Rest your mind, soothe your soul.

Though I continue to feel as though I struggle with mental mind games, ridding myself of the guilt prison and easing up on the rush-rush-rush of life, at the same time, I know I am thisclose to that breakthrough that I am craving. Freeing myself of the need to overcomplicate my day, week, and season, going with the less-is-more approach to all things social life, family life, and home life, and, almost, if not more importantly, that same approach to my workouts, my eats, and my ‘fit life’ generally.

It’s easy to overdo it in the workout department when I love what I do, what I teach, and all things runtasticness. 

But when you step back and make each ‘me’ moment count, you realize less-is-more is actually far more effective than jamming in too much. I continue to learn this and strive for this and think I am finally finding my ‘happy place’ balance of the best of both – doing and resting.

It’s easy to get into the excitement of the season and try to jam in too much to each day, week, and month.

But it’s far more worth it to sometimes say no (Lindsay says it so well here!), reset and focus on priorities and those that matter most – even when sometimes those that matter most is yourself! I am working on this balance, and helping those around me who also fall into this yes-itis habit to step back, think, then say yes or no whatever it may be that’s on their plate.

It’s easy to get up-in-my-head about myself and comparision-itis sets in.

But when I step back and see how far I have come, how inspired I am and can be to others, I realize the mental mind games aren’t worth it, they aren’t productive and they are self-defeating.

And when I read things like this beautiful devotional from Holley Gerth, it all comes full circle. I need to rest my mind far more than I do. It makes me feel chaotic, and anxious, and more busy than I actually am, and not nearly as balanced as I strive to feel and be.


Less is more. And it is utterly soothing for the soul. (the below from my ‘angel’ Lindsay – the most perfect words that I just can’t quite put into words as well as she does here).



10 thoughts on “Rest your mind, soothe your soul.

  1. I think you already had your “breakthrough” given that you already have this perspective! Its just a continual work in progress, at least for me it is. I definitely still struggle with “comparision-itis”, especially with social media but I once read someone write, “never compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.” Love this!

    1. You have a good point, I think I have reached a breakthrough but I am not sure it is quite ‘stuck’ yet – I need to keep working on it so I don’t slide back…which I feel I do from time to time. I LOVE that quote too, it’s such a good one, similar to ‘comparison is the thief of joy’

  2. You know I feel the exact same way! My biggest problem lately is being present. Being aware of the moment I’m in. I’m constantly thinking about what ifs for some other time and not really focusing on who I am or where I am right at this moment. We are almost there…

    1. it is SO HARD to not jump ahead and think of the next and the next. I struggle with this too sometimes, but am working on it. all we can do is be aware of it and work towards it, right?! XO

  3. OK, it’s ridiculous that I’ve had your post open for about a week now and I’m just commenting now! But I love this post. I too think that you’ve had your breakthrough. I mean, just watching and reading your words over the past few years makes it abundantly clear. Because I don’t think that it’s ever a breakthrough and everything falls into place, you know? But a constant work in progress, lots of tinkering. Love this!

    1. I do the same thing! keep something open that I want to comment on until I have time to 😉 Constant work in progress and that is a-ok, right? it’s not supposed to be perfection. that would be boring 😉

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