a golf course staring right at me waiting to be sled down 😉

Most of all, I won’t plan to do too much. I have some ideas on what I want this ‘forced’ unplanned weekend, but I refuse to overstuff it with too many things – cleaning closets (tempted, always love a good closet purge!), organize, clean, bake, make new b9 playlists and classses etc. etc. etc. My mind goes into overdrive thinking of what I can do to fill my time this weekend whilst snowed in (which I am honestly hoping is just tomorrow, not the entire weekend). But *why* fill it up when it can be just as enjoyed – or MORE enjoyed – by not filling it up?

If you’re in the Northeast and getting snowed in as well…I challenge you – and urge you – plan little, be intentful, do things differently. This weekend is a license to be snowed in and do something different as far as I’m concerned.

Cheers friends!


Sometimes, you prioritize.

Sometimes, you prioritize.

…when you sleep in slightly before teaching (nursing a sick M back to health with extra cuddles? sign me up) rather than squeezing in some much-missed running. Because, sometimes you priorize, and a sick love is more important than an extra 30 mins of cardio any day.

…when you schedule a barre ‘fitdate’ (with this girl!), sign up to (finally) take a class ‘as homework,’ or simply need a ‘me’ hour at the barre and *again* nix running, you prioritize. Because sometimes you remind yourself – again – that quality trumps quantity and one rushed run won’t be any better (or any good at all!) than one, strong ‘comeback’ run another day instead.

I am continually a student in this quest for balance between my own workouts, the workouts I teach at the studio, and making sure I create the right mix for myself that is smarter, not harder and not doing something ‘just’ to do it, or because I planned to do it. I vow to prioritize, learn to embrace flexibility and that one less run, workout, etc, won’t be a dealbreaker. Prioritize. 


…when you choose to answer that phone call from your sister even if your hands are in the middle of making dinner, because if it’s a call, it’s usually important. To then be greeted by a FaceTime chat with the most beautiful niece in the world? The right priority, at the right time. Especially when you say ‘I love you!’ and she says’ wuv ooo!’ and you melt into a trillion pieces. ❤

…when you choose to clear the decks of and all weekday plans (even if that means also midweek date night in) for sister dinner, because sisters sometimes trump *even* that midweek bit of ‘us’ time I love so much, because my sisters are my soul, and sometimes the need to be together is even stronger, and right now is one of those times. Sisters unite. Forever. ❤

…when you (sadly) realize how much less you prioritized sisterhood for a good portion of 2012, and never want to feel that regret again.

It’s hard to admit when you don’t prioritize something you actually really do feel is one of the most important things *to* prioritize. But I did for a bit. Life got so busy and something had to give, and it ended up being sisters, and well, the wrong thing to ‘let’ give. Not going to happen again. I promise, sisters.


I never realized how rigid I can actually be sometimes when it comes to my schedule and my routine. I thought I had squashed the rigidity when it comes to my routine (I have, to an extent) but in letting that go a little bit and taking a step back to prioritize, it’s already feeling like a wonderful, empowering, and happy change. In my quest to BE this year, which also includes being balanced, prioritizing has, and will continue to be, a huge way for me to BE the best I can be, for myself, my sisters my (future) husband, and all of those around me, from friends, to clients, to co-workers.

Because sometimes, you prioritize. And it’s always, ALWAYS worth it.