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Two years ago, I taught my first barre (n9ne) class.

…and it was the best decision – and opportunity – I ever made (and had).

Every single class, every single day, I love what I do.

1901957_10152256648681170_1447480675_nIt brings me joy every single time, and there is no better feeling than to pay it forward in the form of helping women get into the best shape of their lives.

It gives me gratitude to put together a class that challenges, that inspires, that motivates.

And equally, when I have the chance to step into a class as a client myself, and get my own ‘me’ hour to focus, work, and sweat.

It touches me when a client looks for advice, suggestions, encouragement and asks me. To this day, I am always honored to help, to advise, to inspire and motivate.

And it keeps me on my toes – no pun intended, seriously hehe – to continue on my own journey, in maintaining this fit life, this balanced life, this happy life that I lead. It’s not a diet, it never has been, and never will. I have reached that happy place with food and my body, and you can’t quantify how good that feels.

It feels like I was meant to do this. Because I was. And I am. And I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.  Thank you Tanya for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, and to the barre n9ne community, for being you, for your inspiration, loyalty and committment. I say it all the time, but there truly is no community like the barre n9ne community. You can’t make this happen, it’s created.

(in other news, I have a scary amount of selfies, but it was way too fun putting together this flipagram!)

Nailed it 2013 (and what to nail in 2014)

I loved this idea for a post that Christine wrote and thought I would do my own little take on it, partially as a look back at the year, but also reflecting on areas ‘to nail’ in 2014. Not so much goals, but moreso in the quest of my ‘perfectly imperfect’ journey.

What I’ve nailed in 2013?

Let’s see, I think I’ve done a pretty good job with these, but you’ll notice some of them show up in the ‘what to nail’ list below, and hey, that’s okay. Some of these are ongoing and reminders to me constantly.

  1. Nixing the numbers fixation. I struggled with this a LOT in 2012 and the early part of 2013. From weight, to miles, to food, to everything. I felt compelled to quantify everything, when really, who cares? Who am I competing against but myself, and even then, why is it a competition? It’s not, so cut the sh*t and just live.
  2. Learning to let go. This is a work in progress, but I do feel like I’ve made some big strides here. This really ties in to number one, above, too, because part of my numbers fixation is all about control and *not* letting go. And I am trying to apply this to all areas of my life, including my marriage, because I never want to fall into the trap of constantly nagging, complaining, nitpicking over seriously non-issues, when there is a man that loves me for me, that would do anything for me, that lets E-V-E-R-Y-thing roll off his back and yet, I sit there, uptight and nudgy half the time. That’s ridiculous and not even worth it. So I am learning. And trying to step back, breathe, and then react.
  3. Balancing the ‘me’ workouts with those I teach at barre n9ne. I think every instructor or trainer must face this at one point or another, how to balance their own ‘me’ workouts with those they teach. At first, I tried to keep my usual barre/running routine *and* my classes (which could range anywhere from 6-9 classes a week), but that quickly became a ‘HARDER, not SMARTER’ routine and I was getting nowhere. So I stopped taking classes and just taught them, and ran. And that didn’t feel quite right either, because the first time I took a class in a month, I felt AMAZING after and I realized how much I missed TAKING classes, not just teaching them. So I found my balance in taking a couple of classes a week – less if I taught more, more if I taught less, as schedule allowed – and I think it has not only made me stronger and feel more fit, it has made me a better instructor. I can weave in new combinations of moves I observe other instructors do while I take their class, I realize how certain moves stacked with others tire the body (in a good way) and think about new ideas for my own class structures, and it just lets my mind roam and feel the workout in a way that I don’t feel when I am teaching, and making sure clients are in proper form etc.
  4. Prioritizing.  This has been HUGE for me. I was feeling so rush-rush-rush and busy all.the.time until I started saying no. Until I started prioritizing and putting my time where it mattered most, not spread so thin that I barely enjoyed any of it. I am definitely keeping this one on the list for 2014 and beyond, because prioritizing is truly the simplest way to happiness.
  5. Marrying M. I file this under ‘nailed it’ because, six months ago today, I married the man I was meant to be with, and with each day that passes, I realize more I love about M, more qualities that I adore about him, and more I want to explore and learn together in our marriage. And in the literal sense, I married M in the most perfect way for us than I could have ever imagined. Quietly. Small. In a place that we love, Healdsburg. What more could we have asked for? Bliss.

What to nail in 2014…

  1. Letting go. This is one I have just started to ‘feel’ happening, the change towards letting go and not being so damn particular about things, and I am excited to see it continue to take shape in 2014. It’s been worth it to step back, to release control, especially in my marriage with M, to give that to him more, since he is so laid back and easy about life, the ‘control’ tends to shift to me, and I don’t always think that is best, because it just feeds into my type A-ness and not the good qualities of being type A. And it allows me to sit back and slow down more, when I let go, observe and BE.
  2. Not taking others’ actions so personally. This one has reared its ugly head in the last oh, six months or so, and it’s driving me crazy. There are a few instances of things that have happened in my life that I took SO damn personally and stepping back, they truly had nothing to do with me, as a friend, employee, person. Yet I allowed it to attack my psyche, to bring me down, to draw out the cattiness and some resentment. And those are  ugly qualities. No more. I draw the line here.
  3. Allowing imperfection (more). Dirty dishes, being late (oh this one drives me crazy, but once in awhile, is being say, 5 mins late, for example, the worst thing and reason to get all bent over? uhh no.), changing plans or course of action. Letting these things happen. Letting go, per #1 as above 😉
  4. Stop the comparison trap for good. I really DID nix this one almost entirely this year – tying into the numbers fixation issue I mentioned above, but once in awhile, it still comes back. And it again brings about ugly traits, jealousy, bitterness, frustration. And I am NOT that person. So I vow to rid myself of this need to compare, compare, compare. This isn’t a competition or a race. Compare to nobody, not even yourself.
  5. Slowing down. I have LOVED the slowdown challenge and getting into The In-Between, I just drink up the words and want to sear them into memory forever. There is just so much you see, learn and experience when you slow down, strip away the complications, and keep it simple. It’s truly amazing.

So, there you have it…some things I’ve nailed in 2013 and more I plan to nail in 2014, along with living with intention, of course. What I found most interesting in putting this list together, is how many of them tie together so well, and the themes that rise out of these – simplicity, balance, and embracing. I’d say that’s the only way to live, don’t you?

A barre n9ne ‘barre-o-versary’ of a different kind.

One year ago today, I stepped into the studio at barre n9ne, and taught my very first barre n9ne class.

As I stepped into the studio this morning, I couldn’t help but think back…

After teaching my very first class!
After teaching my very first class! stepping into the studio for the first time, an opportunity of a lifetime (unknowingly) ahead of me.

…to experiencing success for the very first time, in my fitness, self image, and learning what it means to go for the touchdown and *not* just the field goal.

…to getting certified in the barre n9ne method, after hours and hours of training, learning, practicing and gaining confidence.colleage 1

…to helping launch the second location of barre n9ne studio, a studio I now call my second ‘home’ (and a mere 5 mins from my true home!).

…to experiencing what Jess and I like to call #everysingletime where no matter what mood, time of day, etc. we ALWAYS feel like a million bucks, like we helped our clients work towards their goals, that we inspired, welcomed, pushed, and enjoyed every.single.minute.

…and to being part of a family and community of clients and instructors that care so damn much about each other, that motivate, support, and truly care for each other. I firmly believe that to achieve that level of community is incredible difficult, it cannot be replicated, it cannot be forced…it just…happens. Naturally. 

And, more than anything, after now teaching hundreds of classes, meeting hundreds of clients, and experiencing day in and day out such a passion, I truly feel so blessed to be doing what I am doing. It feels surreal…and one of my biggest blessings, one that I vow to continue to pay forward day in and day out. Because I believe in it, I love it, and I cannot imagine *not* being part of this family.

As we lovingly say…#b94lyf. And to Tanya…thank you. A million times over.

barre5(and check out my new page – all about barre n9ne posts – I loved looking back at these posts!)


The barre n9ne journey that just keeps getting better.

I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t say how I love the barre n9ne studio, family, community, clients, approach, workouts or our team of instructors.

It’s a journey that just keeps getting better. And just keeps getting bigger. And one where I keep finding ways to pay it forward, spread the (barre) joy, and keep sharing, sharing, sharing. Quietly inspiring, even. (my most favorite way to inspire, I might add).

This is why I am so thrilled to share my barre n9ne instructor spotlight that posted today. Writing this just flowed naturally, every word.  And it brought me back to the nearly TWO years since this journey started and I continue to be floored by it, and amazed at God’s blessings and leading me down this path, one that has truly been life changing in so so many ways.

So I leave with you my spotlight, take a read, if you would 😉 and a few fabulous sneak peeks at some of the barre n9ne photo shoot pictures. They are just fabulous!!!

Waxing poetic on the benefits of the barre (n9ne) and other tidbits

I’m on a tidbit tear lately, aren’t I? 😉

I have the honor of guest posting for the fabulous Lindsay today, and I wanted to make sure you hopped over there to check it out. I’m waxing poetic on all things barre (n9ne) and the 68176_10151285028751170_1225021644_nbenefits of the barre…here is an excerpt:

Barre workouts never get old and they never get easier. Ever.

Unlike other workouts I have done (and I’ve done it all – from Body Pump, to heavy weight lifting, to periodization type weight training, to kickboxing, etc. etc), the workouts never get old and they never get easier.  Who would have thought slow, controlled, intentional movements with 2-3 lb. weights would enact such change?

Barre workouts strengthen your legs as a runner, 360 degrees.

I love to run. But I have always have extremely tight hip flexors and somewhat weak glutes. I have noticed a huge change in the way I run, from my posture, to my body alignment, to my strength. I run stronger, better, and with more endurance than ever before. Barre workouts really strengthen every area of your leg and glutes, from quads, to hips, to glutes, to calves.

You’ll work your muscles to failure.

Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to just lift heavy to get your muscles to failure. This is the first workout that I have ever done where my muscles go to failure every single time, and that gives me the tone and leanness that I was always looking for in my arms and legs. Tiny movements, a zillion reps, and intentional squeezes and pulses, stimulating fast and slow twitch muscles (giving you both tone and endurance and leaning out your body).

It’s actually fun. Truly.

It’s funny…every time I write about the barre, barre n9ne, or anything related to this wonderful community of women, the words just flow and I have to physically stop myself from rambling (too much). I guess that’s why it’s called passion, right?

Other barre n9ne tidbits? 

Our photo shoot pictures are coming out AMAZINGLY GOOD!! My mom is so talented, I love seeing the ones she’s been slowly sharing. I’ll share some here once they are all finished. It’s weird to see a picture of myself and actually like it. That was my first reaction. My second? Fit and happy. And belonging to a group of women that cares so much, that works so hard, that is helping hundreds of women get into the shape they’ve always dreamed of. Incredible.

colleage 2I taught my first-ever barre n9ne intensive on Sunday and it was incredible! (my sister posted some thoughts here too). These are somewhat more advanced classes, jam packed, less breaks, more sweat, and an hour and 15 minutes long. I wanted to make sure to not only bring my game face and A-game, but put together a class that would give that challenge, impart some knowledge on why we do what we do – why so many reps, why fast and slow, how to connect with you core, etc., and fitting that all in is a tall order, in a sense. But it just flowed so well, I loved every sweatastic minute and personally, drank it all in. Almost a year in to being a certified instructor and it just keeps getting better. ❤colleage 1

Our instagram #b9poseadaychallenge and #b9actsofkindness challenge was a huge hit! I was, and still am blown away by everyone’s creative, kind, and generous acts. It definitely made me go out of my way to share some Healthy Bites goodness as one of my acts of kindness and just be more aware of my surroundings and giving an extra compliment, hug, or smile. Every little bit helps. Truly.

Now that I’ve waxed poetic long enough for today, I hope you check out my post on Lindsay’s blog! 😉 Cheers!