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For some reason, it’s been a wicked long week (and I’m not even the one traveling this week!) filled with some anxiety, hecticness and overall grumpiness. So I am crawling towards today. Feeling burnt. Feeling drained.

Work has been insanely busy for the past few weeks, and I had a lot of meetings to drive to all over the state. Then we got a shitton of snow (shitton for March, that is!!), which made that even more hectic. I’ve been living, breathing, drinking all things barre n9ne training, training, song downloading, and trying to push away the anxiety and focus instead on the excitement that my first class is on Tuesday! And I’ve just felt like I’ve been running around and overscheduled and just generally anxious about it all. Leading to grumpiness. So anyway.

Soooo I am clearly thrilled that the week is (almost) over and it could always, ALWAYS be worse.  (most of what I am talking about here is all goodness, of course, but how I cope with stress is getting anxious and grumpy…poor M. Boyfriend of the year. Nothing ruffles the man, I swear!).

So I thought I’d end the week with a fun little post of how I’m winning today (but most of these…I’m really not. You’ll see. And laugh.)

Winning this week:

Sushi date with the fabulous Meaghan. Love this girl, swear we just ‘get’ each other. ❤

Three solid runs for the run challenge so far this week, one more tomorrow (even if today’s was a wee bit ‘off’ – refer to the below ‘not’ winning!).

Getting my haircut. Something about a little pampering always makes me happy.

Thisclose to booking a few days in December to Bahamas as M has a conference to go to. Free room, just pay flight? *twist my arm*

Making this super delish crockpot recipe last night (by googling the random stuff left in my fridge!).

Scoring a giveaway in the mail today from the beautiful Heather – tons of great freebies that I confess not to know how to use…tips??

Lots and lots of oatmeal. Duh. That’s just a given. ❤

Winning (NOT!) this week (and today, in particular!): 

Snow. Enough said.

Accidentally farting in my sleep. Yes, this is TMI…however. We all know how much I rail against ever letting bodily functions go in front of M. EVER. *mortified*

…followed closely by, clogging the toilet. Again (a couple weeks ago I did it, didn’t realize it, and M found it. *shudder*). Another TMI.

Wearing my running crops backwards for my run today. Um, awkwardness. And so uncomfortable.

how I felt with those pants on backwards - the second picture ;-P

(and yes, ladies and gents, all three of these happened just today! Winning on Friday…for sure.)

Snow. That deserves being said again. I mean really. It’s frickin March now peoples.


I am almost speechless how glad I am that Friday is here. I’m thinking this may be the common consensus this week, folks.

So tell me…what is making this a WINNING Friday for you? Or a WINNING (not!) Friday for you?? Hope you got a giggle…and enjoy your weekends, friends! Cheers!

My 6-month run challenge: week 13 (on why the barre helps my running)

Earlier this week, as I was dreadmilling it, I realized something (or maybe the better phrase is, I re-realized it!). The barre really helps my running and this little run challenge I’m doing for myself!

Listening to music as I powered through some interval work (which I happily embraced this week…yet another thing I can’t get used to, actually *liking* interval work!), I looked at my reflection in the blank TV screen and I consciously shifted my shoulders down and back. Adjusting my posture naturally as I had started to hunch slightly. The fact that I noticed that instantly and adjusted my posture was so interesting to me. It’s one of the things I am learning during barre n9ne certification, all about proper alignment and how to spot when clients are out of alignment and how to adjust them. And having good posture while running helped me breathe better and feel stronger (maybe the ‘stronger’ part was more mental than anything) and also maintain a strong core, too.

What else have I noticed? My legs are so strong, stronger than they ever were even when I was doing a lot of heavy weight training on my lower legs. My quads, hamstrings, glutes…strong. Able. Pushing me through my run with Meaghan on Wednesday, and up one of my most dreaded hills (even she muttered ‘well this hill sucks!’) and faster than I’ve run before too, I’m pretty sure. Because as I huffed along after that hill, she mentioned we were running 9:15 miles – ! – which is at least 20-40 seconds faster than my normal and even that small increment of speed was hard and I labored, but I did it, thankful for a strong running partner (and patient one, too!) that pushed me out of my comfort zone for 6.4 miles.  Having strong legs is a major factor in how  much better I feel when I run, especially when I run outside. I compare it to how I felt last year and my legs just felt heavy and weighted down (which they were, literally, since they definitely weighed more then too!) and it made each run such a labor, but not in a challenging way, but in a ‘too hard’ way. (if that makes sense).

And lastly? Shin strength. Wow. I don’t think I have gotten shin splints once in the last 8 months or so. This is compared to last year, when I would have to space my runs at least one day, usually two, days apart to rest my aching shins. Compare to to this week and I ran 5 on Sunday, 5.5 on Monday and 6.4 on Tuesday. Zero shin pain. (thank you releves, and uber barre work!!)

It’s been a solid week for my run challenge, with one more to go tomorrow. Depending on how tonight’s 3-hour barre n9ne training goes (with another 4 hours tomorrow!), I’ll decide how far my run tomorrow will be, but no matter if it’s 3, 5, or 7, it’ll be my fourth run for the week, meeting my goal.

What a difference 13 weeks and 8 months of barre n9ne makes.

Happy Friday, friends! Make it a good one, will ya?

**asslap to everyone adding some sweat to their lives, no matter what form it comes in…yoga, running, walking, swimming, kickboxing, barre, you name it, it counts ;-) **

On zoning out and intention.

This weekend I was struck by how easy it is to zone out, and how rewarding it is when you put your mind (and head) in the game.

The other day, M gave me a hug and said, “hug me, really hug me.” I didn’t quite get what he meant, and he said ‘sometimes, you hug me, but you are half doing something else, like putting laundry away or something.” That really struck me. That’s zoning out. It’s not having your head in the game. And while he said it sort of in passing, it’s those moments that really strike me and I learn something. I pick up on the nuances and really take them to heart.

And this weekend? I didn’t zone out. I focused. On us. On him. On each other. We made it a special weekend (in between 6 hours of barre n9ne training over the course of Saturday and Sunday, that is. More on that in a minute…) in Boston. Chose a restaurant we’d never been to, but wanted to try, with a special menu for Valentine’s Day. Last minute, we opted to book a room at the Liberty Hotel (a very cool hotel I’ve been wanting to check out, formerly a jail. Very, very cool place!) and we just took our time that evening. For once, I didn’t feel like I was rushing through the day to get to that moment, and we literally enjoyed every moment together. We had one of those deep conversations we get into when we can really focus on each other and the time spent together. (I am also always struck by these conversations we get into…I love that we have them, and that M’s a thinker by nature…it’s sexy). We spent a couple of hours at the hotel lobby bar, and then mozied on over to the Beacon Hill Bistro and spent another couple of hours enjoying our meal, and each other.

And at the end of the night? I think I fell in love with him all over again. Or that much deeper. It was making that connection that can be sometimes lost in the everyday, or when we allow ourselves to be caught up in the hustle and bustle and not just sit and enjoy. Life doesn’t have a deadline, so why make everyday a mad dash for some phantom deadline?


I’ve also applied this same ‘zoning out’ feeling to barre n9ne and the training process. In a class, it’s sometimes easy to ‘phone it in’ or zone out once you know what move you are going into next. But as an instructor, there is no such thing as zoning out. You gotta be on, you gotta be in the game the entire 60 minutes, no matter what. So why slide into zoning out when I’m not teaching? I should always be focused and in the moment. 

At class on Saturday (which was a special ‘bring your boy to the barre’ class…and let me say, M came and really put his all into the class, I was so impressed. He was dripping with sweat after and has a newfound appreciation for these classes and also for my training for certification!), I focused. Hard. Really listened to the instructor’s words and was moving with intention with each move.

Moving with intention.

Doing with intention.


Everything we do should be done this way. No zoning out. No phoning it in. Intent. Focused. Game face. 

Love, life, everything. 

This weekend reminded me to live life with intent, and not to get so caught up in the mundane, the phantom ‘deadlines’ I create for myself. And this…<3