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What never gets old.

when someone ‘gets’ how amazing a barre workout is, the first time they experience a class. (hello this girl and this one too!)

when they look over and immediately ‘get’ what it means to ’embrace’ the shake at the barre, to allow it to happen (because that’s ultimately proof that your muscles are going to failure, that they’re changing, working, and leaning!).

talking to others that also take barre classes, near and far, small studios and bigger chains, that, when you say ‘oh, you have taken barre classes too?’ and you get that knowing nod, that smile spreads across their face and you just ‘get’ it.

It never gets old.

that feeling after taking a class, focusing on proper form, alignment, the shake, the resistance and light weight training, and walking away feeling…euphoric. Every muscle worked. Every part of you feeling incredible.

it may sound borderline dramatic, but to those that have taken a class, even just one, just ‘gets’ what I mean. 

and on the first day of the second studio opening for barre n9ne, experiencing some new clients feeling the shake for the first time, and seeing them whisper to each other, wondering if it’s ‘good’ or bad, and then seeing their excited feedback after class...is incredible. 

teaching class on Saturday (my first in several weeks), and seeing the sweat pour down, hearing the mutters of ‘another set?!’ is the best feeling. it means its working. and I am helping others achieve their goals. 

It never gets old. 

Coming upon a year of taking classes, then training to become an instructor, and now reaching the point where I am teaching regularly, it’s just an incredible feeling. To see the progress of the studio, of the expanding list of clients and successes, and now to be such a part of it, is simply amazing.

What never gets old is doing something you love, helping others achieve their goals, and being part of a community of barre-a-holics that ‘get’ how phenomenal a workout it is, and how it perfectly complements something like running, and how much it conditions and strengthens in seemingly subtle ways.