On life and musings in bullets.

My mind is a jumble lately, bullets are what I could muster. Not one specific thing in mind, but I miss writing. I miss sharing. So here it is, for whoever may still be out there lurking 😉

  • I have no idea where my writing mojo has gone, but it has yet again left the building. And it again makes me wonder if I want to keep blogging. I *do* but sometimes I don’t have as much to say, and that has been happening far more than it used to. I’m boring, what can I say 😉
  • I’m getting LASIK!!!! GAH!! Finally! I am a little skeered, but I know it will be SO worth it. 24 years in the making, as I was all of 10 when I got my first pair of green-rimmed, speckled, huge-a$$ glasses. And they were, h-a-w-t, HAWT. (not. clearly).
  • In juuuust about a month, M and I are heading to Sonoma!! No, we aren’t doing a huge epic wine country mecca outing per our usual this year (insert sad face. but 2015 trip, THAT shall be epic, yes?). He has a conference out there to attend and I am fortunate enough to get to tag along. And since we won’t have our bigger trip there this summer, we (somewhat) last minute decided to extend our stay and are staying three more days in Healdsburg, about 45 mins from where we are staying for the conference. It is our mecca, it is where we got married, of course, and it is where our hearts lie, in so many ways. It’ll be a much-needed time for us to get away, flit about relatively unplanned, connect, and lose that burn-out feeling that life tends to hand us, especially during the brutal winter we’ve been having up in here of late!
  • Speaking of winter, I am ridiculously thrilled that spring may be FINALLY making an appearance around here, and spring running (among many other things) can finally commence. I’ve tried to keep up outdoor runs at least once  a week (with Jess, when we can together!) so I don’t feel as though I am starting over from ‘mill running all winter, and that has been hugely helpful.
  • I’ve been obsessed with roasting a sh*ton of veggies and feasting on them all week. And with experimenting with new flavors and textures – lentils, farro, and my latest – TOFU! Such a foodgasm of late, admittedly 😉
  • I continue to work on that relaxing and letting go thing, in all areas, including mental mind games, mindfulness when it comes to eating (vs stressing over what I eat! who has time for that? it’s silliness. I remind myself constantly), and reveling in living UNplanned. I’ve found that in some cases, I need to embrace plans now, vs. trying to NOT make them. Is that ironic, or what?
  • And, last but not least, yesterday marked 6 months since Nala’s passing. It was admittedly a rough day, with many more tears than I expected, starting with a #runforNala to the tune of 6 miles for 6 months. I have dreamed of her almost nightly lately, some are sad dreams, some are happy. She’s just so freshly with me and sometimes it surprises me to the point of tears. Anyway, with that in mind, I am lamenting a memorial run for the one year anniversary. 12 miles for 12 months for Nala and 1(.1!) for Kayla (who has been amazing lately, so cuddly, so loving, so NEEDED) to the tune of my ‘own‘ 13.1, the way I’ve loved to hit this number the last couple of years. Not a racer, but I do enjoy hitting that number each year at least once, just for fun 😉 More on that later. Just rambling now.

Okay, I think that’s about it, for what’s jumbled in my brain right now. Not a pretty post, not overly thoughtful or even very humorous, but it’s what I got 😉

21 thoughts on “On life and musings in bullets.

  1. Love bullet posts!

    * I think you should blog the way you want to – and I always love reading so please don’t stop!

    * If you have any time to meet on your trip out here, let me know! Would love to!

    * ❤ Nala!

    1. thanks friend! I know, I write for me most of all, but sometimes, I don’t even have anything to say. is that weird? I will def let you know if we are in SF long enough for a visit! would ADORE that!! ❤ Nala. The best. thank you.

  2. Oooh I’m going to Sonoma this weekend!! Such an amazing place! Can’t wait for the myriad of winery tours 🙂

    Good luck getting LASIK! I know a few people who got it and are SO much happier!

  3. Super exciting to be getting LASIK. I’ve wanted to, but then I relent and don’t because I’m a wimp (and broke). Don’t feel skeered to take a bloggy break if that’s what you need, sometimes we all need that. But I also hope you keep blogging since you give me that little boost of “hope and joy” each time I see a post of yours!

    1. awww I am so glad I give you a boost when I write. that makes me happy 🙂 And I am mostly excited for LASIK, it just still freaks me out a little but is so worth it!

  4. Oh friend! I love how you remember and memorialize Nala. I hear you on the blogging. I’ve been feeling similar lately and questioning what to do as I just haven’t been so inspired. And wine country!! So excited for your trip and LASIK!!

  5. I hear you, my friend. I don’t have much time to put all of my jumble of thoughts together. Glad to see a post anyway. Thinking of you and sending love. ❤

  6. I can so relate to this. I am having the hardest time getting my thoughts together to write. I’m so wanting Lasik, but I am scared to DEATH of things in my eyes! Also, I’m probably not far from the age that no matter what, I will need reading glasses, so I question if it’s even worth it. Let me know, I will run that 13.1 with you for Nala. Friends don’t let friends run like that without company. Hugs my friend!

  7. Still here and reading and insta-stalking you. Glad you got to take some time away to California and just enjoy! Happy Spring 🙂

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